Latham's Law

Latham’s law

10 December 2016

9:00 AM

10 December 2016

9:00 AM

In this era of media lists – such as Fitzy and Wippa counting down the Top 20 Mind-Numbingly Trivial Celebrity Gaffes of Easter 2008 – why should The Speccie be left behind? Especially when we have so many wonderful memories of Donald Trump’s polymesmeric election victory. I love The Donald. And I love counting down the wildest, wackiest attacks on Trump in 2016. The material is unlimited. I wish I could give you 20 or 30 but our meanie editor is rationing newsprint. So let’s check out the Top Seven Loony-Left Attacks on The Donald:

7: Remember Robert De Niro’s YouTube rant calling Trump ‘a punk, a dog, a pig, a con, a bullshit artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about’ – the one where he wanted to ‘punch him in the face’? Personally, I preferred De Niro in Meet The Parents. It was a much stronger role. In terms of on-screen credibility, De Niro now looks like the pothead, not Gaylord Focker.

6: After the election, the Inner-Sydney Morning Herald’s Jacqueline Maley declared the Slovenian-born Melania Trump to be a ‘woman with a desperate look in her eyes madly trying to blink her way into communicating that she needs to escape the nightmare (of being married to Donald Trump)’. Maley, a committed Left-feminist, also said Mrs Trump had wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton and ‘underneath the Barbie-doll bust, she is trolling her husband in open cover’. Perhaps the Left was right after all. Under a Trump Presidency, migrants and women are not safe from public abuse and denigration.

5: Maley’s colleague Anne Summers has also been flummoxed by the Great Man’s victory, wondering how so many women could have voted for Trump. ‘Was it self-loathing?’ she asked, or ‘Was it so-called internalised misogyny?’ No, Anne, it wasn’t any of your psychobabble theories. It was a reaction to Leftists like you, who practice segregationist identity politics, subdividing the nation on the basis of race, gender and sexuality. American women, and men, prefer the politics of national renewal – the realism that comes from treating people on their merits: as workers, as parents, as citizens. Bernie Sanders has neatly summarised the Democrats’ problem: ‘It’s not good enough for someone to say, “I’m a woman, vote for me”.’

4: Continuing the run of misfiring feminism, again we turn to Summers. In October she declared, ‘Planning to vote for (Trump) is increasingly becoming a relationship ender’. She predicted that American women would put their misogynistic, Republican-voting husbands in the doghouse: ‘Nothing short of divorce will deal with the irreparable rift that Trump has brought into relationships that once could work things through’. Given the big swing to Trump, winning 62 million votes, the US divorce rate looks set to skyrocket. I have no idea about Summers’ personal arrangements but if she has a husband, I hope for his sake he’s a Trump voter.

3: Brian McNair, Professor of Journalism at QUT, has urged the media not to accept the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency, as it ‘is very similar to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in 1930s Germany’ and ‘the Holocaust’. As if journalism didn’t already have enough problems. Having totally misread the Trump phenomenon, Prof McNair thinks the way forward is to predict the extermination of an entire ethnic group in the US. Journalists can further restore their credibility by reporting from the US border as Trump rolls his panzer divisions into British Columbia. Great to know we taxpayers fund this rubbish.

2: Amid the elite-media’s obsession with Trump’s ‘vulgarity’, the ABC acted as Australia’s sneerer-in-chief. It treated The Donald like a new series of Upper Middle Bogan. Then we discovered that, in their unguarded moments, ABC political presenters are no different. On Australia’s election night, Leigh Sales urged Kerry O’Brien to ‘suck on that’. On US election day, Virginia Trioli opined that Trump was ‘looking at (Melania’s) tits’ in a New York polling booth. If the President-elect is so reprehensibly rude, how do these scrubbers survive at Michelle Guthrie’s Salon for the Elegant Deportment of Left-Wing Ladies?

And now the big one. (Drum roll, lights flashing…)

1: The Oxford Dictionary has announced ‘post-truth’ as its 2016 international word of the year, obviously in honour of Fairfax Media’s coverage of the US election. In a stellar example of click-bait commercialism, each day it ran four or five website stories demonising The Donald. Its reportage was straight from the fake news handbook, culminating in Paul McGeogh’s election eve declaration that, ‘Americans will awake from a nightmare, Donald Trump will not be their President.’

At least once a fortnight, as Fairfax’s US correspondent, McGeogh declared Trump’s campaign to be finished. In one memorable dispatch – headed ‘Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler Have More in Common Than Slogans’ – he awarded Benitos (think Mussolini) as a way of measuring Trump’s fascism.

In this post-truth world, anyone reading the Herald or the Age this year has blown their money on hateful anti-Trump propaganda. But let’s not be too negative: The Donald won and Fairfax is steadily going broke.

That’s the best countdown of all.

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