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Is this man a COVID criminal?

14 September 2020

1:31 PM

14 September 2020

1:31 PM

The Melbourne Age has a cute little piece of “keep calm and carry on” COVID semi-whimsy today:

Every weekday, about 7am, Damien Lyons buttons up a work shirt, jumps in the car, switches on the radio and hits the road.

It looks almost like an unremarkable commuting scene, except he’s wearing beach shorts and boat shoes. And, well, he’s not exactly going to the office.

For 10 minutes, Dr Lyons travels a set route through his leafy Dandenong Ranges neighbourhood, then heads back up his driveway and begins his work day. This, he explains, is the “fake commute” he has created for himself while working from home.

“It sounds a bit ridiculous but the point is that, once upon a time, I used my commute to mentally prepare for the day … The time to walk out of the house and leave behind whatever was going on,” Dr Lyons, a lecturer at Monash University, says…

It also sounds potentially illegal.

Much of the Dandenongs, you see, are in Lockdown Stage 4 territory, as the Victorian government’s own guide makes very clear.

The Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 15) that came into force at 11:59 pm last night state:

Sorry, Dr Lyons, but if you live where we fear you migh, that simple 10 minute drive may well put you in breach of the above.

You might like to change out of the shorts and boatshoes before VicPol bashes down the door and handcuffs you in the kitchen.

Also, while we hate the see the media self-censor, the poor journo and Age editors should keep looking over their shoulders. Victoria’s finest seem very concerned at the moment about “incitement“.

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