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Forget climate change and bushfires, Malcolm. What about your memory?

23 January 2020

4:15 PM

23 January 2020

4:15 PM

So the miserable ghost has been off rattling his chains yet again, this time to the BBC.

He’s worried about climate change and bushfires.

Malcolm Turnbull has never liked us, but just to show there’s no ill-feeling on our side we just want to say: “Malcolm, mate, what about your memory? Shouldn’t that be your number one priority”

Love him or hate him, there’s no doubt that the former PM is a smart cookie; just not very good at politics.

But his recent pronouncements are worrying because they’re very much at odds with what he said in the top job less than two years ago. Let’s head over the National Archives and open the transcript file for March 19, 2018:

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, Richard Di Natale said that this fire was caused by government inaction on climate change. What did you have to say?

PRIME MINISTER: Look, I’m disappointed that the Greens would try to politicise an event like this. I mean this has been shocking destruction of property, as we’ve just said. Thank heaven there have been no lives lost, but that’s a great tribute to the community, to the firefighters, to all of that preparation and resilience.

But this is not the time to politicise a disaster like this.

JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, is there any impact from climate change in these sort of events?

PRIME MINISTER: David, as you know very well, you can’t attribute any particular event, whether it’s a flood or fire or a drought or a storm, to climate change. We are the land of droughts and flooding rains. We’re the land of bushfires. Nature hurls her worst at Australians, always will and always has, often unpredictably. We were just talking about the spotting. Mark was just making the point that I observed earlier; we saw from the air how the fire had not just leapt over a river, but had leapt over streets of houses, apparently without any damage and then landed on a group of houses which had been burned out. So, you can see how unpredictable it is.

But clearly this is an environment, we have an environment, which has extremes. Bushfires are part of Australia, as indeed are droughts and floods.

“We have an environment which has extremes. Bushfires are part of Australia, as indeed are droughts and floods.” So there you have it, straight from the show pony’s mouth.

Funny he’s forgotten so quickly.

Perhaps that Chinese herbalist in Bondi Junction can help again? Actually, on second thoughts

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