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Why are the Greens giving domestic violence a green light?

29 November 2017

7:24 AM

29 November 2017

7:24 AM

Does anyone in the Greens actually engage their inner sage before they virtue signal? That may well be a rhetorical question.

Who on earth thinks that giving employees domestic violence leave is the way forward?

The Greens have called on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to support a bill that includes 10 days of such leave. Industrial relations spokesman Adam Bandt said “The time has come for parliament to act. I call upon Bill Shorten and the prime minister to get behind the bill and take a stand to support Australian workers who are facing family violence. This bill will help save lives.”

This is the most bonkers, bizarre logic since SHY (Sarah Hanson Young) last opened her mouth and squawked.

The entire notion of domestic violence leave churns anyone rational’s stomach.

Why are we putting fences of acceptability and enabling any violence, towards anyone?

We relentlessly hear violence against women is the only violence that matters.

Entire money-hungry campaigns are built around ending violence towards women and girls: apparently forgetting about men and boys.

And now, the Greens are seriously imploring political parties to back this approach?

Some are going so far as to call it a “workplace right”.

What planet are you living on?

In July the Fair Work Commission rejected the ACTU’s bid for 10 day’s paid domestic violence leave. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it could cost employers around $205 million to create one day of leave per worker per year.

Why is no one acknowledging that this isn’t about cost, it’s about heading down the wrong path?

And how on earth is the forged feminist narrative going to react when men ask to take the leave? How will a White Ribbon approved organisation handle that?

Like the narrative itself, it is totally and utterly morally wrong.

This is the safe injecting room equivalent of violence.

Violence is not acceptable.

Violence towards women is absolutely unacceptable.

Violence towards men is, equally, absolutely unacceptable.

Therefore, it is absolutely illogical to enable it by allocating leave days.

Stop virtue signally and think, people, think.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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