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Luvvie Laura and the(ir) ABC’s problem with abusive behaviour

1 January 2020

2:44 PM

1 January 2020

2:44 PM

In November, the(ir) ABC, ran an episode of Q&A which condoned violence. On November 4, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy justified violence while giddy far left panellists merrily sat nodding in agreement. 
There was a flaccid investigation, the episode was removed from iView and we were all supposed to forget it ever happened (even though it still remains up in full on the Q&A website). 

Of course, the real problem remains: it should never have gone to air in the first place. 

But there was no catchment in the production process; because 1000 ABC brains all think the same.  

It’s this kind of foul, extremist leftist groupthink, which has been allowed to go utterly unchecked at our national broadcaster that has ultimately brought us to where we are today… 

And so, last night, on the eve of a fresh new decade, the(ir) ABC’s chief political correspondent Laura Tingle told a Twitter user to “go f**k yourself”. 

She had taken to social media to praise ABC journalists for their reporting of the bushfires.  

The user came back questioning the ABC’s “balance”

And perhaps that tweet should have fallen off a cliff in silence into the frothing pit of hell that is social media abuse. 

No one decent goes there.

You do not respond to social media abuse, dear Laura.

You certainly don’t respond when you’re employed by our national broadcaster. 

And you definitely don’t drop the f-bomb, no matter how self-righteous, furious or justified you believe yourself to be.
The tweet was retweeted by ABC favourite (always should have been Labor leader) and miserable ghost Malcolm Turnbull. 

He retweeted it adding a cute winking emoji, which spoke as many volumes about cosiness as when the same miserable ghost addressed a far-left journalist by her twitter handle rather than her real name last year (Katharine Murphy aka murpharoo)

Adding a supposedly cute winking emoji doesn’t soften the razor-sharp edges of Tingle’s abusive tweet anymore than yelling at someone and then throwing a rose at them.  (Moping Malcy has blocked the SpecOz on Twitter, so we can’t reproduce his Tweet here.)

In response to the Courier Mail reporting the story of Tingle’s unacceptable misstep, Amy Remeikis at The Guardian (alongside aforementioned murpharoo) tweeted, “Oh f**k off. They were trolling about balance on fire reporting when ABC staff, particularly the locals, have been working their arses off keeping people informed and therefore safe as possible…”

Note to the left: just because Clementine Ford got away with calling people “c**nts” does not make this progressive language.

Abuse is abuse. 

Abusive language is unacceptable from anyone.

Including panellists on Q&A. 

Including ranting far-left journalists at The Guardian.

And most certainly including ABC’s chief political correspondent.

To use your own favoured phrase – DO BETTER (especially when us taxpayers are paying your handsome salary plus super). 

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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