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24 June 2017

9:00 AM

24 June 2017

9:00 AM

Theresa May, arsonist

Are you aware that Theresa May, UK Prime Minister, set fire to a residential tower in Kensington, London? She must have, because the UK media and sections of the public are hounding her as if she did. As the feeding frenzy unfolds I am travelling in the UK, and the coverage is wall-to-wall. Some behaviour on the streets and among the media is a disgrace. It lacks dignity, and worse, too many are using it to settle old scores, in particular May’s election victory, and Brexit.

The entire exercise has been framed as a heartless Tory government ignoring the plight of the poor, who are victims of capitalist greed. More likely they are victims of socialist dullards.

The Tory MP for the district was defeated at the election, and Labour has its tail in the air. Jeremy Corbyn, the bloke who lost the general election, wants empty houses, which he assumes are held by the wealthy, to be requisitioned to rehouse those who survived the conflagration. Who does think he is, a latter day Winston Churchill?

There are several hundred survivors, whom the central government and the two local authorities covering the district have vowed to rehouse either in the district, or nearby, assuming of course, they wish to.

Corbyn, and the protestors who stormed the Home Office, have screamed to get justice for the victims. What would that look like? Do they want those responsible to be dragged into the public square and flogged? There were calls for perpetrators to be gaoled, without any evidence there are ‘perpetrators’.

Theresa May announced an inquiry within hours of the fire because the police and fire brigade were not aware of what caused the fire. She also announced a special fund of 5 million pounds to see people through.

But that was not enough for the mob, and the media. They demanded she feel the pain, to come down and meet with victims. She did, at least those most affected, in hospital, and out of the public eye. As did the local council leader, a Tory, who had been at the fire within moments of being alerted. He too copped a caning. They were said to be insensitive and stilted. Not like Corbyn and Sadiq Khan the Labour Lord Mayor who were men of compassion. They felt the pain.

The real story begins

The Kensington and Chelsea council district is a wealthy area, there were demands for compensation, because ‘they lived in a rich area’. How does that follow?

The fire started on Wednesday, the protests started on Friday. The protest banners read, ‘defy Tory rule’ and ‘capitalism the enemy of the people’. Sorry boys and girls, this was managed ‘social housing’ for people on benefits. Social housing is housing for people who are unable to rent in the private market. Not much capitalism in that.

Chelsea and Kensington are among the most expensive districts of the expensive London market. So why was social housing there? It all starts with an obsession with equity. If the rich can live there then why not the poor, indeed, why not refugees, who comprised some victims? This is the logic of generations of Leftists.

The tower was built in the 1970s. It should have been sold and demolished years ago and the value from the tremendous increase in property values in London secured to rehouse people elsewhere in purpose built and modern accomodation, with the latest fire protection. Instead, the original arrogance of the socialists had to be maintained to the bitter end.

A smart capitalist would have made millions from the increased values and devoted some to the poor. As it was, the dumb socialists persisted, retrofitting cladding to an old building to comply with new green energy regulations. Result, higher risk of fires.

The Mayor of London has tried to play the hero, visiting the victims, but then wrote to the PM asking that she do everything. He wrote, ‘The local community feels their grief has been made worse by the lack of information about their missing family members and friends.’

But the police and fire brigade could not identify the victims, it may take months to do so. The building is unsafe, people were trapped many floors up. What does Khan want May to do, shinny up a pole and start the count herself?

He, and many others whinged that ‘There is also insufficient support for victims on the ground.’ But he runs the local services. And besides, the local community gathered around, there were scores of volunteers and huge amounts of donations. And, oh yes, the central government has assured everyone that their benefits would be paid.

What was Khan thinking?

He went on to tell the PM, ‘Although additional local authority resilience arrangements have been activated today to provide additional leadership to the local operation’, which was an admission of his tardy initial response. The press did not hound him for the tardiness.

Corbyn, Khan and a bunch of ragged street protestors demanded the government should also confirm that all residents affected by the fire ‘be rehoused in the area.’

As if to compound the original sin, more poor would be housed in a rich area, and demand the rich pay. Then, when the money is not forthcoming they will blame the rich for the dumb decisions of the previous administrations, who could have reaped the rewards of increased property values but, for ideological reasons, failed to do so.

Theresa May is no arsonist, but should set fire to the socialist mindset that started this tragic train of events.

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