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The bully boys and girls have gone too far

21 July 2018

9:00 AM

21 July 2018

9:00 AM

On both sides of the Tasman, too many of our MPs haven’t listened to the brilliant black American academic, Thomas Sowell, whose year working in the US Labor Department apparently reversed his commitment to Marxism. Equally as relevant as his conclusion – that ‘Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it’ – was his warning that minority groups can bully majorities, within their own country.

This is increasingly happening, not only in Australia and New Zealand – both by new immigrant groups repudiating assimilation, while arguing for their anti-democratic, cultural practices to take precedence – but also by minority groups whose radicalised extremists promote a considerably whitewashed account of their ancestors’ pre-European culture.

The attack by ethnic minorities on the countries admitting them is now a worldwide phenomenon, particularly in relation to a hostile Islam infiltrating, and intent on radicalising moderate Muslims to undermine democratic institutions long underpinning the West.

The result has become only too obvious. European countries are reeling as a result of feel-good, think-bad reactions from political leaders, following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s extraordinary folly in allowing a virtual foreign invasion of Germany by many of doubtful refugee status, infiltrated by terrorists. The majority are supported by welfare, with many contributing to Middle Eastern crime gangs now controlling large areas of German cities.  Despite a huge increase in violent crimes and sex crimes, 90 per cent do not appearing in the official statistics – according to the director of the Criminal Police Association, André Schulz – following a strict order from the authorities to not report on crimes committed by refugees. Anti-Semitism reportedly now also runs rife in primary schools.

Germany today is a very good example of what Pulitzer prize-winning historian Barbara Tuchman warned – that governments get most issues wrong – which is also something that we can see happening on both sides of the Tasman

What can ordinary citizens do in order to protect their democracy against the poor decision-making and ideological persuasions of cerebrally-challenged, or even radicalised, leaders? The obvious answer is to seek out best practice democracy. And, arguably the only real democracy in today’s world is Switzerland, able to withstand egotistical or poor-thinking leaders. Its people can scrutinise all government legislation, opposing policies which needlessly hurt the country.

Here in New Zealand we are seeing the first signs of a country fed up with the diktats imposed by power groups long bending the ear of government with the promise of voting support – or virtually blacklisting with accusations of being racist, homophobic, etc. those brave enough to question increasingly dictatorial edicts from bodies such as the Race Relations Commission. Playing into the hands of the real enemies of freedom, with no pretence even at public consultation, it recently approached United Nations fellow travellers with plans to punish ‘disharmonious speech’. Little doubt this will be welcome to the now apparently radicalised New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations, pressuring government to ban the entry of two controversial Canadian speakers.

Both the UK and Australia’s decisions are no precedents to follow, particularly given the shameful ban on the Dutch politician Geert Wilders entering the UK (which was subsequently overturned). Wilder’s warning about the Islamification of the Netherlands – that there would soon be more mosques than churches –  is ironic. Over here there are now 23 mosques in Auckland alone – while Cardinal John Dew explains the closing of Catholic churches, preventing those who wish to come and pray from doing so (except at strictly regulated Mass times) as being a problem of insurance costs.

The manipulative tactics to prevent speakers presenting views which the Left does not want others to hear, by conjuring up a threat to public safety, had Auckland Mayor Phil Goff obligingly forcing the cancellation of the speaking event scheduled for the two ‘alt-right’ Canadians at a council-owned but public venue. That this is now the subject of a court challenge by a newly formed Free Speech Coalition is a hopeful indication of the turning of the tide in this country.

The undoubted risk of importing large numbers from an anti-Western culture which refuses to assimilate, and regards us as the infidel, has hitherto apparently been too sensitive to be debated. Already pressure grows for special concessions to ‘Muslim sensitivity’, such as for Muslim women to have their own exclusive times at a community swimming pool. Concern is also growing whether the fact that the majority of meat works in New Zealand are now halal-certified to comply with strict Islamic guidelines, including that the animal must have its throat cut by a Muslim slaughter man in the name of Allah while facing towards Mecca, discriminates against New Zealand meat workers, based on religion –  as those employed to actually slaughter the animals all have to be practising Muslims. Nor is the meat marketed for domestic consumption identified as halal-approved.

A weaselised concern for ‘safe places’ is increasingly used to prevent others from challenging the reinvented history advanced by radicalised Maori minorities. The Local Government Organisation is now attempting to remove from local councils ratepayers’ ability to vote against implementing Maori local wards. All those voting to date have been implacably opposed to this divisive provision –  including paying for non-elected, ‘Maori’ members. The definition of who actually qualifies as Maori was removed in the 1970s – for obvious reasons. We’ve achieved the farcical situation where anyone who now ‘feels’ Maori can be classified as such in the Census. There are no longer any actual full-blooded Maori.

The Treaty of Waitangi gravy train of handouts also continues to roll on, although the Maori economy, in the hands of wealthy iwi (neo-tribal power groups) is now worth $50 billion –  most of which has not been handed down to others of Maori descent. Moreover, it is having a disastrous effect on our now corrupted universities and research institutions where it is wealthy iwi today who primarily determine who will or won’t receive support for research funding  – very much depending upon whether or not supposed Maori interests are going to be prioritised.

But isn’t racial bullying just, as Sowell warned, bullying?

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