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We’ll only be free when we’re back to the Old Normal

26 October 2021

4:00 AM

26 October 2021

4:00 AM

There’s been a lot of talk of “Freedom Days” lately, with New South Wales and Victoria emerging from their prolonged, gruelling lockdowns. Mainstream news articles and reports reveal an excited, vibrant polis rejoicing in regaining their freedoms and returning to “normal.” Perhaps the nightmare of lockdowns can now recede into memory. 

Except, Victoria and New South Wales are not back to normal, are they? In the latter state, people who have decline vaccination against coronavirus are still expected to remain confined in their homes and are barred from entering restaurants, cafes, gyms, and the like.  

It is a basic human right that medical treatments be voluntary and free from coercion. That would remain the case even if the novel COVID vaccines were the safest vaccines in the world, and there had been no reported side effects whatsoever. Of course, that is clearly not the case. I personally know many people who have had loved ones suffer from severe adverse reactions, and it seems that these stories are far too common.  

Despite these alarming and widespread occurrences, people in both states must carry their proof-of-vaccination documentation at all times, either on their mobile phones or as authorised paperwork in their hands (if they happen to be elderly, for example, and don’t use a smartphone) to participate in society. Masks are still mandatory virtually everywhere, despite hard evidence suggesting that they make little to no difference regarding viral transmission. 

The Victorian government has benevolently deigned to allow unvaccinated people to leave their homes, but these deplorables are practically excluded from society beyond that. Gatherings of any kind are still severely restricted. For example, “Religious ceremonies will be allowed for up to 20 fully vaccinated people or 10 unvaccinated people indoors.” I’m not sure what that means if there is a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but I can’t be bothered tracking down that tedious information. Furthermore, “Masks will still be required when leaving the home. The existing exemptions will apply.” Can you feel free yet, Victoria? 

Are we living in a Stephen King novel? In what twisted, dystopian world is everything I have just described construed as freedom? It beggars belief that mandatory vaccination, mask mandates, vaccine passports (the foundation of a Chinese-style social credit system), closed borders, and segregation would fit into people’s understanding of the term. Bear in mind that this is all supposedly to protect us from a virus with an over 99% survival rate.  

Perhaps Australians are so historically and philosophically illiterate that they simply have no understanding of what freedom is (a symptom of the atrocious standards of our failed education system). We did not fight a civil war over the issue, after all. Our freedom was the inheritance of our British ancestry, now virtually eradicated from our cultural consciousness. Perhaps people think that the restrictions are worth it because they think that the Chinese coronavirus poses a significant threat to them due to the incessant alarmism of the mainstream media. Perhaps people simply feel hopeless and powerless to stop the wave of bureaucratic tyranny, they and comply simply to keep their jobs and their friends. Perhaps it’s a combination of all these things.  

We will only have our freedom back when we return to the “Old Normal,” a dystopian term that Australians bizarrely accepted without much of a fuss. Freedom will be restored when we are rid of all the things described above and the government begins to treat the coronavirus like any other disease that is roughly as dangerous as the flu. There are many ways of handling outbreaks of the virus, including early treatment with the drug starting with the letter “I” that must not be named.  

What Victorians and New South Welshmen are currently experiencing is not freedom, but the beginnings of a society with a fundamentally different relationship to government than what our parents and grandparents enjoyed. Theirs was one in which individual liberties, freedom of speech, and the principles of liberal democracy were sacred. That is the Old Normal. The New Normal is a system in which you must demonstrate your compliance with the arbitrary and dangerous whims of the medical bureaucracy to be viewed as a full citizen. 

The new segregation is every bit as wicked and disgusting, not to mention scientifically absurd, as the racial segregation of America’s past. If you’ve ever wondered how such inhumane policies were ever accepted, now you know. We are living in such a time.  

Thankfully, there is pushback, and freedom of speech is not completely dead yet, despite the best efforts of the Big Tech giants to censor perspectives which deviate from the public health narrative. We are seeing Victorian police officers speak out against the treatment of protestors, and doctors, nurses and paramedics who have been sacked for refusing the jab joining forces to raise awareness. One wonders why health professionals would refuse these experimental vaccines.  

Hopefully, Australians will wake from their stupor and remember who they are, and the freedoms we have taken for granted for so long are simply indispensable. Politics is downstream of culture, and our elected officials must be made to see that they are accountable to us. Time will tell.  

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