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Keysar Trad: where are the feminists?

25 February 2017

9:34 AM

25 February 2017

9:34 AM

Listen carefully. Responses trickling in after Keysar Trad’s comments about violence against women have been extremely telling.

Trad, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, told Sky News that beating women was acceptable as a “last resort”. He later apologised saying he was “clumsy”.

Federal Minister for Women Michaelia Cash said the remarks were “completely, totally and utterly unacceptable”.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke up saying Trad has “disqualified himself” as a leader in the Muslim community.

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson piped up quickly, slamming the comments as “outrageous”.

However, it’s none of these that are the most illuminating.

Step forward Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who appears to have taken a powerful leaf from Trump’s book and decided to call out the leftist media.

Dutton said to Ray Hadley on 2GB, “Well where are the feminists? Where is the ABC on this Ray? I mean the ABC presumably are running this at the head of their bulletins, this will be on the seven o’clock news, it will be on the 7:30 Report tonight, I mean the ABC and Fairfax will be outraged by this, but you know what? I suspect they will have nothing to say about it because they’re hypocrites.

“If it was you or me or you know somebody who made such an outrageous statement, they’d be calling for us to be, you know, taken into the town square and dealt with. The fact is, this guy is mad, I mean this is not his first stupid public comment.” And yet, strangely enough, they have plenty to say about someone with the surname Yiannopoulos who could well be described as “clumsy” with wording.

Where is Rosie Batty? Where are the pussy hats? Where is Madonna? Where are Hillary’s marching fem-bots?

One feminist website did tip tap on the topic; shockingly, they went so far as to defend Trad.

In a piece entitled, What Keysar Trad really said about violence against women, it unbelievably attempted to swoop in and protect Trad’s fortress. “His comments were framed as inflammatory which isn’t surprising given the focus on this area following Yassmin Abdel Magied’s appearance on Q&A last week,” wrote the website. Framed? Come on, really?

The piece continued, “The most influential risk factor is not a victim’s age or culture or faith: it is her gender. If we are going to talk about violence against women, let’s be clear on the facts.”

That’s right, let’s be clear on the facts …

Therefore, let’s acknowledge that it is not “toxic masculinity” that is to blame for violence. Stop pointing the finger at an entire gender and start firing blame where it belongs, at the feet of men like Tran. Shine a fierce light on unjust faith.

We must stop talking just about violence against women – and start talking about the reality of violence, which knows no gender.

We must drop gender bias in conversations about domestic violence, which we all know is a warped myth, and begin harmonising society.

We must accept, and start preaching the truth: that there is never an excuse to raise a hand to another human being.

We must all start pushing the narrative that all violence is wrong.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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