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Gillette now knows: razor pain is really irritating

27 August 2019

5:00 AM

27 August 2019

5:00 AM

At some point in a brainstorm when everyone was fuelled with too much caffeine, it probably seemed like a good idea. And yet, that hateful “toxic masculinity” Gillette ad cost parent company Procter & Gamble nearly $12 billion ($8US billion).

It should be a lesson to brands to stick to selling products rather than preaching about what we should all think.

Now Gillette says it’s “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes”. The new ad, which launched last week starring an Australian firefighter, is aimed at representing men at their best.

Too late.

Consumers stuck two furious fingers up at Gillette and walked away for good because it proved it was a brand that merrily drank the feminist ideology Kool-Aid.

In a crisis, like a blazing fire, no one looks for a feminist.

Ideology doesn’t save lives – it’s costing them.

In choosing to buy into this popular hateful narrative that masculinity is the new original sin, Gillette literally chose the team opposed to their very own consumer base.

It should be a wake-up call to all brands that are allowing themselves to be lectured to and bullied by screeching activists throwing toddler tantrums.

Whether its spreading climate change terror or smashing the so-called patriarchy via destroying Alan Jones, these feral far-left extremists do not represent the majority.

They do not speak for the quiet Australians who are working hard trying to afford to pay their bills.

They are not your average consumer.

Their priorities are not a mirror image of the majority; we saw that quite clearly in the last federal election.

The witches leading this witch-hunt posted, “We see this fight against Jones as symbolic of the whole. If we can send a message that we’re OVER the hate speech and unchecked power of our male-dominated politics and media, we make the path easier to resist all other atrocities, too.”

They have screeched, “don’t stop until he is sacked.”

And then what?

Every male politician they don’t like?

Every white male journalist who won’t read from their approved script?

Wake up.

These fools are so blinded by ideology they’re treading their own path of vindictiveness and calling it progress.

Millennial keyboard warriors do not reflect average Australians.

So, why oh why aren’t brands learning from Gillette?

All these brands that are allowing themselves to be bullied away from 2GB need to think very hard about the path they are choosing. They are allowing themselves to be deafened by hateful screeching activists who do not reflect their customer base – and we can only hope it comes back to bite them where it hurts.

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