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Fearless Girl, shameless stunt

27 February 2019

6:35 PM

27 February 2019

6:35 PM

A replica of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the world of statuary, Kristin Visbal’s Fearless Girl, has been installed in Melbourne’s Federation Square this week – prompting the predictable gushing from the predictable outlets.

“Although small in stature, the original statue has become a known symbol of female empowerment, since the original rose to global attention after being installed in front of the “charging bull” on Wall Street, New York in 2017,” e-zine Women’s Agenda cooed.

I beg to differ. Fearless Girl is by far one of the worst gender equity stunts we have sell, a testament to the power of tokenism and politically correct marketing.

To begin with, it’s a piece of corporate social responsibility virtue signalling. Who installed? That rainbows and lollipops outfit, State Street Global Advisors, with McCann New York.

In other words, it’s the creation of a $US3 trillion investment fund and an advertising agency.

It means nothing in isolation. It relies on appropriating a man’s sculpture, the Wall Street Bull, to convey any sort of message.

It turns the original sculpture – which said nothing negative whatsoever about gender but stood as a positive symbol of boldness, resilience and strength – into something dark and negative.

Put the two together and? Its looks as if the bull is about to trample a child a fraction of its size. What does that mean? Perhaps it’s the perfect symbol of the utter inanity of their foot-stampingly petulant belief of Millennials and SJWs in the face of all logic that they know better than all us.

Female empowerment deserves a far better monument than this.

It deserves a better monument, particularly given the row surrounding Fearless Girl.

Channel Nine reports:

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is one of three companies who joined forces to buy the statue for the city, ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.

A total of 25 statues will be produced and placed across the globe.

However, State Street Global Advisors – the US-based corporation that originally commissioned the statue – is now suing the artist for making copies of the original.

Ms Visbal said she has the “copyright in full”.

A fatuous marketing tool commissioned by a financial giant company is now being appropriated by a massive ambulance chasing law firm (and two massive union super funds, the other purchasers) to aid their political allies and twist our political culture their way?

That’s almost too much equality for even the brightest fearless girl to comprehend.

Thanks to Satyajeet Marar for his thoughts that inspired and were borrowed for this piece.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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