Mary Wakefield

Why is Obama so obsessed with transgender toilet rights?

The logic of trans bathroom rights is driving us towards unisex facilities. Which would be a great pity

21 May 2016

9:00 AM

21 May 2016

9:00 AM

Who’d have thought that one of Obama’s last great battles would be over toilets? Last week he issued a strict warning to schools saying that transgender pupils must be allowed to use whichever loo they choose. Girls or boys who feel they’re trapped in the wrong body have, in some states, been required to widdle according to their biological sex. No more, said the President. No child left behind in the wrong restroom.

This was an arrow aimed straight at the heart of the conservative South. Back in March, North Carolina passed a law requiring people in schools and government buildings to use the loo matching the sex recorded on their birth certificate. ‘Bigotry!’ cried central government, ‘A violation of the Civil Rights Act!’, and threatened to withhold more than $4 billion in education funding.

North Carolina accused Washington of overreach and filed a lawsuit; Washington filed one right back, and so began America’s great transsexual toilet war, a tug of war over the Mason-Dixon line. Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee lined up behind North Carolina; most northern states lent their weight to the President. Miley Cyrus, Ringo Starr, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen all cancelled gigs in North Carolina to support the right of trans kids to pee freely in the company of their choosing. ‘Some things are more important than rock,’ said Springsteen, which kept me happy me for days.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s tempting to say: who cares? Except that we’re all going to have to care soon, because inevitably America’s toilet war will cross the Atlantic — and because if you understand the whole argy-bargy, you understand a whole lot about the modern West.

For Barack, Bryan and Bruce the issue is a slam-dunk no-brainer: transgender children must be protected from prejudice. If you watch as much daytime TV as me and my midget son, you’ll know what he means. The life stories of transgender teens jostle for airtime with The World’s Fattest Man between noon and 6 p.m. most days, and Jazz Jennings, America’s trans teen celebrity, is rarely off the box. Jazz is a happy little slip of a thing who, though born a boy, told her parents she was female as soon as she could talk. Jazz, now 15, flits about in dresses and full make-up and appears on Oprah. Jazz would quite clearly be toast in any gents’ loo from Dallas TX to Savannah GA.

So shouldn’t the South just bend to Obama’s will? It makes no sense to force kids like Jazz to pee with redneck boys. But if you read the small print of the North Carolina bill you’ll see that Jazz doesn’t actually have to. State law makes provision for separate, private-cubicle loos that transgender kids can use. This is not a debate about safety so much as equal rights for a put-upon minority — so here’s a question for a high school ethics class: what happens when minority rights collide?

Anyone can call themselves transgender, and this is where it gets tricky — no op needed, not even different clothes. Gender in the 21st century is up to each one of us to decide for ourselves, and this is why the Republican South is anxious. If trans people are allowed in the loo of their choice, the fear is that schoolboys and perverts will identify as female just to gain access and grope girls. This isn’t as daft as it sounds. A Canadian man calling himself ‘Jessica’ was allowed into a women’s shelter in Toronto, whereupon he assaulted several ladies. A man in Virginia dressed in drag just so as to slide his camcorder under the girls’ cubicle walls.

It’s interesting that it’s the very same liberal voices who have in recent years been so agitated about girls’ rights — who’d call a wolf-whistle assault, let alone a grope — who now say any worried women should pipe down. This is because 21st-century rights are not equal but hierarchical, the most disadvantaged first. Women trump men, but the transgendered trump them if it comes to a clash. Obama said as much in his guidance for schools: ‘The desire to accommodate others’ discomfort cannot justify a policy that singles out and disadvantages a particular class of students.’

As for me, I’m all for transsexuals in the ladies’ loo, just as long as it remains the ladies’. My worry about the whole fiasco is that it will lead not just to transsexual toilet rights, but to unisex toilets everywhere for everyone.

It’s the only answer, in a way. No business wants to be a bigot and ban trans people — they’re terrified of Twitter campaigns and of Miley Cyrus saying they’re uncool. But then no one wants to be like Target, either. Target (a vast chain of US department stores) declared all its restrooms and changing rooms transgender-friendly, and now it’s boycotted in the South.

