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Their ABC exposed, implodes

28 September 2018

10:24 AM

28 September 2018

10:24 AM

The GayBC has become a creature of its own imagination.

Observing incandescent staff delight from its far-right commentators – Phillip Adams, Barry Cassidy, Andrew Probyn, Emma Alberici, John Faine among others – at Michelle Guthrie’s sacking was gobsmacking.

To observe their faux rage as they declared she had somehow “undermined” their impartiality defied reason.

Faine is the Ripping Yarns Eric Olthwaite of Australian radio, fictionally someone so patronisingly boring even his family abandoned him.

His style is not to interview people but rather aggressively to cross-examine them as the former lawyer he was, particularly when their political views diverge from his own.

Thankfully his audience is Victorian, except where Guthrie’s online initiatives made him available to a national audience.

That’s within the ABC charter.

Except he was too incensed to understand she had offered him to an audience beyond even those Victorians traditionally welded to the ABC, though you shouldn’t bother.

Just 24 hours after Guthrie’s sacking when Justin Milne was alleged to have wanted the commentariat sacked to appease Malcolm Turnbull while Guthrie resisted such demands, the same culprits were so incandescent with rage as to defy rational understanding.

They can’t have it both ways.

The ABC has clearly lost its moral compass, so abandoning its charter to be a neutral commentator that lifelong listeners are switching off in droves.

Guthrie and Milne have gone.

Those of us who pay 11 cents a day for an organisation which is supposed to represent fairly all our opinions have the right to demand editorial neutrality.

Just don’t hold your breath.

Ross Eastgate blogs at Targets Down.

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