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Poor little rich boys, your average boy better beware…

6 May 2019

3:10 PM

6 May 2019

3:10 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

What is it about some rich kids? They’re wonderful, aren’t they? Wallowing around in their fortunes bequeathed to them by daddy and making another load on top they appear to suffer pangs of conscience leading them to be “useful idiots” as CBD’s hero Lenin would call them. Election19 simply wouldn’t be the same without them…or at least their money and tweets. CBD is delighted and encourages their utterances on Twitter and even more so squeals with delight as they provide support and funding for GULAG candidates like Silly Zali and Bonkers Banks not to forget AOQC for Kooyong.

CBD watches in amazement and disbelief as they propagandise for a cause which they surely must not fully comprehend. How the beneficiaries of inherited wealth and opportunities making a killing under capitalism can dispose of their hard earned for a cause which seeks to destroy them and the above is highly commendable.

CBD loves observing the obsequious, craven, pathetic nature of them as they ensure CBD’s GULAG team wins in less than two weeks.

CBD has no time for their vile wealth which of course come the revolution will be redistributed. Redistribution is such a nicer word than confiscated.  But until it is their donations to GetUp will be gratefully accepted. As individuals they don’t command respect – so they try to buy favour, acceptance and respectability by disowning everything about themselves but of course their wealth. They back Silly Zali and Bonkers Banks with mindless tweets and bankroll campaigns to ensure the source of their unseemly wealth is destroyed.

Keeping a straight face whilst praising these useful idiots has become not only a party trick but an absolute necessity to ensure the most possible support is extracted.

So to Simon and Alex, we salute you. You are true philanthropists, visionaries, and humanists. Or so we say to their faces. Please understand we need their money. No, CBD and GULAG supporters don’t trust them. But use them? With a vengeance. Keeping that face straight is a trial but to date has been effectively mastered to ensure Holmes a Court and Turnbull monies keep flowing.

Their passionate commitment if not intellectual commitment let alone practical commitment to fight climate change is fully appreciated. Today it’s all about vibe and substance. But those skiing holidays to the ALPS ( has anyone told them it’s not a political party’s acronym. Just a flash name for a hill or a mountain?) suggests talking the talk rather than walk the walk. Hardly the hardcore leadership that is required if the great unwashed are to be convinced to make changes which will erode their living standards and jobs. Especially if they see garages full of cars and houses the size of a small city. Elites need protection to carry through the revolution.

In an era where the progressives have won or hijacked every debate the forelock tugging of some of the wealthier to identity politics, climate change, and above all virtue signalling by these useful

Idiots are welcomed but be assured CBD and supporters in the GULAG will not be conned.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

Illustration: Harvey Comics.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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