For many teens and twenty-somethings, there’s something suspect about separate loos anyway. They like to identify as gender-fluid, and for them having a men’s and a ladies’ is archaic, even offensive. On the subject of unisex loos, the Wikipedia entry, written by some right-on youngster, says:

Gender-segregated restrooms in the United States and Europe are a vestige of the Victorian era where women’s modesty and safety were considered at risk and under constant need of surveillance and discipline…

Oh foolish young. How they’ll long for a gender-segregated restroom once they’ve banished them. If we end up all peeing together as a result of trying to help trans folk, it seems to me every gender will suffer. No urinals, of course, so the men will have to queue, and listen to the ceaseless ladies’ chat. Girls will be less comfortable and less safe. Nowhere to escape a tedious date or the bore from marketing; nowhere to recover, to rearrange your tights in peace. And the trans-gender youth, the ones Obama is trying so hard to help, will be bundled back in with the people they’re trying so hard to escape.

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  • Cyril Sneer

    “transgender pupils”

    What a sick sick sick society we live in.

    • Mongo

      soon they’ll be doing sex-change ops for any 10 year old who says ‘I wish I was a boy/girl’.

      • justejudexultionis

        I doubt it.

        • Dave Hill

          Oh please, don’t pour cold water on poor Mongo’s fantasies.

          • Cap’n Obvious

            “Mongo”, eh? Do you suppose his last name is “Lloyd”?

    • justejudexultionis

      Not really.

  • It is not that Obama is obsessed with who gets to use which toilet, but that he is hell-bent on bringing about a state of ‘legally imposed lawlessness’.

  • Rook Robinson

    Unisex restrooms are not the answer, all that does it create more oppression by forcing women (and im sure many men) into potentially very uncomfortable (if not stressful, particularly if youve been subject to intimidation and/or molestation before) situations that are unnecessary. Im not even convinced that unisex is what transgender people want; it seems to me they want to be accepted for the gender theyve transitioned to and this would do nothing to further that aim (it could in fact set it back). Next we’ll have to look at other segregated areas like changing rooms. If you replace all toilets with unisex toilets, whats stopping you from forcing unisex changing rooms on people too? its the same issue at hand.

  • rbw152

    Well sometimes I like to let rip with a nice loud one while having a pee or a poo. Will that be OK ladies? i mean, no man has complained yet, laughed yes but not expressed disgust.

    And will they mind the sound of a noisy torrent being aimed in the general direction of a loo bowl do you think? Especially since some of it may not, you know, actually end up in the bowl and instead be left to greet them when it’s their turn.

    I’m sure some men have other habits in public loos which women don’t know about yet and may find offensive after it’s too late.

    Honestly, have women ever really seen/smelled the inside of your average men’s toilet? I don’t think this has been thought through very well.

    Be warned, you don’t know what you might be unleashing.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Why is Obama so obsessed with transgender toilet rights?
    Because his tranner wife Michelle could use them. I thought that is obvious.

    • justejudexultionis

      “Tranner” –

      How long did it take you to think that up, you primitive?

      • logdon

        I do hope that your use of ‘primitive’ was in no way judgmental.

        That wouldn’t do at all.

        In reality all you’re doing here is creating a judgmental hierarchy in which in your tiny mind ‘primitive’ trumps ‘tranner’ and thus falling into your own trap.

        Silly boy. Try thinking.

  • Terrific

    Agender – the final solution.

  • TrippingDwarves

    Idiocy masquerading as fairness. The enforcement of a non-issue in order simply to upset tradition. The last redoubt in a vacuum of ideas. Conformity in the name of diversity. Pick any, they’re all true. What a waste!

    • justejudexultionis

      Waste of what?

      • ossettian

        You keep voting for yourself.

        I’m guessing that you’re not English.

      • TrippingDwarves

        Time. Effort. You’d think he’d have more to occupy himself with his final days as President rather than fiddling about with toilet rules. Though perhaps not.

