Bill de Blasio unites cops and protesters — in disgust

4 June 2020

5:02 AM

4 June 2020

5:02 AM

New York City is crumbling into shambolic lawlessness and its citizens are growing more afraid and frustrated by the day.


Because Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have once again proven to be categorically incompetent leaders incapable of working effectively together in a time of crisis.

On Tuesday, the Governor was forced to confront the glaring issue that the state’s top concern had shifted from COVID prevention to the demolition of its biggest metropolis by unruly riots. During his daily press conference, Cuomo took the opportunity to chastise the Mayor and the NYPD for the turmoil, calling Mayor de Blasio’s handling of it a ‘disgrace’. The Mayor has drawn ire in the last few days for saying the police acted with ‘a lot of restraint’ as they pummeled demonstrators, closing the Manhattan Bridge at both ends to box in thousands of protesters and, once again, cracking down on New York’s Jewish community.

People from both sides of the aisle are drawing the conclusion that de Blasio is unfit for his office. Amid the greater demonstrations, a hefty group of protesters marched to Gracie Mansion on Tuesday night to spend the evening chanting ‘de Blasio resign’. It doesn’t matter if you’re an activist, a cop or the New York Governor: years of poor policy, shirked responsibilities, humiliating presidential runs and groundhog killing have led New Yorkers to unite in disdaining the Mayor.

Bill de Blasio is not exactly a close ally of New York’s finest. The Mayor and the NYPD have had a contentious relationship throughout his reign, with one police union ‘declaring war’ on him. Some credit the Mayor for the city’s decline in recent years, claiming that his disastrous policies keep cops from adequately doing their job.

But Cuomo can’t evade all the blame for the decisions that led the city into its current state of pandemonium. Only a few months ago, both he and the mayor backed bail reform legislation that consequently allows those arrested for looting to be back out on the street as soon as the next day.

Chiara de Blasio, the Mayor’s daughter, was arrested for refusing to move and blocking traffic during a Saturday night protest in Manhattan. His response? Applause. Given how few people are even being taken into custody for their misconduct, Bill must have found her arrest to be particularly impressive.

After taking all de Blasio’s many failings into account, Cuomo threatened that it was within his power to ‘displace’ the Mayor, but he’s ‘not at that point’ yet. While New Yorkers would likely cheer de Blasio being cast down the Hudson never to be seen again, Cuomo has no strategic reason to dispose of him yet. If he hip-checks de Blasio out of the way, who will he have left to throw under the bus if matters don’t improve?

President Trump overlooked the universally hated Mayor to take a swing at media darling Andrew Cuomo on Twitter, chastising him for losing NYC ‘to the looters, thugs, Radical Left, and all others forms of Lowlife & Scum’. He publicly pressed the Governor to take the lead and bring in the National Guard to save the day. Unfortunately, Cuomo and de Blasio see eye to eye when it comes to denying this helpful offer for the city. If Cuomo shifted his position, he would no doubt be appreciated by the oft-overlooked residents of Western New York, who have also seen their residents beaten and their cops run over this week.

Unless laws are enforced, the citizens of New York City cannot trust their leaders. As residents still sit idly by in their homes to comply with COVID lockdowns, the problems from the pandemic are now being compounded by lawlessness and a more visible danger. The locals are left to fend for themselves; in a city where defending your life and livelihood is almost impossible, people are left feeling utterly hopeless. It’s hard to say what exactly will bring faith back to the city, but one thing is for sure: a public catfight between their leaders ain’t it.

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