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Fairfax fools join the birther brigade

18 July 2017

8:30 PM

18 July 2017

8:30 PM

What else were they ever going to do? Two Green senators were forced to resign because they’re better at self-righteousness than observing minutiae like whether or not they were actually eligible to be elected to the parliament — so naturally the fools at Fairfax were going to join the batshit-brained birther brigade from Twitter saying “But Tony Abbott was born in Britain. Why isn’t he going? Who’s protecting him?”

It was at the top of The Sydney Morning Herald website:

And, naturally, the galoots at The Age had given it the same prominent position:

But strangely for people — we won’t call them journalists — who spend all their time combing Twitter (when they’re not writing recaps of Game of Thrones) they’d missed a crucial Tweet on Friday, after Mr Hair Product Ludlum had walked the plank:

Here’s the letter in full:

But what are facts when there are conservatives to be smeared?

PS: Good to see, though, that Fairfax have got the important angles of the Waters resignation covered:

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