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CBD:Convince on climate change for a climate of change

7 May 2019

1:25 PM

7 May 2019

1:25 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

As the economic policies of the GULAG falter along with BS’s approval ratings it is timely for the strategists to promote climate change. It serves as a great virtue signaller, allows for shut down sloganeering such as “denier” obviating the need for any cogent argument while manipulating many to alter their vote (the actual goal). It’s a really great strategy.

Climate change is a sure bet as an election issue to deflect attention.

From grandparents to crying children GULAG has been able to corral the unsuspecting into believing that their vote in Election 19 will save the planet if not the whole universe.

Seeing children crying and in need of counselling because they’re scared about their future courtesy of climate change Armageddon leaves SM’s team on the backfoot.

Not to mention the pearl-laden virtue signalling types in Waringah believing they’re doing something for the planet by encouraging people to vote for silly Zali whose credentials abound in this space. Driver of a gas guzzling city tractor and no solar panels suggests Silly Zali shouldn’t be judged on her actions but rather on her rhetoric.

But GULAGs relentless campaigning has seen the victory of virtue signalling over substance in this debate. This is a true victory for GULAG and virtue signalling. Convincing people of the importance of virtue signalling and its inherent worth over practical outcomes has largely been achieved. And it has left SM’s hard right flatfooted.

SM says he believes in climate change. No question to be asked there. Therefore more must be better and GULAG policies win.

The fact Australia contributes 1.3 per cent of the world’s emissions and the admission by the Chief Scientist that if Australia stopped all CO2 emissions it would make no difference to the global environment are the pesky substance issues which have threatened to derail the GULAG campaign.

So photographs of crying children and socially aware nannas knitting for the globe need to be circulated and promoted more widely. The need for survival may well trump other considerations.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.


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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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