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Pot meet kettle: Hanson-Young to Hanson ‘You’re a loony’

20 September 2017

7:32 AM

20 September 2017

7:32 AM

We all know that Q&A is as biased as a Greenland winter day is long. However, credit to Sarah Hanson-Young for really putting in the effort to expand the crazy.  

During the show Pauline Hanson was slammed for her staunch view on immigration. What a surprise.  

Labor MP Penny Wong said the government needed to stand up to Hanson and her “messages of fear”.  

Greens Senator SHY hopped on board slamming Hanson as “a loony” for her concerns.  

Let’s put the brakes on here and reflect a little.  

It’s all too easy to hurl an insult to try and shame someone into shutting up. Calling someone “a loony” probably wouldn’t be permissible in a Green-friendly anti-bullying program.  

Lobbing insults is also the quickest way to attempt to crush any credibility to a counter argument. Time and time again we see this is a favourite tactic of the Left who throw around offence hoping to stun opposition into silence.   

Someone tell them that this doesn’t mean they are correct.  

Neither have they checked the facts.  

Nor successful shimmied up onto the higher ground just because they stick their nose in the air.  

One Nations policy is to cut back on immigration.  

One really important word in this conversation, which Hanson rightly drops frequently, is ‘integration’.  

Immigrate? Then integrate. Assimilate. Blend. Unite. Mesh, goddammit.  

Let me loop a strand of common sense in here that appears to have escaped SHY’s attention.  

The Greens, and packs of their progressive mates, are currently championing the yes campaign in the SSM campaign; pretty loudly and viciously.  

Yet on Tuesday, Daily Telegraph reported that IMAMS and Islamic leaders “are ramping up a campaign against same-sex marriage”. Leaders are using their sermons to urge the Muslim community in Australia to vote no. Prayer halls and communities are joining forces and running social media campaigns to push against change.  

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia head Keysar Trad has compared gay love to incestuous relationships. “We might love our mum and dad intensively but you don’t denigrate that love with sexual behaviour,” Trad said.  

Of course, the Islamic stance on same sex marriage is clear. It does not allow same sex marriage, no matter what Waleed Aly may try to peddle on The Project.  

So, rather than blasting Hanson as “a loony”, perhaps SHY should consider the impact of immigration on shaping Australian society?  

Has she not noticed that Muslim immigration counters the Greens and Left push for SMM?  

When it suits them, these Muslim leaders are arguing, “This is a democracy, we are being asked to vote, and we’ve had a say on that matter [SSM].”  

Does this not encourage SHY to think again about the supposed “lunacy” of opening the floodgates to clashing cultural values?  

To ensure a democracy, don’t you want to keep a handle on those being allowed a say?  

Why import opposition?  

SHY: maybe ask London how many more foster kids are currently plotting terror attacks. Or, is that too confronting to consider?  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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