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Trudeau’s chickens come home to roost

17 July 2020

11:00 PM

17 July 2020

11:00 PM

Justin Blackface Trudeau, trust fund prime minister of Canada and virtue-signalling supremo, is back in the news in my native Canada. But that news is not good for him. If he were a conservative the press would most certainly now be aiming to drive him from office, much as they would have done had a conservative PM had a history of wearing blackface. But more on that in a moment. First, the basic facts of what is shaping up to be something of a scandal.

One of Canada’s more celebrated charities over the last couple of decades is one that was called ‘Me to We’, or that is one of its names. One branch of this charity, now a for-profit enterprise, helped (or purported to help) people in the Third World by getting those in the rich world to donate money or to pay to go to Third World villages to live as the poor do for a few days (and then, invigorated with self-regard, donate some more). Two entrepreneurial brothers set it up. The group also, today, has a branch known just as ‘WE’ that is not-for-profit. This WE or Me to We group is very well connected to the governing left-wing Liberal party in Canada, and especially to its leader Al Jolson Blackface Trudeau. In fact, the Canadian PM’s family has many links to the WE Charity, with the PM himself regularly attending the group’s annual Canadian youth rally. His wife Sophie is a ‘WE Ambassador’ and she hosts a WE podcast.

Just under a fortnight ago, the Canadian government announced it was awarding a $900 million sole-source contract to the WE Group (who would be paid $19.5 million in fees) to run a federal student volunteer grant program. This was done based only on a Cabinet vote, one from which the PM did not recuse himself nor did his Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

And then the damning facts came out. Justin Trudeau’s mother, Maggie Trudeau, the one-time Rolling Stones’ groupie, glamour girl and wife of Pierre Trudeau, had been paid over $300,000 since 2016 to give 28 speeches. Trudeau’s brother Sacha got $40,000 from WE for eight appearances in 2017-18. Justin’s wife got a measly $1,400, though that was back in 2012 when Justin was not yet even leader of the party. Late last month the CBC (the Canadian version of ‘our’ ABC) asked the WE Charity if it had ever paid a member of the Trudeau family for speeches, as the speeches were a matter of public record. WE said ‘no’. But with more digging it turned out a WE-affiliated organisation had made the actual payments – so a bit of Bill Clinton ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ sophistry.

Oh, and remember the finance minister who, along with PM Trudeau, had not recused himself from the Cabinet vote to give the $900 million to WE? Well, his daughter, it turned out, worked on the WE staff. And did I mention that at first one of the charity’s founders was reported to have told a private video-conference that the Prime Minister’s Office had called WE to ask them to help with the grant? Later that founder said he had ‘misspoken’ and that it had been the federal public service that had called.

Trudeau Jr’s first response to this mess was to claim that ‘the important [thing to remember] here is that this is about a charity supporting students’. Well, that’s pretty tone-deaf because WE wasn’t just supporting students. It managed also to support, you know, the Trudeau family. It took a week for WE to pull out from administering the program. And now even the Canadian press, which has no Murdoch papers and whose median position is left of left, has had to take notice. Because this looks (what’s the word? Oh ya) corrupt. What we have here is a gigantic conflict of interest. A sole-source contract awarded directly by Cabinet vote, one in which the two top people, the PM and finance minister did not recuse themselves from the vote. And the money went to an organisation that at first denied paying any Trudeau family members hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can you begin to imagine what the reaction of the press would be if something remotely similar came out about Mr Trump? There would be wailing and shrieking and demands for resignations and jail time. Even in Britain, had Boris done this the BBC would be in over-drive to get him out (while probably angling to get Brexit over-turned). In Canada though, because don’t forget that Mr Trudeau is much loved by the virtue-signalling twitterati brigade, odds are he will weather this scandal just as he did the blackface one. After all, it doesn’t matter if you yourself multiple times wear blackface when you would have fired anyone else who’d done so. It doesn’t matter if your family benefits massively from an organisation to which your government awards a massive contract with hefty fees. It doesn’t matter if your finance minister is complicit too. What matters is whether you spew out the politically correct nostrums of the day. And that you’re from left-wing aristocracy. Then you get a much, much easier ride. You get judged by different standards than those applied to the world’s Trumps or BoJos or even ScoMos. One rule for the Left and another for the Right. If the mainstream media didn’t have double standards it wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Still, this has hurt – is hurting – Justin Trudeau badly. Most Canadian voters have long recognised Trudeau Jr. is not as smart as his old man, in fact that he’s nowhere near the sharpest tool in the shed. This has helped him because he’s seemed to many to be so nice and so well-meaning as he spews out every politically correct slogan imaginable. But now he looks like just another dirty politician, self-interested and venal. A ‘do as I say not as I do’ guy. Remember, this is the man so keen to laugh at Mr Trump at an official function. You can bet what sort of reaction he’ll receive should the two meet again. I’d like to be there.

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