        • ossettian

          It’s so some people believe he achieved something good.

          Doesn’t matter that they’re mentally ill and a statistically insignificant proportion of the population.

  • salt_peter

    “No urinals, of course, so the men will have to queue…”

    Or find a tree, wall, garden or …..

    • ossettian


  • ossettian

    No urinals means piss all over the seats.

    • TrippingDwarves

      That’s the next thing, isn’t it? Women will start to complain that the toilets are mess because of the ‘men’ using them, and men will start to complain about the queues.

  • ossettian

    “If you watch as much daytime TV as me and my midget son”

    So you’re an appallingly poor mother?

  • Steve Mc

    the gender-fluid police were going to investigate this, but they had nothing to go on.

  • ossettian

    That some humans with penises want to deprive themselves of the benefits of urinals proves that they’re mentally ill.

  • Steve Mc

    Found this enlightening article on celebrity boycott hypocrisy:

    I’m starting to lose my faith in the integrity and honesty of those mighty celebrities who look down on us from Olympus.

  • Trailblazer10

    It is Obama continuing the marxist destruction of traditional values. It is part of the agenda to destroy Western civilisation, which marxists define as White/Christian/heterosexual so they can use their stigmatic labels, racism, sexism, supremacy,transphobia etc.

    They may be making a fuss about it now as cover to import vast numbers from The ME under the guise of “alternative pathways”, such as “labor mobility” “scholarships”, etc.

    “it’s all about to be done under the radar of Congress with nearly zero media coverage.”

    • Marx wrote about socio-economics and aimed to destroy capitalist model, so equality could be established though equal distribution of wealth and contribution on ability basis. He had no opinion on transgender issues. He wanted working class to take political power, stop wars and be happy. Get into any toilet you wish, real Marxists cannot care less.

      • Trailblazer10

        First win the culture war. Subversion technique. If you were raised in the West, you are probably not aware of it. It has been going on a long while.
        The purpose is to destroy homogeneity and loyalty. The creation of “oppressor” and “oppressed”. That is why you now have an identity politics system. Enforcement is via political correctness, if your thoughts or speech are not “correct”, you will be attacked with stigmatic labels. The consequences can be severe, kicked out of school, fired from job, even arrested and prosecuted.

        The goal is a ruling class consisting of the politburo and oligarchs. Everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others. The promised Utopian equality never happens. The proles are kept in place with relentless propaganda and for those resistant to it, repression.


        • 1234567890

          Excellent posts..both of them.
          Just try saying the word “homosexual” rather than their phony substitute word, which I refuse to print, in public. I did and about 40 people in the room just looked at me in shock. It’s fascinating how they brainwashed the entire species without a law or actually coming out with any type of big announcement. Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew & father of PR knew how to do this over 100yrs ago.

  • SeaNote

    Transgenders don’t know if they are coming or going.

    • justejudexultionis

      Incisive scientific analysis there.

  • 1234567890

    Why is Obama so obsessed with trampling on the rights of the majority of normal, law-abiding citizens to placate the less than 1% aberrational? Because he’s owned, indeed was installed into power by the same moneyed clique that owns Lib/Lab/Con & commanded Cameron to force legalised homosexual marriage upon an unwitting & unwilling public.

    • justejudexultionis

      Blah blah.

      • 1234567890


  • Jojje 3000

    Of course, transsexuals and muslims must have the right to use the the ladies loo. Just watch the PC lefties make another public fiasco.

    • justejudexultionis

      Your conflation of ‘transsexuals and Muslims’ is somewhat bizarre.

      • MikeF

        Not really – it would be interesting to see how a Muslim man might react to the sight of an obviously anatomically male individual, who happens to ‘identify’ as something else, following their wife into a set of ‘Ladies’ loos.

  • Sid Falco

    What utter drivel, it reads like it was churned out in five minutes flat.

  • WTF

    He does seem to have his priorities somewhat skewed and as much as efforts should be made to help minorities like this surely there’s far more important life threatening issues that should be addressed first.

