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The 30-day hijab challenge

18 June 2018

2:06 PM

18 June 2018

2:06 PM

What do you mean you missed it? Ah well. You can always cover yourself in solidarity next year. ABC America (for once no our very own home of agitprop) reports:

Women of all faiths and backgrounds are banding together to support Muslim women this Ramadan by taking part in the 30-Day Hijab Challenge, an awareness campaign where participants wear a traditional hair-covering headscarf.

The challenge, which takes place during the Islamic holy month, is sponsored by the international nonprofit World Hijab Day organization and aims to raise awareness and combat prejudice.

While some critics may say non-Muslims wearing a hijab for a month can be interpreted negatively, Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, told “Good Morning America” that, “Generally, it’s well-received by the American-Muslim community.”

“It’s seen as an act of solidarity and support by the American-Muslim community. It allows somebody to be figuratively to be in somebody else’s shoes for a month to see how they are treated, and how they are treated differently sometimes,” Hooper said. “Hijab is one of the main triggers we found for discrimination, and even attack, in recent years.”

While Hooper acknowledged “there is always some voice who says it’s misappropriation or something like that,” he believes “that’s the minority” viewpoint.

It would be far more beneficial – not to mention truer to the spirit of Ramadan – if the women wanting to show their solidarity with their Muslim sisters went on a month of diet instead.

No news yet whether we’re going to see a 30-Day No Hijab Challenge to raise awareness and combat prejudice that sees millions of women around the world forced to cover their hair, their heads, and even their whole bodies according to the dictates of a tradition that sees women as at best unwitting temptress and men as animals who lack any sense of self-control.

Still waiting for the Western feminists to show their support for their sisters in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia where women face jail for not wearing the mandated attire.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk where this piece also appears.

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