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“Shocking statistics” or propaganda?

2 August 2017

7:27 AM

2 August 2017

7:27 AM

Supposedly “shocking” stats have been released about sexual assault on Australian university campuses. The Human Rights Commission’s nationwide university sexual assault and harassment survey states 51 per cent of women said they’d been harassed in 2016.

Leftie commentators are screeching, “It’s worse than we thought.”

Except, it’s not “worse than you thought”, is it?

These stats are not “shocking”, are they?

Work on this project started two years ago with lobbying from the Hunting Ground Project Australia. The clue is in the name; they knew what they wanted to find. They hunted. They found. Ta-da.

The report is 264 pages of entirely predictable propaganda. To be clear, asking someone on a date is, apparently, now deemed harassment. So is staring, making jokes or suggestive comments.

Do they honestly fail to see that all is happening here is white noise?

Feminist leftie lobbyists are determined to make us all see that women are constantly hunted and unsafe. They repeatedly commission statistics that seek to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that every second of every day, women are being subjected to sexual harassment.

What good is this doing for genuine cases? How do they think this makes suffering victims feel?

What do these SJWs want now? A new awareness-training program creating awareness of unacceptable behaviours. AKA, control.

There’s busy chatter about an “expert-led review of the factors which contribute to sexual assault and sexual harassment in their settings”. AKA, funding for a further attack on “toxic masculinity”.

Of course, there are cries that Australia must “fund services to keep women safe in public spaces.”

Do you know how we “keep women safe in public spaces”? Stop creating a society where men and women cannot be in the same space.

This war on men is clear.

This repulsive agenda is clear.

The conclusion to this project, once again, is that all male behaviour is unacceptable.

Now what? What are they trying to achieve? Female only campuses? Their very own SJW fem-land where men are banned?

Methinks many taxpayers will happily fund that, rather than going to work for another year to fork out for yet another round of “shocking” statistics.

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