  • WTF

    Reminds me of that Dirty Harry quote as he’s meeting the killer in the park –

    Dirty Harry – Just a couple necking !
    His Partner – Boys or Girls ?

  • Terry Mushroom

    In case of doubt, I always ask, “What would Benedict Cumberbatch do?” Does anybody know what his position on this important matter?

    • Chamber Pot

      Probably doggy style with him on the receiving end as a Cumberbitch?

  • amicus

    This reminds me of “Ally McBeal”

  • Kara Connor

    The premise of article has reality inverted. There have been trans protection on many jurisdictions in the US for over a decade, e.g. Washington state. It has caused no issues. The fundamentalists made it an issue as a way of having a hissy fit because they lost trying to opposed marriage equality. They were looking for their next hate target.

    Here are some of the people and organizations sponsoring, along with various other hate groups, anti-trans legislation. Their supposed “concerns” look a lot like projection:

    Kendall Baker, the minister who led the anti-trans campaign in Houston was fired from his job for sexual harassment
    Note that the MSM refused to run this story during the Houston hate campaign.

    In Tennessee, Rep. Jeremy Durham, behind the attempt to pass a North Carolina-styled anti-trans bill, was also exposed as a sexual predator

    Arkansas lawmaker Alderman John La Tour, a Tea Party conservative and strident opponent of equal rights for gay people, threatens woman he thought was a man, threatens to expose himself
    She wasn’t trans, by the way. It could be your wife, daughter or sister next, when some cop or vigilante wants to inspect her genitals.

    The FRC hate group, one of the prime pushers of these hate bills, employed child molester Josh Duggar, and their sister hate group, the AFA, also hate bill pushers, were one of his cheerleaders

    Anti-trans Pastor Greg Locke Boycotts Target Over “Perverts”, Previously Employed Child Rapist As Youth Leader

    Seeing a pattern here? Liars and sexual predators, deflecting by accusing others of being like them. I’d be scared to have them in a restroom with my children.

    • Give our God Immortal Praise


      • Kara Connor

        Yes, those perverts pushing these bills are deluded. I note with interest that you aren’t concerned about these politicians and pastors sexually harassing women, but then given the support shown to the pedophile-concealing Duggars, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

        • Give our God Immortal Praise

          Stay making stuff up.

          • Kara Connor

            Feel free to show that any of the links I posted are not factual. We’ll wait.

          • Everything you post is not factual

        • Yet you support the homosexuals abusing boys

          • Ken Campbell

            Its actually the gun owners that abuse boys.

    • Chamber Pot

      And the Clintons, you forgot to mention Bill, the ultimate sexual predator?

      • Kara Connor

        Erm, no. You seem to have wandered completely off topic.

        • soysauce1

          There you go spouting unscientific mumbo jumbo about so called ‘projection’ yet you don’t see the ‘denial’ in your own psyche.

        • No, that would be you

          • Landphil

            Actually, it’s me.

      • Landphil

        Be fair, he was trapped in a woman’s body for two minutes.

    • I see a pattern, freaks and bigots like you need to be forced out of society

      • Kara Connor

        I’ll leave other to glance at your comment history, where you perfectly illustrate the animus and lack of rational thought of your dying ilk.

      • Ivan Ewan

        Imprisoned? Or shot?

    • E.I.Cronin

      The terrible fact that the opposition campaign has included paedophiles doesn’t invalidate the main arguments Mary has put forward. And the QWERTGLBT movement is far from squeaky clean itself. Rampant STI rates, substance abuse, domestic violence, extreme promiscuity and public degeneracy are issues the GLBTIQ have not had the honesty or integrity to publicly acknowledge. The sinister ‘Safe-Schools’ campaign that radical trans activists recently attempted to push through in my country included work from an academic who had previously written overtly paedophile material.

      Below you taunt someone about being part of a ‘dying ilk’. I’ve heard this quite a few times now. Other rainbow activists have proudly declared ‘We have won the Culture Wars’.

