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Just what our schools need: Clementine Ford

10 February 2020

1:57 PM

10 February 2020

1:57 PM

Australian schools are struggling. Performance results are going backwards. In global terms, Australia is losing to Kazakhstan in the report card and plunging in several subjects. 

In addition, just last week we heard reports and discussion about the lack of male teachers in schools. The number of males in teaching has been steadily declining since the early eighties, despite their vital importance in educating boys. There are even predictions we may run out of male teachers entirely within the next 20 years.  

To most of us, it’s clear why this is occurring – risk management.  With all this obsessive talk about “toxic masculinity”, and the determination to pretend that evil only comes in one gender, working with youngsters is just not worth the potential personal and professional destruction just one false allegation can create for a man. 

With all of this in mind, what one thing could possibly make the situation worse? 

Whatever came to mind, I promise I can trump it… 

Someone has suggested the books of Clementine Ford should be added to the Australian curriculum.

That’s right. The extremist exhibitionist feminist whose recent works include this: 

In the meantime, she’s doing lingerie shoots – which involve her having “to get very drunk and high to summon the courage”. 

And planning running an “Advice Podcast” on Friday afternoons, “ahead of wine time”. Ford is spruiking for donations for her “work” and looking for advertising sponsorships, “it’s a gig economy after all and I’m a single mum,” she writes.

Oh dear.

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