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The propaganda is settled

30 March 2019

9:00 AM

30 March 2019

9:00 AM

Aussie school children are getting another barrage of third-party climate catastrophism, only  a fortnight since the kids’ climate strike.

March 29 is WWF’s ‘Earth Hour Schools Day’ designed to gee children up for that silly Earth Hour lights-off at 8.30pm the following night.

Kids are important to WWF. It themed Earth Hour 2017 as ‘The voice of the future generation’. Its poll of 500 kids from seven to twelve years old showed that they were more concerned about the environment than terrorism, friends and family, and careers. Good job, WWF.

Kids brainwash easily and furnish a prolonged donation stream. Professional fund-raisers creamed close to $8m last year from WWF’s $22m gross donations, so the kids’ altruism is worth grabbing.

WWF says, ‘Ready to save the planet? Many schools all across Australia are passionate supporters of Earth Hour. Teachers can download our free, curriculum-aligned lessons to teach students about environmental sustainability. Get hyped with posters, social media kits and more.’

Hyped? You bet. Here’s WWF’s main video minute’s worth:

Female voice-over: ‘Australia, it’s time to protect this place we call home!  Our oceans, our forests, our wildlife, our future. [Shows pristine reef, fluffy chick, baby turtles, bird calls on soundtrack]. Climate change is putting our planet at risk. [Fires rage, menacing a koala]. And it is happening now here and around the world. [Dead corals, polar bear flummoxed on ice floe].

David Attenborough speaks: ‘What we do now and in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.’ [Happy kids, happy koalas and shot of solar panel arrays]. This Earth Hour, switch off and join millions of Australians who want to see action on climate change. [Triumphant orchestra, planet seen from space with lights switching off]. Together we can save our world, our only home.’

WWF as usual has partnered for 2019 with green anti-capitalist Cool Australia to generate a suite of ‘classroom-ready’ climate lessons. Cool’s reach is impressive, or horrifying. The brainchild of the Kimberley ‘Just Jeans’ tycoons, it claims a 2017 base of more than 75,000 teachers dealing with 1.7 million engaged kids in 6,676 schools.

To fill today’s classroom longueurs, teachers are downloading Cool’s climate lessons to engage kids to ‘take action to make a difference’.

Cool supplies a video of real-life primary teachers and kids aged eight to ten in action on the topic ‘Sea Ice’ – a glimpse of kids’ being coached in right-think.

Female teacher 1 shows a diagram of Arctic sea ice extent falling from 1979 to 2008 [actually it’s plateaued 2006-19] and asks, ‘What is causing the loss?’

Boy aged about eight: ‘Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide when they burn that goes into the ozone and clogs it up. Ice can’t reflect heat back into space so it stays in the atmosphere and melts the ice.’

Kids and teacher interview each other:

Girl 1 aged eight: ‘If we lose the sea ice, animals will lose their homes and fish that they live on, it will be very difficult for them to find a new home.’ [In fact, polar bears are thriving].

Girl 2 : ‘What can we do to stop the ice from melting?’

Girl 3: ‘We can spread the news, have articles in the newsletter… write letters to places like oil and coal companies.’

Female Teacher 2, to kids: ‘Antarctic krill stocks have dropped by 80 per cent since the 1970s because of global warming and over-fishing.’ She explains: ‘I have adapted it down for use in Grade 2’. (Suspicious, I tracked down the relevant  paper, by Dr Jay Willis, of Oxford …Marine Ecology Progress Science, 10/2014.

He concludes, ‘In general, climate change cannot yet be implicated as a major cause of krill abundance changes since the end of whaling.’)

Tom aged about ten: ‘Me and Annie are working together. We want to raise awareness about sea ice and the effects it has on the environment.’

Annie: ‘So now we are brainstorming ideas for a letter we will use for other things too.’

Tom: ‘I will be trying to use the letter to get on to the student radio network.’

Annie: ‘And I am using the letter to write to the state and federal government, to the resource minister and the energy minister.’

Tom: ‘What do we hope to achieve from sending the letter and going to the radio station?’

Annie: ‘It is for people to cut down on their use of fossil fuel, driving their cars around and using lots of electricity.’

Tom: ‘We hope that people should start using renewables energy such as wind turbines and solar panels.’

Two girls sing, clapping hands after each line: ‘…Melting ice, I wonder how they sleep at night (clap clap clap). Global warming is so sad. The ice is melting real bad. People want to mine the ice. Oil and gas has a price.’

Older kids get Cool’s climate-change ‘Fact Sheets’ and diatribes against sceptics from the likes of denier-smiting psych Stephan Lewandowsky. They date back to 2011. They include, ‘At a time when Greenland is losing around 9,000 tonnes of ice every second it is time to hold accountable those who invert common standards of science, decency, and ethics in pursuit of their agenda to delay action on climate change.’

Kids are also treated to the 1992 speech at the Rio climate jamboree by Severn the twelve year-old daughter of environmental weirdo David Suzuki (shades of Sweden’s Greta Thunberg aged 16 at Davos, 2019):

‘I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the holes in the ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air because I don’t know what chemicals are in it… In my anger, I am not blind, and in my fear, I am not afraid to tell the world how I feel…Well, what you do makes me cry at night.  (etc.).’

Cool’s ‘facts’ include dud stuff contradicting the IPCC such as:

– We can expect an increase in the intensity, frequency and duration of extreme weather events. [IPCC 2014: No trend in cyclones, droughts and floods].

– Sea-levels are expected to rise approximately 2.3 metres for each degree Celsius of temperature rise. [IPCC 2014: Sea rise of 52-98 cm by 2100 on the high emissions scenario].

Face it, folks. Today’s schools are indoctrination hubs to turn kids into anti-CO2 activists.

Madness stalks the land.

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