How Recep Erdogan became the most powerful man in Europe

Turkey’s thuggish president has European leaders exactly where he wants them

7 May 2016

9:00 AM

7 May 2016

9:00 AM

Update: Since this article was published Ahmet Davutoglu has resigned as Turkey’s Prime Minister. Reports suggest this comes as a result of a rift with President Erdogan caused by the increasingly ‘Presidential’ nature of Turkey’s politics.

Is Turkey part of Europe? For most of our civilisation’s history, to have even asked such a question would have been to invite derision. The Ottomans were kept out of Europe not by some early-onset prejudice, but by the armies of Europe having to beat back their repeated invasions. The question became slightly more plausible a century ago with the rise of Ataturk and the modern Turkish state (one of the only successful efforts to reconcile the Islamic religion with state power). For a brief period around the turn of the millennium, some serious people (including the British government) supported Turkey joining the EU.

But today, the question has become academic — first because Turkey’s liberal trajectory long ago halted and began rolling backwards. And secondly because the country is now coming into Europe anyway. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, has persuaded the EU to grant visa-free travel to his 75 million countrymen inside Europe’s passport-free Schengen area. In so doing, he has made more progress than any of his predecessors. Using a combination of intimidation, threats and blackmail, he has succeeded in opening wide the doors of Europe.

Erdogan’s success matters, because it says much about the EU — and the idea that it exerts ‘soft power’. This was the theory in 1999 when the EU declared Turkey to be ‘a candidate State, destined to join the Union’ so long as it fulfilled the standard criteria for membership. Its state should have ‘achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities’. Four years later, the EU announced that Turkey had ‘taken important steps’ to ensure effective implementation, particularly in allowing Turkish citizens to ‘enjoy fundamental freedoms and human rights in line with European standards’.

For a brief moment, it all seemed to be going well. Formal accession negotiations began in 2005, but by then something important had happened to Turkey. That something was Recep Tayyip Erdogan. First elected with his ‘Justice and Development’ party (AKP) as prime minister in 2003, the man who is now president set about fundamentally altering Turkey’s direction of travel. He was not some proud moderniser. While mayor of Istanbul, he was imprisoned for inciting religious hatred by reciting these words at a rally:

The mosques are our barracks,
The domes our helmets,
The minarets our bayonets,
And the faithful our soldiers…

This was seen by Turkish judges as a threat to the secularist, Ataturkist -traditions of Turkish democracy. They were quite right. But Erdogan is a patient Islamist who famously compared democracy to a bus ride: when it gets him to where he wants to get to, he will get off. So as he continued his bus ride of elected office, he used his power to tighten his grip and consolidate power behind one party — and one man. He even commissioned a new golden throne to sit on. The putative caliph set about taking Turkey in an all too predictable direction — consolidating power around himself by taking it away from the military and judiciary and stifling domestic dissent whenever he could.

The extent to which Erdogan has been able to take Turkey backwards is a modern tragedy. When corruption allegations emerged around his immediate circle just over two years ago, he swiftly banned YouTube and Twitter, stuffed the ensuing investigatory -commission with members of his own party and dismissed the investigations as a ‘coup attempt’ by people serving ‘foreign powers’. Every time Erdogan and his circle are judged by the normal standards of the law, he responds with such hysterical counter-attacks. And all the time, it was asked: what about EU membership? Didn’t Erdogan worry that his authoritarianism would disqualify him outright?

But he gambled that the EU, for all of its pious words, could be bought off later. Now and again, Brussels tried to wag its finger at Turkey. For example, after one round of judicial meddling, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights wrote that ‘Proposals to curb powers of High Council of Judges and Prosecutors represent a serious setback for the independence of the judiciary in Turkey.’ How Ankara must have quaked.

