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ScoMo goes crazy on the green Kool-Aid

18 October 2021

2:19 PM

18 October 2021

2:19 PM

Forget the red cordial. The green is the really dangerous stuff — and Scott Morrison has a bellyful of it slushing around inside him.

This morning the Prime Minister has engaged in the most extraordinary climate brinkmanship, threatening the unity of both his cabinet and the Coalition.

He told the Liberal Party room that any decision to make a commitment to net-zero emissions will be made at a cabinet level.

This is brinkmanship, big time, because cabinet solidarity demands all members of cabinet support cabinet decisions. If Barnaby Joyce or Bridget McKenzie or whoever disagrees, they will be expected to walk.

Malcolm Turnbull isn’t a fan of Scott Morrison’s. He’s tipped yet another bucket over the PM in his media child The Guardian Australia today.

Yet with behaviour like this Morrison is looking like Turnbull in 2009 just before his shadow cabinet members started deserting him — and his leadership became terminal.

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