The difference between the RNC and the DNC, according to the Trump campaign

26 August 2020

4:01 AM

26 August 2020

4:01 AM

The Republican National Convention kicked off last night with big ratings — the C-SPAN livestream broadcast of the event had five and a half times as many viewers as the Democratic National Convention a week prior. According to the Trump campaign, that wasn’t the only major difference between the two events.

The Spectator asked Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh during a press call Tuesday to describe what he viewed as the main contrast between the RNC and the DNC after the former’s first night of programming. Murtaugh pointed to the fact that the RNC included multiple everyday Americans as speakers, as well as the fact that the party united around its nominee, President Donald Trump. Alternatively, the DNC speakers did not appear as enthusiastic about former Vice President Joe Biden.

‘During the Democrats’ convention we heard from what seemed like an unending list of Washington, DC insiders and we didn’t hear very much of anything from anybody who was speaking about Joe Biden,’ Murtaugh said. ‘We heard a lot of people say he was a nice guy, a good husband, a good father, a good grandfather. I don’t think anybody doubts that. But beyond that, we heard virtually nothing about what Joe Biden would do if he were elected President of the United States.’

Viewers also heard ‘how much the Democrats don’t like President Trump,’ Murtaugh added. The DNC notably lacked a cohesive message or policy platform, instead warning viewers that Trump was planning on stealing the election and destroying democracy.

The RNC’s first night featured several private citizens, including Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the Parkland school shooting, Amy Johnson Ford, a nurse who flew to New York to help with the coronavirus response, and Tanya Weinreis, a small business owner who received a PPP loan.

‘I think the main difference that we’ve seen in just one night of the Republican convention is that Americans have heard from a wide array of people from different walks of life and their belief that President Trump’s policies improve their personal lives. And I think that is a key difference,’ Murtaugh told The Spectator.

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