Kyrsten Sinema’s harassers shouldn’t get a pass from Biden

5 October 2021

12:01 PM

5 October 2021

12:01 PM

Ever wonder why President Biden doesn’t take questions very often? Or more accurately, why his staff doesn’t allow him to take questions? The easy lay-up handed to him about an altercation between an activist organization and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema offers a perfect example.

Biden was asked whether he believes it was appropriate for immigration activists to follow Sinema into a women’s restroom and film her. The President, who could have resoundingly condemned the behavior using the podium of the presidency of the United States, chose not to. In fact, he passively endorsed the activists’ conduct by saying that ‘it happens to everybody’ and that ‘the only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service around them.’ Biden ended his statement by saying, ‘it’s part of the process.’

What part of the ‘process’, exactly, is he referring to? Is filming women in a private restroom simply a procedural hang-up when trying to pass massive legislation?

Biden is not only telling on himself here, but is revealing a lot about an activist base that sees burning buildings and harassing senators in private restrooms as the only way to move the political needle. Or perhaps Joe Biden, with his history of quips about ‘garden variety slaps’ and grabbing women to sniff their hair in front of the entire country, is just an old-school degenerate who has found his way to leader of the free world.

Biden apparently believes that if harassing a senator intimidates her into voting for the President’s landmark legislation, then said harassment is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. But Sinema doesn’t seem like the type to be intimidated. This incident is part of a long-standing pattern that includes both the Democratic party’s attitude towards these tactics and a willing media that also believes Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar agenda justifies harassment.

Feminists remain silent, as do Sinema’s colleagues in Congress. The media simply looks the other way. This political apparatus encouraged the torching of buildings in Ferguson and Kenosha, and to this day still makes quips about Sen. Rand Paul’s broken ribs and collapsed lung at the hands of his neighbor.

Last week, Rolling Stone magazine published a piece calling on West Virginia senator Joe Manchin to avoid the end of all life on Earth as we know it by voting for Joe Biden’s spending package. If you subscribe to that kind of hysteria, then a few harsh words directed in a bathroom are pretty tepid. It’s why the Steve Scalise shooting was out of the news in a weekend.

That’s the problem with Biden’s failure to fully condemn this behavior. This weekend, it’s invading the privacy of a female senator, while the media chuckles under their breaths. Next weekend, it’s a deranged supporter who believes a couple of senators are responsible for Ragnarok. Allowing this kind of conduct to proliferate, we have been told for four years, will lead to more escalation and violence. Biden blew it, and Sen. Sinema’s colleagues should be ashamed of themselves.

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