Corbynistas react to the exit poll result

13 December 2019

9:46 AM

13 December 2019

9:46 AM

Tonight’s exit poll has predicted that the Conservatives are heading for a bumper majority of 86 – a remarkable result. And while the exit poll is still just a prediction at this stage, that hasn’t stopped Labour’s various Corbynistas melting down at the result.

Here are the best reactions so far:

I’m so, so sorry guys. Just utterly devastating. Brexit just smashed us. Keeping together an electoral coalition of Remainers and Leavers as the country bitterly divided just became impossible.

— Owen Jones🌹(@OwenJones84) December 12, 2019

I cannot imagine how so many people in England can have been quite so stupid

Sorry, but it has to be said

— Richard Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) December 12, 2019

We couldn’t overcome the Brexit culture war. I’m so sorry, to everyone who fought like lions til the close of polls. The movement continues, and we keep on keeping on tomorrow.

— Ash Sarkar (@AyoCaesar) December 12, 2019

BBC exit poll predicts Tories to take 70+ seats. If so – a victory of the old over the young, racists over people of colour, selfishness over the planet. Scotland will leave UK. However it does not feel right compared to on-the-ground.

— Paul Mason #VoteLabour (@paulmasonnews) December 12, 2019


— Novara Media (@novaramedia) December 12, 2019

The look on @AyoCaesar’s face! And @AaronBastani looks none too happy either. This is what a reality bath looks like.

— Toby Young (@toadmeister) December 12, 2019

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