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Comment on Heads in the cloud by enoch arden

11 August 2016

9:03 PM

11 August 2016

9:03 PM

“I’m 26, yet I feel I have the memory of a 70-year-old. My brain is a port through which details pass, but don’t stay.”

Let me explain your problem. It is not the volume of the internet information: it is your capacity to digest it. Which is a problem of education.

Von Laue said: “Education is what remains in your head after you forgot what you were taught”.

Vladimir Arnold said: “People who failed to learn the proofs of the theorems of Euclidean geometry are not able to think logically and discriminate between a right opinion and a wrong one”.

That is, education is needed to be able to discern a significant point in the flood of information you get from the Internet.

An example. Watching the function of a diesel engine provides a huge amount of information. It, however, is totally useless if one doesn’t know thermodynamics. Conversely, if one does, 99% of that information is redundant. The knowledge of basic principles makes details unnecessary.

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