Erdogan’s upheaval of the judiciary and police continued regardless. In a single night in January 2014, he removed and replaced some 350 police officers. His party gave itself new powers permitting domestic espionage on banks and companies on matters relating to ‘foreign intelligence’. As one political opponent told Erdogan on the floor of parliament (for how long will that be possible?), ‘You want to purge democracy and control the entire system.’ Indeed so.

This has not gone unnoticed by the Turkish people. In 2013, protests against the government spread to 60 cities. But the police crushed them brutally, and laws were later passed to restrict future protests. Since then the government has acted to further crush press freedom and the country regularly tops world league tables for the number of imprisoned journalists. But even this was not enough for the EU to withdraw its offer of Turkish entry. Each year, it published reports listing Erdogan’s various transgressions. And Erdogan treated them first with indifference, then with contempt.

By the end of 2013, Erdogan said he’d take no more lectures from Brussels and that he ‘sincerely expected the EU, which sharply criticises its member countries, should criticise itself and write its own progress report’. In March he seized control of Zaman, until then Turkey’s highest–circulation newspaper. And he has taken action against thousands of citizens for the offence of insulting the president. Last month, a Turkish man was arrested for insulting Erdogan by asking police for directions to the zoo.

While the suppression of freedoms within Turkey is a tragedy, the extension of Erdogan’s repression inside the EU is a -scandal. When a late-night comedy show in Germany pointed to the absurdity of a German law forbidding insults against foreign leaders by attacking Erdogan, Turkey demanded that Berlin acted. Erdogan was calling Angela Merkel to heel. And successfully: she approved prosecution of the offending comedian, with the nod to her critics that the German courts could still find Mr Bohmermann innocent. Which (for now) is just about the only difference between Germany and Turkey.

As Erdogan has worked out, however much Turkey fails to live up to the EU’s expectations, the EU’s attitude to Turkey is ‘ever onwards’. Its 2013 ‘Visa Liberalisation Dialogue’ set out 72 conditions on security, migration, public order, fundamental rights and readmission of irregular migrants that Turkey needed to achieve. Despite failing them, in November last year the EU and Turkey agreed that visa-free travel should start this October. All the time Turkey demanded more and faster.

As well they could. Because last year — after the German Chancellor opened the borders of Europe to anyone who could get here — the tables turned. Persuaded that every problem in the Middle East, Far East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa was Europe’s fault and Europe’s responsibility, millions duly came. And will again. Today, even the European Commission and Frau Merkel realise that in order to avert political catastrophe in Europe, they must bring the number of entrants down. Suddenly, as Erdogan himself said, ‘The European Union needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the European Union.’

Turkey is home to 2.7 million Syrian refugees — a fact which Erdogan is treating like being in possession of a loaded gun. He threatens to send them over the Aegean to Greece, or let them walk through Bulgaria. ‘If the European Union does not take the necessary steps, then Turkey will not implement the agreement,’ he said last month. ‘Some three million people are being fed on our budget. But we are not doing this for thanks.’ Without visa liberalisation for Turks, ‘no one can expect Turkey to adhere to its commitments’, added Ahmet Davutoglu, the Prime Minister.

And so the EU has accepted Turkey’s abominable treatment of Kurds. It has ignored the ongoing illegal occupation of north Cyprus. And it has ignored every single one of its own putative ‘criteria’. In trying to avoid millions more migrants, the EU has opened the doors to 75 million Turks. It’s quite possible that Ergodan doesn’t even want EU membership, that he just enjoys lording it over Europe and showing Turks how he can make a continent (or at least its leaders) quiver. Now Europe is behaving like a man so fearful of death that he chooses to commit suicide.

And what of Britain’s role in all this? Shortly after becoming Prime Minister in 2010, David Cameron went to Ankara and announced that he would do everything he could to ensure Turkey entered the EU. Speaking as a guest of Erdogan, Cameron announced: ‘Turkey deserves its place at the top table of European politics — and that is what I will fight for. I will remain your strongest possible advocate for EU membership and for greater influence.’

