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Daniel Andrews: never apologise, never explain

18 October 2020

12:05 PM

18 October 2020

12:05 PM

What stands out the most about Daniel Andrews announcement today? One short line uttered near the beginning of his press conference.

“There was simply no way we could have a debate,” the Premier declared about his devastating lockdown measures. Nothing like confirming his status as Dictator Dan. Dictator Dan who will never apologise and never explain — only equivocate.

Look at the oleaginous statement he released this morning:

We get the forced jocularity of “in good news for those sizing up the scissors or cautiously contemplating a buzzcut –hairdressers will be able to open, with strict safety protocols in place.”

We get all the appeals to stick the course.

But, again, all of these are overwhelmed by Dictator Dan and his insistence “I know better than you”.

He still clearly believes there simply no way we could have a debate.

“I know these changes can’t be absolutely everything everyone wants.” his statement says. “But they are the steps we can safely take that will make life a little bit easier…

“I understand that for some these changes won’t be enough. They’ll want more –and they’ll want itsooner.But the whole way through this, we have been guided by our public health experts and their advice. None of us ever want to do this again.We have come too far –sacrificed too much –to give up now. We are so close. These are the safe, steady steps that will see us out of this –and see us through to the other side.”

So, despite the disasters inflicted on Victoria since his maladministration created to the hotel quarantine debacle, Daniel Andrews wants us to shut up and do what he says.

That’s what in his statement today.

And what’s missing? Any sincere sign of solidarity with the suffering of Victorians — let alone any apology or any acceptance of responsibility.

Because Dan knows best.

Dictator Dan.

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