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Their ABC thinks it’s time for a women-only parliament

9 April 2018

4:35 PM

9 April 2018

4:35 PM

Grandiose sweeping statements from their ABC are becoming increasingly bombastic and more comical.

“Democracy is failing its brief with its women problem,” asserts ABC. In one ludicrous notion after another it suggests government is “run by men”, “preoccupied by an established narrative by men (power, finance and economics, defence, big projects), and predominantly benefiting people just like them.”

What? So, they’ve suggested a government run by women that doesn’t deal with power, finance or economics, lets defence run itself and doesn’t bother itself with “big projects”?

Hang on, so essentially they want a female government simply tasked with ensuring gender quotas are met? That is, it seems the one and only issue that the country should focus on.

Do these goons realise that power, finance, economics and defence are issues are key issues for all governments? These aren’t issues because it’s “run by men”.

It continues, “So is it any surprise that women in both established and developing democracies feel that their government are out of touch with their concerns, their values…” So, therefore women only trust women to govern? Because women don’t care about economics and defence?

At the peak of preposterousness, there is a subhead to enjoy which states, “Women make parliaments better”.

You couldn’t make this laughable prattle any more absurd; it’s as if a four-year-old has learnt her line for the camera, wearing a feminist t-shirt mummy has made her wear.

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