      You’ve won a series of battles. But it’s a Pyrrhic victory – in eroding the ethnic and cultural group that gave birth to the civil and human rights movements the advocates of ‘equality’ & ‘diversity’ have unleashed a religious ideology that is dedicated to destroying them. You won the battle but we all lose the War. You and your fellow travellers will be the first to go. Look at the recent ICM survey. Look at Amsterdam. Look across Europe.

      White, Christian, heterosexual men created the world that allowed you a measure of safety and acceptance. In your spite you have weakened it. The new power undergoing a global resurgence will sweep all your gains into the dustbin of history as it slowly, implacably gains strength. So watch out – you could well be on the wrong side of history too.

      • Kara Connor

        White heterosexual men don’t grant rights. The constitution guarantees them. And many LGBT people, from Greek philosophers and mathematicians, to Alan Turing have made innumerable contributions to science. Worldwide there are far more heterosexuals with HIV. STDs are in respecter of sexual orientation. Nor are rights contingent on propensity to catch a disease or not. You have already admitted that the anti-LGBT groups have used lies. That would not be the action of groups with rational argument. And indeed they have none.

        • E.I.Cronin

          Hate to tell you this kid, but guess who articulated, drafted and implemented your Constitution…? Who maintained and defended the Constitution that guarantees your rights? The bedrock liberties and opportunities we all take for granted were made possible by white, straight, largely Christian men.

          Western university students are heirs to the rich, profound heritage of Locke, Burke and the scores of philosophes who generated the Enlightenment and goes back to Solon and Pericles. And what contribution have progressives made to this extraordinary heritage?

          Transvestites in ladies loos and ‘micro-aggressions’.

          2) I will not be drawn into a tiresome gay vs straight thread. The ideology on which the whole trans movement is based is specious and a transparent attempt to undermine majority tradition. Mary’s objections to ‘trans’ loos stand regardless of the personal failings of the advocates and opposition. And opening the door to sexual assault and voyeurism is a major objection in my book.

          • Kara Connor

            Argument from tradition, eh? Look up Logical Fallacies 101. And how do you know that all the founding fathers were straight? Are you psychic, or in possession of a TARDIS?

          • E.I.Cronin

            Loyalty and affection for tradition is at the heart of conservatism.

            And I have my doubts Abe Lincoln was Intersexed 😉

            Just a parting suggestion – I recommend you re-evaluate your politics. Because the Left have shown they will look away from racism; rape; child molestation; terrorism; violent crime and the most blatant misogyny if performed by ethnic communities. The radical social engineering of the progressive movement is facilitating the rapid dispersion and growth of the most regressive ideology on the planet. Do you really think trans rights are going to be championed in a society with an expanding Muslim population that’s dominating politics and the media, funded by Gulf states and has a propensity for extreme violence?. Nationalism is the only defence and your personal safety will eventually depend on it.

          • Ysolde

            You’re just trotting out base lies now.

          • E.I.Cronin

            The Saudis, Qatar, Oman and the UAE have donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Do some googling at the massive investment by Gulf states in Western mosques and madrassas. And if you can’t see what is happening in Europe you need to read more. Especially the Spectator 🙂

          • Kara Connor

            Ask the Catholic church about looking away from rape and molestation. Or Dennis Hastert. They are done of the real predators, and don’t seem very liberal to me. As for radical Islam, that’s why you should be glad the US isn’t a theocracy and has a secular constitution. They’re just as convinced that their tradition and religion is right as you are.

          • E.I.Cronin

            False equivalence. And I’m not Christian, but was raised by a loving, stable Christian family. I recognise the debt we owe Christianity and the social capital it has built for us.

            The Catholics have had to face their transgressions – kicking and screaming it’s true – but they have owned their sins. That doesn’t reduce the threat of Islam. It’s not ‘radical’ Islam either. It’s mainstream Islam.

