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The Spec Oz has been Zucked by Facebook

22 May 2018

8:42 AM

22 May 2018

8:42 AM

If you’re wondering where we are on Facebook today, we’ve been told to get Zucked.

We used a cropped version of a 27-year-old Calvin Klein advertisement to illustrate Corrine Barraclough’s reverse sexism story this morning — a much-imitated advertisement that has been deemed fit for public display for more than quarter of a century.

The picture, however, had Mark Zuckerberg’s squad of maiden aunts reaching for their Eau de Cologne, so we’ve been banned from Facebook for 24 hours.

We’re appealing their idiocy, but in the meantime we’ve been Zucked over — so the Facebook police that bar an iconic ad but let the vilest anti-Semitism, ISIS propaganda, Putin subterfuge, fake news and scam ads flourish on their pages can go and get Zucked.

Illustrations: Getty Images/Calvin Klein.

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