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Throwing eggs is free speech at its best, but Israel Folau peddles fear and superstition

8 May 2019

5:02 PM

8 May 2019

5:02 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

It’s always pleasing when one’s opponents miss an opportunity. Especially when it is a core, heartland motivational issue for the hard right. CBD of course refers to freedom of speech and PC.

Whilst CBD believes in freedom of speech for the PC, hate speech (defined as anything CBD dislikes) should be verboten as being counter-revolutionary and obstructive to the creation of the workers paradise. Nevertheless CBD has this sinking feeling that people of race, of faith, of sport and of lower socio-economic status all may actually support the concept of freedom of speech and Israel Folau. So please keep this insight to yourself. As the saying goes ‘loose lips sink ships’. At this stage only the Australian Conservatives are on to it. If SM got on to it and freedom of speech became a real issue CBD sees the slender GULAG poll lead disappearing. So CBD can’t sufficiently stress to keep this insight to yourself lest the unthinkable should happen and BS loses the unlosable.

CBD has picked up disturbing chatter amongst the unwashed and unschooled that Israel Folau is seen as an underdog worthy of support. In fact people are opining to CBD that Israel Folau is being bullied. That such un-PC people can exist, let alone in such numbers, is a mystery and a sad reflection on the long way the Marxist march still has to go.

When the elite of QANTAS and Rugby Australia are being dismissed, ignored and indeed even vilified in favour of free speech and Israel Folau you know society has a deep-seated malaise. To think the old fashioned notion of free speech remains so deeply rooted in society’s conscience is very troubling.

SM and his team’s failure to prosecute the case for freedom of speech is exceptionally helpful for GULAG’s cause of seeking to impose even further restrictions through Section 18 C after Election 19. Silence is acquiescence and CBD is confident GULAG will dine out on it. Election 19 can’t come soon enough. And remember not a word to anyone in case SM cynically picks up on the issue and exploits it in an unconscionable scare campaign.

In breaking news (pun intended) freedom of expression by way of egging people is in fact like free speech. The right to it is dependent on the identity of the target and the identity of the perpetrator.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

Illustration courtesy of the Australian Egg Board.

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