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When are we going to get out of this mess?

27 July 2021

1:01 PM

27 July 2021

1:01 PM

When are we going to get out of this mess?

When are all of these lockdowns, mask mandates, on-again, off-again state border closures, the tracking and tracing and the like going to end?

Will it ever end?

Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that when we’ve reached peak vaccination, then we can be free. However, consider the State of Israel where about 80 per cent of adults out of a population of 9 million people are now vaccinated after an aggressive and coercive vaccination campaign by their government.

In the past month, there have been thousands of new COVID-19 cases in Israel and more than 80 per cent in cases aged 20 and above involve fully vaccinated people. There’s also been 10 deaths from COVID-19 in Israel in the last recorded week with about 80 per cent of the deceased being fully vaccinated.

I cite these statistics not to enter into an argument about the effectiveness of the vaccine but to point out that even when peak vaccination occurs in a country it does not mean that cases and deaths stop.

As we slowly re-open the country and drop all impositions on our privacy and freedom, it is inevitable that we will see a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths. If the Israel experience is anything to go by, those cases and deaths will probably be more than we are dealing with as a nation right now.

How will our mainstream media respond to this?

Will they treat the new cases and deaths like they did influenza in Australia in 2019 (where over 300,000 cases and over 800 deaths went largely unreported). My guess is that they will continue screaming headlines and daily case and death tallies into our homes, pumping more fear into the populace.  

How will our political leaders respond?

My guess is either by abrogating responsibility and letting the health bureaucrats make the call or by locking down harder to look like the tough guy or girl who is saving lives.

How will our health bureaucrats respond?

Probably much like now where they’re taking an approach that’s zero risk to COVID-19 over and on top of every other consideration like compassion, mental health and financial viability.

Right now Queensland health bureaucrats are requiring a fully vaccinated woman from Victoria to quarantine in a Brisbane hotel in order for her to see her brother who, at last report, was in a critical condition at Mackay Base Hospital following a horrific car crash (which also claimed the life of their father). 

It’s clear that health bureaucrats will continue to ride the wave of authority they’ve come to enjoy under this pandemic, restricting our freedoms and invading our privacy apparently for our own good. 

But the biggest question is how will the Australian public react? Will we continue to hide under the doona sucking our thumbs for fear of a virus that has a survivability rate greater than 997 out of 1000, or will we stand up to those who want to curtail our freedoms and invade our privacy forever?

And if the answer is the latter, the follow-on question is when?

George Christensen is the LNP Member for Dawson.

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