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United in idiocy

8 August 2017

7:09 AM

8 August 2017

7:09 AM

The two major political parties may well be goofing around playing a tag game of dumb and dumber at the moment. But, surely the Community and Public Sector Union trumps them both?

The CPSU is attempting to fight against new guidance released by the Australian Public Service Commission regarding social media.

“What you say in your own time on social media can affect that confidence and the reputation of your agency of the APS,” guidance warned. It outlined that “liking” something on social media will “generally be taken to be an endorsement of that material.” Ditto, sharing a post. It’s not rocket science, is it?

Yet, CPSU national secretary, Nadine Flood, is hopping from foot to foot screeching, “not fair”.

She says, “It is one thing to say that public servants working on a particular government policy shouldn’t be publicly criticising that policy, quite another to say they have no right to engage on social media on anything that could be a community issue.”


That’s how the rest of us live, lady.

“The notion that the mum of a gay son who happens to work in Centrelink can’t like a Facebook post on marriage equality without endangering her job is patently absurd,” she rants.


That “notion” is called reality. And attempting to cling to the life raft of marriage equality is not going to win you any extra sympathy this time.

Meanwhile over here in the real world, people are fired from their jobs for liking supposedly “inappropriate” things on social media all the time.

Perhaps Flood is suddenly concerned about her own social media?

Let’s have a look. You’ll quickly find fem-forward hashtags referencing “progress2017”, “All women panel”, “address inequality” and #justsaying. Oh, plenty of re-tweets for paid domestic violence leave, of course.

So you’re a fan of special privileges?

Guess what? You’re not getting any more. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for you lot too.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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