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Please welcome our new PM, Julie Bishop

17 October 2017

7:25 AM

17 October 2017

7:25 AM

At this point, even Malcolm Turnbull knows he’s not a competent leader. He’s updating his CV, dry-cleaning his ties and pondering his next move.

Few seriously believe that Tony Abbott could pluck the very long knife from his back and sit comfortably back in the chair.

Meanwhile, Julie Bishop has continued to take bold, diplomatic, confident strides along the Canberra travelator. No one should be ruling her out as the next Prime Minister.

Who would seriously be surprised to switch on the news tomorrow and hear Turnbull saying he’s stepping aside? His leftie buddies on The Project probably already have him booked, so all he has to do is tweak his ineffectual lines and this purgatory can be over for us all.

While Turnbull kicks around on his back like an overturned tortoise, and Shorten still fails to have any good ideas, Bishop strides confidently forward.

She has more balls than Turnbull and Shorten combined – or with two such blatantly left-leaning leading PC parties, are we not allowed to make comments like that anymore?

It was Bishop who bothered to call on Abbott to explain his shift in opinion on climate change. The best Plibersek, who severely lags behind on the travelator, could offer was the word, “loopy”. Clearly, she’s had one too many fem-lunches and bowls of green leaves with Sarah Hanson-Young. Turnbull kicked on his back and Shorten rifled through old ideas desperately seeking a decent one to rehash with some relevance.

Listening to self-assured Bishop speak instils more confidence and faith than Turnbull can possibly muster.

With growing chatter she’s clearing her throat ready to take over the top job, we can all sob into our coffee that Australian politics has given us Lady Macbeth as our best option. The card was marked when she attended the Australian Women’s Weekly event as a nod to the fem-pack she’s previously shunned. Many were too transfixed watching Turnbull squirm to notice.

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