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Dear ABC, what about diversity of thought?

26 August 2019

11:40 AM

26 August 2019

11:40 AM

The(ir) ABC is pushing for 50-50 on-air gender quotas. As part of a “major diversity” push, the taxpayer-funded channel is aiming for 50-50 by the end of 2020.

It’s as tone-deaf as Anthony Albanese standing on stage criticising the Morrison Government for not having a plan about “social justice”.

ABC: its diversity of opinion that’s your problem, not the gender of the faces on screen.

And Albanese: warbling about “social justice” cost your team the election, please wake up, get Keneally out of your ear and come back down to earth.

The ABC’s move mirrors a similar initiative to the so-called progress Brits have watched over at the BBC.

It involves commissioning more content that women will, apparently, find relevant and interesting.

In one breath these clowns tell us we must smash gender stereotypes, in the next they focus on gender-specific commissioning?

You couldn’t make this circus up.

It’s reported, “teams record the gender of interviewees”. Who cares what gender they are? I’ve watched entire female panels on The Drum and disagreed with every one of them because they are all ideological clones.

Reports continue, “They measure what they can control.” Of course they do, they are obsessed with power and control.

The ABC said, “In News, for instance, we would not count someone, such as the Prime Minister, who is critical of a particular story but we would count an expert commentator, as we can choose whether we hear from a male or female expert. The data then forms part of the regular editorial meetings.”

If that’s what we are paying ABC staff to discuss in editorial meetings, no wonder they are constantly falling off the left-hand side of our screens. Where is the contest of ideas?

It’s as if they think that airing Land Line and Rural News is doing enough to convince us that they’re not all sitting in an inner-city groupthink echo chamber.

Apparently, segments have been cancelled because female talent couldn’t be found and male guests have been cancelled because the quota wasn’t correct.

News Corp reported one talent representative, who asked not to be identified for fear of jeopardising their career, saying several clients had been “pulled from scheduled appearances because they’ve been white men.”

How about this mob wise up, put the focus on 50-50 on-air political quotas and start discussing how to fix their blatant bias rather than obsessing about gender which they’re also spending taxpayer money on telling us doesn’t matter?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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