Guardian pulls poll after JK Rowling wins

2 January 2022

8:30 PM

2 January 2022

8:30 PM

Oh dear. There seems to be something of an ongoing campaign against JK Rowling at the moment. The Harry Potter writer has dared to continue speaking out about her views on sex and gender in recent months, earning the ire of the Twitter commentariat in the process.

First, her credit was downsized to being barely visible in the trailer for the forthcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel. And now the Guardian has pulled entries to its online ‘Person of the Year’ competition after Rowling proved to be the runaway favourite from supporters writing in to nominate her name. Whoops!

The newspaper launched its poll on 15 December in an article about Time magazine’s decision to award Elon Musk the title of ‘person of the year.’ At the end of the article was a poll, asking readers ‘Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?’ Responses flooded in, with Rowling quickly taking the top spot.


But then the Guardian mysteriously closed all entries, deactivating its submission form without any reason or explanation. Could it be because right-on hacks wanted to be spared the embarrassment of recognising Britain’s most famous living writer? Graun hacks themselves have strong views on this issue – as Mr S has reported previously in 2021.

Disapparation isn’t just confined to Hogsmeade it seems.

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