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Sorry Christian, but it’s time to take one for the team

4 March 2021

4:00 AM

4 March 2021

4:00 AM

His name is now officially out.

The Christian Porter allegation is, like other recent tales from Canberra, a very sad and disturbing one.  His press conference speech was very compelling and seemed sincere. However, I suspect I will be likely in a minority when I suggest this, but I regrettably believe Mr Porter should resign from Cabinet.

Regrettably, it does not matter that this is just an allegation.  It does not matter he has been denied procedural fairness.  It does not matter that he cannot confront his accuser.  It does not matter that Mr Porter categorically refutes the allegations. It just does not matter.

All of James Allan’s comments from yesterday are pertinent, but still more can be said.

It is very sad, unjust and unfair but this matter is sucking all the oxygen out of Parliament house making it difficult for the Government to govern.  It is also a matter of national security and the Prime Minister should act.

Mr Porter is not just a member of Cabinet, but he is also the Attorney General with direct oversight of several security agencies including the AFP and ASIO.  Porter also sits on the National Security Committee of Cabinet.  This committee:

Considers major foreign policy and national security issues of strategic importance to Australia, border protection policy, national responses to developing foreign policy and security situations (either domestic or international) and classified matters relating to aspects of operation and activities of the Australian Intelligence Community.

Porter and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds make up 25% of the seats on the National Security Committee of Cabinet.  Minister Reynolds has her own health issues. It is unsustainable that they both remain on this committee and in their current portfolios.

When it comes to national security, the Prime Minister’s duty to the nation trumps his duty to his colleagues, to his party, to his friends.

Mr Porter’s plight is grossly unfair, but I’m sorry. In this case, it sadly does not matter.  National security and national interest take primacy. Innocent soldiers suffer unjust death regularly. It is part of the job description. Mr Porter needs to be a good soldier and resign in the interest of the nation and the government.

And for all those comparing the unequal treatment of Mr Porter to Bill Shorten, let me break the news.  They were unequal circumstances.  Shorten was not in government, cabinet or on the National Security Committee at the time.  Shorten was not the leader of the government in the house nor the first law officer. The circumstances are completely different warranting completely different treatments and reactions.

It’s not fair Mr Porter. But sorry. I think you should go.

Life is not fair. Neither is politics.

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