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11 May 2019

11:38 AM

11 May 2019

11:38 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD knows it’s Red Shield Appeal week, but instead wants to say Thank God for the ABC. (CBD trusts this isn’t cultural appropriation by an atheist nor triggers any atheist who may have unwittingly stumbled across a copy of the Spectator)

Just as CBD was becoming downhearted with GULAG’s poor treatment by the hate media – petty Penny, costings – what costings? The egging of SM, candidates being disendorsed, Plibersek’s border blunder… along comes the ABC AM programme right on cue promoting the election saviour-climate change.

The programme was rampant. It was exciting. It was spirit lifting. It was that good Pravda would’ve been embarrassed.

CBD can hear the hard right now say, “the only thing missing was the authorisation at the end – this was an electoral broadcast on behalf of GULAG brought to you at taxpayers’ expense.”

But it was a truly exhilarating broadcast. No matter what the issue the answer had to be climate change. From the seats of Far North Queensland to Higgins. Costs ? Irrelevant. What is the cost of inaction? More children on the streets crying? Leaving a flooded or drought stricken country? Take your pick because there is no wrong answer.

Rich retirees were found in Kooyong virtue signalling by reciting the climate change catechism verbatim. Some – presumably glamping eco tourists – were even discovered in the furthest reaches of Queensland, bivouacking by a billabong on the Burke. The groundswell created by the programme was impossible to ignore. It was everywhere. Under every rock every thing talked about climate change as the emergency of our times.

Just hope no one discovers the “emergency with only ten years for action before it becomes irreversible “as claimed by the UN thirty years ago. That could be highly damaging.

To think in six years SM and his mob failed to even moderate GULAG’s propaganda arm the ABC is both laughable (discretely behind one’s hand of course) and greatly appreciated.

Without it GULAG would not stand a chance because too many people would be poisoned by facts, objectivity and truth – the favourite tricks of the hard right.

The ABC’s new director appointed under SM’s watch after appointing a new handpicked chair has already entered Election 19 on GULAG’s side.

CBD sometimes contemplates and recently has been pondering whether GULAG could actually win an election in its own right? Does GULAG rely too heavily on Team SM keeping the ABC?

Either way a win will be a win and CBD is getting more confident in this the last week of the campaign that GULAG voters will save the ABC, save the planet, and save GULAG – the perfect trifecta.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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