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Why are feminists being allowed to hijack domestic violence funding?

16 May 2017

7:42 AM

16 May 2017

7:42 AM

A report just released this week shines a shocking, fierce and heartbreaking light on where domestic violence thrives in Australia.

The statistics make difficult reading – and denial futile.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are reported to be the fastest-growing segment of the entire prison population. They are 21 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Indigenous women.

Since 1991, that rate has increased by a staggering 248 per cent.

Why? Because nothing is being done.

It’s reported that 90 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women imprisoned in WA have been the victims of family violence. Nationally, that figure is believed to be between 70 to 90 per cent.

Where is the funding?

Where are the feminists?

The truth about domestic violence is that it is not as simple as feminist ideologues would have us believe.

I am reminded of a conversation with the wonderful Erin Pizzey, who opened the first women’s refuge in London in 1971.

“Experience is the architect of the brain,” she told me. “We have to look at violent patterns, teach other strategies for survival, learn how to transcend our background.” She added, “The truth is that much of the violence takes place in squalid, tortured relationships, often involving drink and drugs, where both partners are guilty of verbal and physical assault.”

Forty years ago she had some answers. Why, forty years on are we making no progress?

Breaking patterns in domestic violence is at the very heart of making lives better. Every one of these lives is worth more than the shallow, fraudulent anti-men narrative, which should never have wrapped itself around the domestic violence conversation.

The government has blindly fallen for a faux feminist agenda that is devouring all available funding.

On May 1 it was announced that the Victorian budget will include a $1.9billion family violence package. That’s $1.9billion towards a false narrative that ensures feminists get to run the agenda, commission reports to back up their cause, and help doesn’t actually get to where it’s realistically needed.

Fiona McCormack, CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria said, “To be honest, I think today is a day for Victoria to be proud of. God knows we’ve had enough days to be ashamed of.”


What is it that you’re proud of? Perpetuating the feminist myth that telling men how to behave across Australia will make a difference in our battle against domestic violence? Why are you glossing over the harsh reality by simply blaming men?

Look at these reports.

How can you sleep at night?

These are the women who desperately need help and it has nothing to do with your phoney middle-class feminist bleating.

“What we’re seeing is a Government that’s committed not just in words but in funding,” McCormack said.


What we’re seeing is a Government who, like other major political parties and countless feeble politicians, has been duped.

You want to help women in danger? Step away from the gendered narrative and put resources where they’re vitally needed.

Antoinette Baybrook, Co-Chair of the Change the Record Coalition and Convener of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum says, “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are invisible to policymakers and decision makers, and we see that playing out here. This is despite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander being the fastest growing prison population in our country and the most legally disadvantaged. Ninety per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in prison have experienced family violence and 80 per cent are mothers. Something must be done.”

Yes, something must be done and it starts with this…

If you are talking about “violence against women” purely for your self-seeking anti-men agenda from your polished mansions you should have a hideously guilty conscience.

It is one part of the complex jigsaw that an overly simplistic one-cause ideology will never fix. Stealing funding to pump into fuelling your narrative is unforgivable.

Do you not understand?

There are no “Safe Schools” here.

There are no safe homes either.

Blighted by substance abuse there is also no hope or opportunity. Your conscience should weigh heavy about that for you are part of the problem. You are ensuring desperate people don’t get help.

Why is the government lining feminist lobby organisation’s pockets?

Why isn’t the funding going directly to areas where it is desperately needed?

Why did our battle against domestic violence ever get hijacked by filthy feminist preachers who have no interest in actually tackling the real problem and finding genuine solutions?

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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