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The Clementine-shaped difference between “speaking out” and hate

14 July 2017

11:52 AM

14 July 2017

11:52 AM

The one-woman woe wagon has arrived to deliver a request on this fine Friday. Clementine Ford would like our sympathy in return for all the love, tenderness, respect and heartfelt compassion she has gently gifted our fine country.

She would like an inbox full of fondness and friendship, if that could be arranged, rather than the current torrent of “abuse” she receives.

“This is the personal price I pay for speaking out online,” writes Ford in the Fairfax chipwrappers. Of receiving criticism she writes, “We provoke it, we’re told. Some of us are even accused of courting it…”

Deep breath, count to ten and…

My dear, you do provoke it. Running a brand emblazoned with the slogan, “Kill all men”, is provoking and courting hatred.

No one is going to feel sorry for you when you literally go to war every waking second with the other gender.

“It leaves one weary and skittish,” she writes.

This is strange considering she tweeted, “I’ve been offline all day and swimming in the East Vietnam Sea, but I wrote this…” with a link to promote her piece.

Offline all day? Swimming in the East Vietnam Sea, you say? Well that may well explain why “one” is weary.

Here is a truth about life: what you put out there you will receive. If you belch out hateful, spiteful, vicious language you will attract similar language back.

If you’re going to decide that your message to women is “fight like a girl” then in return, expect fighting talk back. Isn’t it a crying shame that anyone is making a profit from advising people to “fight like” anything? We’re not meant to be at war. Men shouldn’t be fighting women and women shouldn’t be fighting men.

People write “obsessive blog posts” about you because you have built a very dangerous platform which cascades constant hostility.

Of the ongoing anguish she writes, “It’s in the cost of knowing that the rules are different for you and always will be; that you must be composed at all times and never scrap in the muck laid down by your opponents because your moral purity is measured differently to theirs.”

This is the woman who described another woman as a c–t on live TV.

She whines about misinterpretation of the note wryly asking her friend if she had ‘killed any men today’. Yet, we all know if roles were reversed she would have launched an online hate mob and set about ensuring that person was fired from their job.

What you put out, you receive.

She complains about the supposed mistruth about her telling schoolboys would grow up to be rapists.

Yet, her gender jihad declares men the enemy.

You are at war. You have made that clear. You have no compassion for men.

If you find yourself “grimacing each time you open your email” it’s because you have created a terrifying voice that makes other human beings recoil.

If you find yourself becoming a “more paranoid and fearful person” it’s because you have invoked paranoia and fear into others.

This hatred you receive, it is simply a reflection of you.

“This is the cost,” she writes. “But I’m not done paying it yet.”

If one wishes to receive messages of unanimity, one might consider delivering a message of compassion rather than resentment, revenge and scorn. A little something for one to consider while one swims in the East Vietnam Sea.

Illustration: Twitter.

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