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5 May 2018

9:00 AM

5 May 2018

9:00 AM

Australia sits at a critical crossroads, where the damage from the Left’s long march through all our institutions can either be stymied or surrendered to. In one critical institution after another, it is daily becoming more apparent just how successful the Left has been at undermining and white-anting key pillars of our well-functioning traditional society. Whether it be in education, the financial institutions, the energy market or our publicly-owned cultural institutions, conservatives can only watch on in horror as a complacent so-called Liberal government barely lifts a finger to slow this insidious march.

It’s hard to know where to start. As Andrew L. Urban points out in this week’s brilliant cover story, the ‘parisites’ who are gorging themselves on taxpayers’ money in the name of ‘saving the planet’ and the crippling Paris Accord on climate change are in a veritable feeding frenzy. The speed with which climate change alarmism and its ugly offspring, renewables madness, have damaged our economy and living standards is in direct disproportion to the speed with which global temperatures have actually risen or done any discernible harm. (Note to Malcolm Turnbull, Richard di Natale and others: the recent bushfires had nothing to do with ‘climate change’ and everything to do with lazy and ideologically-driven local governments).

This week saw Gonski rear its/his head again. ‘Stretch targets’, ‘learning progressions’ and ‘mantras’ were all the rage, as two of history’s greatest wafflers (Messrs Turnbull and Gonski) indulged in an orgy of progressive jargon that should itself be the subject of an HSC exam: ‘Dissect the famous Gonski speech of April 2018 and see if you can find anything of any substance in it whatsoever. In what ways did throwing more and more cash at our union-dominated, left-wing teaching profession actually raise education standards in Australia to even the level of Kazakhstan?’ (A: it didn’t.)

Then there are the ABC and SBS. It’s high time Scott Morrison bit the bullet and sold off both these hopelessly biased entities, which serve neither the interests of the public nor of the media industry at large. As with Mr Gonski, the ABC’s chairman Justin Milne is a close friend of the Turnbulls who boasts of his ‘progressive’ qualities and who can see ‘no bias’ within his organisation. Yet even the most cursory viewing of anything from Q&A to the disturbingly unfunny outer fringes of ABC ‘comedy’ reveals a raft of virulently anti-conservative, anti-Trump, anti-Abbott, anti-free market, pro-Green/Left obsessions devoid of anything resembling the balance the ABC is by law required to display.

As Kevin Donnelly also points out this week, ‘At the very time Western civilisation is being attacked by Islamic fundamentalism, countries like Australia are being weakened and undermined by the cultural-Left.’ Earlier this week, the ABC’s immature political editor Andrew Probyn (of Insiders fame) was criticised by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for breaching impartiality standards in reporting on Tony Abbott’s (superb) speech on climate change last year in London.

Speaking of whom, Mr Abbott’s Diary from France this week is a must-read, as he details one of Australia’s most significant battles ever, and how it changed world history. That was in a war, a hundred years ago, for the soul of Western civilisation. How apt.

Flannery rise

The toiling, hard-done-by workers at Australia’s esteemed Bureau of Meteorology are keen for a pay rise. As part of their campaign to extract more money from the taxpayer, they now intend to ‘sting their bosses by weaving union-endorsed hashtags and messages into tweets and Facebook posts predicting the weather’, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. In other words, yet again taxpayers will be funding greedy, left-wing activism. So how should the government respond?

Here’s a novel idea. The BoM has long been a bastion of climate change alarmism, allegedly rounding up (or rather, down) recorded below-freezing temperatures in a way that ties in with their own predictions of a warming planet.

So why not get these prescient and compassionate souls to put their money where their thermometers are?

Let’s link future pay rises directly to the BoM’s anticipation of increased ‘catastrophic’ global warming. In other words, a percentage pay rise that follows the BoM’s graphs and models of the projected rise in global temperatures. The only catch being, that the pay doesn’t go up if the global temperature fails to rise accordingly.

We could call it the Flannery Model of Guaranteed Salary Increases.

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