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Senator Sea Patrol’s spectacular

23 May 2018

2:12 PM

23 May 2018

2:12 PM

God bless her. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young must still be feeling the effects of the celebrations after she (just) retained the top position on the South Australian Greens’ Senate ticket last Friday. Either that or she’s simply demonstrating the benefits of a modern educayshun.

Have a look at the doozy of a media release she issued after Senate Estimates hearings this morning:

Despite an important national debate about changing the date of Australia Day away from Captain Cook’s landing at Botany Bay, the Government has decided to spend taxpayer money it is stripping from the ABC on yet another monument to Captain Cook on the land of the Dharawal people.

The Liberal Government is waging a culture war against not only the ABC, but both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in our community who speak out against the divisive commemoration of the colonialism that caused the 200 years of displacement and pain to our First Peoples.

The Minister and his department staff were also unsure of how many memorials, statues or plaques there are to Captain Cook already stand, calling into question the value of another such statue.

It is deeply concerning that the Liberals cannot guarantee there will be no further cuts to the ABC, despite the broadcaster taking a $337 million hit in recent years. It is clear the Liberal Government cannot be trusted to protect our public broadcaster.

Um, Senator… We’ll give you marks for your courageous conflating of cuts to the ABC with the attempt to undermine Australia Day, but you’ve made a bit of an error.

Australia Day marks the arrival of all the ships of the First Fleet in Port Jackson on January 26, 1788, after initially making land at Botany Bay.

Captain Cook visited some 18 years earlier, in 1770.

But what are facts in these post-modern times, hey?

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