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Winning huge with The Donald

7 November 2018

4:00 AM

7 November 2018

4:00 AM

It is likely President Trump will record an unprecedented success in the midterm elections.

Mid-term elections invariably go against the incumbent, with the exception of the election after 9/11, when the nation understandably rallied behind the President, as Americans tend to do. (The President then was George W. Bush who came to power after a ruling by the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore.) The first mid-term elections of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were disasters.

Bill Clinton lost 54 seats and his majority in the House and nine seats and his majority in the Senate. He didn’t do much better in the second term mid-election. Barack Obama lost 63 seats and his majority in the House and six seats in the Senate just holding on to his majority. In his second mid-term he lost 13 more in the house and nine seats and his majority in the Senate.

What is different between these two Democrats and President Trump is that neither had the often hysterical and highly unethical opposition of the mainstream media with their refusal and that of the opposition party to accept their election.

They have singularly failed in the aim of their campaign, to remove him or if that fails, to call out a ‘blue wave’ for the mid-term which could ensure a successful impeachment.

That said they have rallied an opposition to him notwithstanding his unprecedented success in relation to the economy, in diminishing the disease of judicial activism and in demonstrating strength and success in foreign relations.

In any rational world, this mid-term should be a landslide in his favour. But such is the determined malevolence of an increasing left-wing opposition aided by a campaigning mainstream media that the result will be closer.

It is likely President Trump will not only retain control of the Senate but also increase the number of Republican seats. It seems likely that he will either retain control or just lose the House. He has the disadvantage of such a large number of Republicans retiring and thus losing the advantage, considerable in the US of incumbency. There are about 30 Republican districts which would be lost if Republican voters do not turn up.

The result will still thwart the ambitions of those who want to bring him down.

It will be a victory, not only for the President but also for the United States and for the West.

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