            52% of British Muslims want homosexuality illegal – in Britain. A 2014 study in Berlin showed approx. 75% of German Muslims would not have a gay or lesbian friend. What do you think their attitudes will be towards trannies? The same study also gave evidence over 70% of Muslims believe Western society is sexually and morally degenerate. A Muslim man tried to assassinate the gay Mayor of Paris back in the noughties. Two German trannies was almost stoned by Muslim migrants. In what was once the most liberal city in Europe, gays are being assaulted in public. 10 OIC nations have the death penalty. In 37 out of 57 OIC states it’s illegal. Progressives focus relentlessly on Christianity and avoid Islam, which is far more intolerant and dangerous than Christian bakers not icing SSM wedding cakes, because they know Islam will react with violence. They love soft targets that won’t hit back.

            America is lucky so far – what percentage is the Muslim population? 0.5% But watch it grow exponentially, Obama allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to spread it’s tentacles and accelerated Muslim immigration. If Hillary gets in what do you think will happen?

          • Kara Connor

            I know that the GOP has sponsored 196 anti-LGBT bills this year, so far. Your pathetic deflection onto the vile cult that is radical Islam just underlines the fact that you have nothing supporting the bizarre notion that either trans people represent a danger, or that “law-abiding sexual predators” have just been waiting for this “loophole”. Totally nonsensical.

          • E.I.Cronin

            It’s not a deflection – Islam is a growing, existential threat we will all have to face in the coming years. And the figures I quoted are from mainstream Muslims, not Jihadis.

            Am not denying your people are facing hatred and intolerance. Of course I want a society based on mutual respect, tolerance, non-violence as well as truly free speech and freedom of conscience. But frankly, seeing that the whole trans bandwagon is hitched to a bigoted and aggressive set of progressive policies that are socially harmful I now sympathise with the GOP. I’m sick of the endless whining, the crude adolescent blackmail, the shrill invective and perpetual grievance etc.

            Instead of reasonably setting out the grounds for a small accommodation in public amenities this issue has opened the door en masse for predators. I accept the vast majority of trans people are not sexual predators, but the unfortunate fact is Mary has listed examples of how some have used the change in law to commit sexual offences. And it is women’s safety and security that will suffer.

          • Kara Connor

            Mary listed cases where people had been caught and punished. Their supposed claims rightly provided no defense,and therefore she disproved her own argument.

          • E.I.Cronin

            btw is Michelle Obama really transgender…? I saw that video where he refers to her as Michael. Generally I don’t give those celebrity rumours the time of day but there could be something in this.

          • Ysolde

            The same men who kept black slaves? I’m pretty sure that those who were slaves would beg to differ on being guaranteed rights by those founders . . .

          • E.I.Cronin

            ”The slave trade has been the ruling principle of my people. it is the source of their glory and wealth”. Dahomey chief Gezo, 1840.
            Who do you think sold blacks to the Arab Muslims and Europeans for the Atlantic Slave Trade? Other Africans. Slavery was indigenous to Africa and existed thousands of years before European contact. So why don’t you apply your one-eyed, simplistic negative filtering to other cultures? Let me answer – because you’re a racist hypocrite. Of course the founding fathers kept slaves. Only 1.5% of early Americans were wealthy enough to keep slaves. Slavery was a horrific and virtually universal feature of all human societies.

            That doesn’t invalidate what is noble, profound and beautiful about Western societies. And white, Christian societies were the first to develop the moral consciousness to abolish slavery. Britain in 1806 and the States in 1865. Britain even sent out the West Africa squadron to rescue slaves. Some African states such as Mauritania didn’t abolish slavery until 1980.

            This is a separate issue to Mary’s article. But what really strikes me is how the entire progressive movement is underpinned by anti-Western sentiment and self-loathing. It’s a deeply negative ideology. This transgendered toilet issue is nothing to do with ‘Civil Rights’ – it’s about contempt for ethical and societal norms.

  • Give our God Immortal Praise

    Just because fat hairy bob wears lippy and a thong doesn’t mean he’s woman. Fact.

    • justejudexultionis

      ‘Fat hairy Bob’. Is that your private fantasy?

      • Give our God Immortal Praise

        Go away toilet boy and take your degrading perversions with you.

