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Treachery of the elites

9 November 2019

9:00 AM

9 November 2019

9:00 AM

The greatest struggle in the West, and especially amongst the English-speaking nations, is an internal one. This is not to discount the external threats, not only by Islamist terrorists but through the long-term agenda of the Beijing communists to remove liberty not only from Hong Kong but eventually from the world. The Belt and Road Initiative is not some benevolent scheme for closer co-operation, but as Robert Spalding illustrates in Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept, about restricting the movement of ideas, constraining ideological freedom and removing any opposition to the authority of the state. Indeed, using purloined intellectual property, the communists are furnishing dictators with the technology to control populations in a way that Hitler, Stalin and Mao could only have dreamt of.

The hope surely is that the West can again do what those leaders reviled by the elites, Ronald Reagan supported by Margaret Thatcher, achieved with the evil empire—bring it down without firing a shot.

We are presently under a serious internal threat in Australia. While America is being made great again and the United Kingdom seems likely to unchain herself from the Berlin-Paris Axis and take back the very independence she, the Commonwealth and America fought Hitler to preserve, Australia is, in the hands of our politicians, facing a disaster.

But at least Western civilisation itself can survive if recent victories in the US and to an extent the UK indicate a twilight of the elites.

While the great struggles today are in the two leading countries of the Anglosphere, we should not forget that Australia was the pioneer in recording a significant victory against her massed elites.

The 20th anniversary of that took place last Wednesday, 6 November. It was marked by the release on Monarchy Australia TV on YouTube of interviews in which John Howard explains why he is the only Prime Minister in our history to have put a referendum on something he did not want. He and Tony Abbott discuss the role of the mainstream media who were determined that, come what may, Australians should adopt the questionable and regressive fake republic on offer and how myths were floated that John Howard, not the republicans, were entirely responsible for their loss. They discuss all aspects of that event with Tony Abbott, under pressure, talking about his future.

At a conference to mark the anniversary, co-sponsored by this magazine, constitutional monarchists revealed the father of their movement and how their slick machine, on the smell of an oily rag, carried the day against the many celebrities and multi-millionaires, most politicians, and the mainstream media who were forcefully pushing the regressive and fake Turnbull-Keating republic.

Since Plato there have always been those who see themselves as born to be the intellectually and morally superior guardians of society. But with the decline of religion and consequently of our Judeo-Christian values, this elitism has taken a turn for the worse. In words attributed to G. K. Chesterton, when man stops believing in God it’s not that he believes in nothing; it’s that he’ll believe in anything. That is today’s elites to a tee. And by so weakening our civilisation, they surely bring the occasional smile of approval to those sitting in the politburo in the Forbidden City.

It is the extraordinary and inordinate influence our elites have over our politicians that has ensured that Australia today is defenceless, with educational standards below Kazakhstan’s, has energy so expensive manufacturing is disappearing and a level of immigration, including welfare immigration, well beyond the capacity of our cities, all the while being  doomed to be a net importer of inferior food (if we can afford it) while our best agricultural land is increasingly falling under the ultimate control and direction of the Beijing communists.

Our elites have instead required the nation to concentrate on such matters as observing, as few governments actually do, the strictures of the global warming hoax, unconstitutionally and wickedly denying farmers access to flowing water  in the drought, children’s rights to gender fluidity and a republic so sinister it is, after two decades, still being kept under wraps.

But when the Australian people recently rejected what was named here as an alternative government of ‘thieves, thugs and constitutional vandal’s’, they surely did not expect that they were putting in place a pale imitation which, while disgracefully rejecting the natural Commonwealth role to lead in saving agriculture, would actually give a one billion dollar bonus to foreign corporations which profit from the renewables fantasy, push a ‘voice’ for Aboriginal elites while the real problem is the shocking abuse of children and women rampant in remote communities, and suggest conservatives are agents of a foreign power.

(When that particular legislation was passed, I received an official letter inviting me to check whether I was a foreign agent. Had they persisted I would have told them what I had told bureaucrats wanting me to declare political donations: that the legislation they were waving at me unconstitutionally impacted on freedom of political communication. I heard no more.)

With federal politicians abandoning farmers, and the NSW Nationals more interested in late-term abortions including, as originally provided, infanticide, what hope is there for Australia?

Unless politicians decide to represent the people and not themselves or the elites, Australians will become increasingly and justifiably angry. The only solution is to do what was done to achieve federation, allow the people to elect a convention fully empowered under the Corowa principles. That is, that its conclusions be put to a determining vote by the people.

Forget fake republics and a voice for Aboriginal elites. Instead, constitutionalise the common sense of the ordinary Australian. The danger is that, as we are seeing in the US and the UK, the elites are now capable of being more ornery and more nasty than ever before. They no longer play by the rules as the Democrats and mainstream media are demonstrating in America.

But truth and the people must prevail if civilisation is to survive.

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