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Here’s a news year resolution for the ABC and the leftie media: reject all violence

17 December 2019

5:00 AM

17 December 2019

5:00 AM

Who decided some violence was more equal than others?  

The streets of London have erupted as violent socialist protestors clash with police. “Not my prime minister”, they’re chanting and “one solution, revolution”. 

One woman was filmed saying, “F**k Boris, f**k racism, f**k homophobia, f**k all you pigs”. 

Another ranted, “[Boris] is a pig and I’m so ashamed that he’s the prime minister of my country, it’s disgusting and I wish him the worst, I wish him a horrible death”.  

Similar protests erupted in Scotland.  

Why have these protests erupted? Because these disgraceful morons believe they are right.  

These hyper-woke folk believe they know better than their working-class political opponents.  

They believe physical assault is acceptable.  

Worse, people who should know better are actively encouraging them 

The ABC must take a good hard look at itself at this point.  

Just weeks ago we had an extremist feminist panel justifying violence.  

Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy was a panellist on November 4, in an episode that sparked hundreds of complaints and prompted an investigation.  

Someone who should have known better decided it was acceptable to have an unchallenged voice on that panel that speaks about using “justifiable violence” against men under the mythical, righteous challenge of dismantling the “patriarchy”.  

The rise of far-left extremist activists has been enabled by the ABC.  

Platforming far-left voices simply because they’re active on Twitter and pull in clicks online has screwed up our socially accepted norms. 

At some point, sitting around a board table in a taxpayer-funded, air-conditioned office, they took it upon themselves to decide that some causes are more “worthy” than others.  

Just last week a 26 year-old-woman was found guilty of reckless wounding in a pub attack in a Sydney hotel. A Brisbane mother was found to have deliberately starved her own baby. A Sydney woman was charged after the murder of a man. A Queensland woman was found guilty of sexually abusing her own nephews. A 12-year-old schoolgirl was charged over a stabbing frenzy at a Queensland shopping centre.  

However, when the ABC finalised its investigation into the hateful Q&A it said “sufficient action” had been taken.  

“ABC management’s decision to remove the episode from iView and cancel planned repeat broadcasts was sufficient action to resolve those complaints. This matter is now closed,” an ABC spokesman said.  

Eltahawy described the ABC’s decision as “unbelievable”. She fumed, “The ABC has signalled it is privileging the fragile sensibilities or white men over the wellbeing and safety of women. It is a reminder that imaginary violence against men upsets and disturbs more than actual violence against women.” 

Does she mean “imaginary violence” like the 26-year-old found guilty of attacking another woman in the Sydney pub? 

Does she mean the “imaginary violence” of the Brisbane mother who starved her own baby? 

How about the Sydney woman who charged with murdering a man? 

And the aunt found guilty of sexually abusing her own nephews? 

We will never see a reduction in violence until we condemn all violence. That means men’s violence, women’s violence, young boys violence, young girls violence… and violent socialist protestors should all be equally condemned.  

Where were those who took issue with Alan Jones’ clumsy wording of “put a sock in it” when Greta Thunberg talked about putting world leaders “against the wall”? 

They were silent.  

These far-left fools can’t see that they make no sense when they insist using the wrong pronouns is violence, while simultaneously wearing a mask and violently protesting the results of a democratic election.  

Disgraceful behaviour is always disgraceful.  

Foul language and abuse are always foul.  

The Jekyll and Hide of Twitter cess-speak versus virtuous corporate culture scripts are creating a generation who are being taught that abuse is sometimes ok.  

And, the longer the(ir) ABC refuse to ensure balance on our national screens, the longer they remain complicit in breeding such justification of hatred.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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