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A culture of death imposed by deceit

10 August 2019

9:00 AM

10 August 2019

9:00 AM

The adoption of an abortion law so extreme it sanctions the killing of any innocent who dares survive has been greeted by a standing ovation in the Senate.

That was the New York State Senate, not Australia’s. But a standing ovation has just greeted the introduction (by a man) of a hitherto secret abortion bill to be rammed through the NSW Parliament.

So why do the elites push their culture of death? The lives they are loudest about preserving are the vilest criminals, including the killers of Anita Cobby.

There was a time when the overwhelming majority in the West believed that the lives of innocent babies, born and unborn, are sacred. But with abortion tolerated by activist judges and with religion declining, people began to accept it. But whenever they were made aware  of the sheer horror of such actions as the crushing of a live baby’s skull and the harvesting of baby parts, they have been reluctant to endorse late-term abortions.

The elites know that to prevail they must suppress the facts. That’s why there are national statistics on everything but this. Reliable estimates, such as those in a  recent issue of Family World News, indicate that since abortion was tolerated, about five million innocent unborn Australians, one in five, have been killed.

Meanwhile, instead of expressing endless ‘concern’ about pointless statistics on the proportion of women in parliament and other places, but curiously not among garbage men, establishment feminists show no concern about the disproportional increase in the killing of baby girls nor about the significantly increased risk of mental health problems and even  suicide among women  pushed into abortions.

This suppression of the facts is now buttressed by a High Court approved 150- metre radius around abortion factories.  The length of these vast exclusion zones, where free speech is a crime, is about the same as the height of Sydney’s tallest skyscraper.

Similarly, crucial information is suppressed about the consequences of  legalising ‘mercy-killing’ (euthanasia), particularly that it invariably leads to killing without consent, of those not terminally ill nor in physical pain and of the young. Nor are we told about how it has become a useful tool for beneficiaries impatient for the passing of their relatives, nor that Canadian governments are being advised as to the cost advantages on  health budgets of killing the elderly.

What Western civilisation has hitherto achieved is based on Judeo-Christian principles and values. This has involved  the acceptance, radiating out from the English-speaking world, that man is endowed, not by government but by his Creator, with the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The latter never meant a right to partake of government-tested illicit substances but a right to a full and free life with a family and private property with the only intrusions by government being those necessary for an ordered free society. This has produced the technological advances which have enriched billions as well as great moral victories such as that achieved by Christian abolitionists over the institution of slavery .

The elites are determined to undermine and replace this with their latest cultural Marxist dogma, however damaging, irrational, ridiculous or outrageous they may be. And on this, they tolerate neither  debate nor dissent.

Their plan is to make the population   increasingly dependent on and therefore subservient to centralised government even world government. Those who resist are to be punished, the self-funded retirees being the first. Turnbull began it, thus encouraging Shorten to plan a broadside against not only these retirees but also anyone deemed guilty of the heinous heresy of daring to be aspirational.

A leading example of turning free citizens into dependents has been the Whitlamite disaster of making the dole available to those who have no or little  experience of actually working. That this  produces indolence, obesity, drug-taking, abuse, crime and all manner of ills, too often life-long and inter-generational, is undeniable. It would be hard to think of a more effective way of destroying a life.

Yet a veritable chorus of virtue-signalling elites now demand a blanket and totally unjustifiable increase in the already-indexed Newstart, a no doubt expensively conceived euphemism for the dole. This is now $277 a week plus, an amount on which many a proud self-funded retiree survives while also volunteering to help with good causes.

A distinction must be immediately made about older Australian workers, especially men, who have lost their jobs principally because the political class has foolishly transferred the jobs overseas.

That sensible policies can avoid this  has been demonstrated with clarity by Donald Trump, whose policies, domestic and international, have resulted in the energy independence of the USA and  record employment across all groups.

Assistance for older unemployed workers is therefore entirely appropriate. The long-term solution is that rather than spending the winter recess building up their carbon footprints in luxury overseas travel, our politicians should do what President Trump has done. If they can’t,  they should give Australians back the country they are destroying.

So what should be done about the  indolent and especially the young?

Warwick Stacey served in the Australian and British armies; his advice is now sought around the world on kidnappings, extortion, piracy and related crises.

The solution he says is to offer only three choices: work, study or special military service. Move the unemployed from welfare to work, he says, introduce them to what they clearly need, not more taxpayer dollars but a healthy life-style involving discipline, self-discipline, team-work, fitness training, sport and adventure.

While the world’s rich and powerful seek Stacey’s advice and action, our politicians ignore him. The fact is, he’s so right. Most people with experience of military training swear to the benefit it has given them. And surely this would be better than destroying yet another generation.

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