The tragedy of the Texas COVID-crats

22 July 2021

1:39 PM

22 July 2021

1:39 PM

Last week, Texas Democrats fled the state on a chartered plane to Washington DC, maskless with a case of Miller Lite in tow, to a chorus of whoops and cheers of our national media. As Texas attempts to pass new election integrity legislation, or to Democrats and our media writ large, ‘voting restrictions’, Texas Democrats decided to object to the Senate filibuster, by participating in a filibuster.

They were doing the rounds on CNN and MSNBC, appearing on morning shows or being celebrated on them (The View). The irony of celebrating a minority party as ‘brave’ few for mucking up the legislative process was apparently completely lost on our journalistic elite. Perhaps a more likely explanation is the media thinks the Texas Democrats are on their side, and Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are, putting it lightly, not.

The jamboree came to a sudden and grinding stop when on Friday it was announced that several members of the Texas delegation had tested positive for COVID-19. This was after they had met with US senators, their staffers, the Vice President and her staff and Speaker Pelosi and her staff. Two members of Speaker Pelosi’s office tested positive and the Vice President visited Walter Reed on Sunday for what the White House said was a routine appointment. We’re told to simply believe them, even though White House press secretary Jen Psaki begrudgingly admitted yesterday that the White House has previously undisclosed breakthrough cases of COVID-19. Suddenly, the brave heroes of the Republic were being treated as diseased lepers. The cable news appearances mostly stopped, as did any mention of this PR stunt gone horribly wrong. The entirety of Journalist Twitter simply turned their backs on the group and hoped no one in their audience would notice. Except even the audience isn’t as blind or obtuse as the national media might hope. Agenda bias in media is never revealed by what they choose to cover in print, online or on networks. More times than not, it’s what they choose to ignore and no story was making more national waves not seven days ago than the follies of the Texas Democrats.

The invocation of the ‘What if this happened under Trump or if these were (insert generic) Republicans?’ cliché is all too common, but in this case it’s evident to all how this would be handled among the DC-New York media elite. There were no cameras at Walter Reed on Sunday, or questions shouted during Kamala Harris’s physical about her party killing people. Jen Psaki was able to write the Texas Democrats off yesterday by saying she did not believe they were causing super-spreader events, while the press in the briefing room yawned or directed their ire towards Fox News reporter Peter Doocy who isn’t allowed to sit at their table. The New York Times and the Washington Post have both gone silent even as it appears the current avatars of the Democratic party are lawn-sprinkling COVID variants all over the city.

The question has to be asked: how many more people have to die at the hands of Texas Democrats while the media ignores the danger they are putting top-level members of our government in? Much like 9/11, Texas Democrats boarded a plane and aimed it right at the United States Capitol. You could even argue this is worse than 9/11, as Texas Democrats reached their destination.

If our media is going to suddenly dial down the COVID hysterics because the political party they agree with are the rubes in this instance, it’s worth wondering what anyone needs them for.

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