        • Chamber Pot

          Yes, go nosh off in a cubicle you ghastly toilet trader.

  • ReefKnot

    We will end up with unisex toilets and separate toilets for women only.
    Urinals will be banned.

    • soysauce1

      No problem, men will win this war, weapon of choice no.1 lift seat and leave up. Weapon no.2 leave seat down and p**s all over it and surrounding floor. Weapon no.3 Fart loudly. And rest.

      • King Zog

        Loudly hacking up a load of phlegm. That’s standard fare for most gents. That’ll put off the opposition, no fear!

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      “Kindly refrain from $hitting in the urinal”
      Third worlders, what would you do with um!

  • Jacobi

    Obama? Well he probably has nothing better to talk about?

    Talking about civil rights by the way, no one ever seems to consider the rights of ordinary blokes and lassies, who might take great exception to the oddity of a female with a “willie” sewn on, or a
    bloke with his chopped of, wandering in to their loos.

    If such oddities want appropriate toilets then maybe they can have their own separate ones, and pay for them by the way, since they do cost.

    As for “transgender” children they could be told that there is nothing unusual about them other than what others have put into their feeble minds.

  • King Zog

    Until I read this, I liked Bryan Adams. I mean I’ve always hated Springsteen with a passion, but Bryan seemed decent. Great, underrated songwriter. A good chap. And now this…

  • King Zog

    Everybody just pees in front of everyone else. Ah, like a Friday night out in Cardiff.

    (Actually, I’m surprised ‘pees’ got past the moderator. I mean, I wouldn’t have put it past them… Or ‘it’.)

  • King Zog

    Personally, I blame Marcel Duchamp.

  • John Robertson

    “A Canadian man calling himself ‘Jessica’ was allowed into a women’s shelter in Toronto, whereupon he assaulted several ladies”.

    Yes. We call that a Lesbian.

    • Bill Cook

      I’d imagine the residents of the shelter called it something else entirely.

      • John Robertson

        Yes. Agreed. It’s the absurdity of it all.

  • SonOfaGun

    This passage from Kevin McDonald’s seminal ‘The Culture of Critique’, applies to jewish immigrants but can just as easily apply to african americans. ‘American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief — one firmly rooted in history — that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.”

    He is saying, in effect, that when Jews make the diversity-is-our-strength argument it is in support of their real goal of diluting a society’s homogeneity so that Jews will feel safe. They are couching a Jewish agenda in terms they think gentiles will accept. Likewise, Jews may support deviant movements, not because they think it is good for the country but because it is good for the Jews.

  • pwrenplan

    The wording of the ‘law’ is the problem – unfortunately the law cannot use phrases like ‘common sense’. Questions I would ask is how would women feel about a trans man with facial hair and masculine features having to use their bathroom because his birth certificate declares him female? and conversely should a man who puts on lipstick and demands to use the ladies bathroom be allowed to do so? and finally how come folk are suddenly so afraid of their daughters being molested by perverts in the bathroom when their sons being molested – much more likely and prevalent – by perverts is pretty much ignored? I see the controversy being the result of poor wording – it should NOT be possible to interpret the ‘law’ as enabling boys to use the girls locker room if they so choose or for men to hang around in female bathrooms if they feel like it – that is a nonsense!!!

  • MikeF

    As with a lot of ‘liberals’ you sometimes don’t have to scratch very hard with Obama to uncover a nasty hectoring authoritarian streak.

  • kyle lynch

    This has been a storm created by Obamas opponents. Most people are able to understand that multisex bathrooms have been around for a while and that some companies expanding this is just them being inclusive of other groups of people.
    For example my bathroom at home is multisex, the bathroom in my local coffee shop is unisex, etc. This whole think of the children pearl clutching is just sad

  • Nicholas K

    With the Toilet Wars, it is clear that the military-industrial complex that the 60s radicals loved to demonise has now completely been completely supplanted by the grievance-regulatory complex. And they wonder why Donald Trump is seen as the only way out of this nonsense?