Our Prime Minister has been true to his word. Even while Erdogan’s government has done everything it could to demonstrate why it has no place in the EU, Cameron has insisted on extending the borders of Europe to Syria and Iraq. Only a few months ago in the Commons, he reconfirmed his government’s commitment to Turkish entry. Of course, now that the referendum is upon him, he says that it doesn’t matter what he thinks because the French will not allow Turkey to join. This puts the British Prime Minister in the strange position of citing the French government as the only force capable of saving him from his own views.

In private, Erdogan must be amazed at just how much he can wrangle. The worse his behaviour, the greater his clout in Europe. He can send German police to arrest German comedians whose jokes he dislikes. He can instruct the EU to delay its ‘progress reports’ on Turkey to a time that better suits his electoral purposes. A few weeks ago, a leaked transcript of a conversation showed Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, pleading Erdogan to consider that ‘we have treated you like a prince in Brussels’.

Erdogan, prince of Europe: quite a title to confer upon a wretched Islamist bully who regards refugees as human bargaining chips and stands poised to destroy our continent. Nevertheless he is someone who has at least established — and shown the world — just how the EU works.

Update: Since this article was published Ahmet Davutoglu has resigned as Turkey’s Prime Minister. Reports suggest this comes as a result of a rift with President Erdogan caused by the increasingly ‘Presidential’ nature of Turkey’s politics.

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  • Rik

    You have got this the wrong way round Douglas,many EU leaders are looking at Turkey with deep envy,how much easier would it be to impose “The Project” fully on EU citizens without pesky things like,freedom of speech,an independent judiciary and a free press.Be honest great strides are being made,Bachman convicted of sedition,Wilders on trial for “hate speech” and Cameron pressing for new laws to suppress “extremism”(if you think that’s aimed at homicidal goat herders, your dreaming)That’s the judiciary sown up.The Media?? already on board ready to suppress stories to order(Cologne)The expansion of the Euro-Gendamerie thugs.a paramilitary force purpose built for exterminating civil dissent.
    No wonder Turkey looks good,we are following it’s blueprint and with the latest German interference in French politics we are waaay down the line to Eine Reich, Eine Volk, Eine Merkel the rise and rise of the fourth Reich.it’s coming soon to a country near you.

    • licjjs

      Und ein Kaliphate.

      • Hitler and Himmler loved Islam

        • Mark

          of course they did, similar fascist ideologies… they even had a good friend, the grand mufti of jerusaleem

    • milford

      With Islam as the state imposed religion. As, apparently, Hitler wished it to be! We’ve got Nazis in power in the EU.

    • E.I.Cronin

      You’re on the money mate. Am glad Bachman got off with a 9.6k fine (I hope Germans rally financially) and avoided jail but a sinister portent of things to come.

  • sebastian2

    “Using a combination of intimidation, threats and blackmail, he has succeeded in opening wide the doors of Europe.”

    This is exactly it. And the EU for all its bluster, lofty terms and pompous declarations, has crumbled like a sand-castle on a hot day. That aside, I do feel that there is something spooky about Merkel’s preoccupation with Turkey’s accession as preceded by visa free travel. It is beyond mad. It’s creepy.

    Stranger still is Cameron’s shameful capitulation to Brussels. Turkey that has nothing to offer gets exactly what it wants. Britain with much to offer gets shafted. This is the opposite of what should be. We lose out by playing by the rules. Cameron is pitiful; quite ominous too. What’s the man up to?

    Which all just goes to show that Brussels with its arcane diplomacy, fine phrases and dense thicket of rules, regulations and directives, in the end sits up and takes notice of only one thing: power. Power and bold contempt for Brussels’ self-serving enforcements.

    Brexit will take our power back. Then …………. Brussels, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • BlueGalway

      Perhaps internal politics and the struggle for power may see the Turkish govt implode.
      Hope yet.

      • sebastian2

        I join in your prayer of hope. First, though, we must drag ourselves free of the EU quicksand.

    • “I do feel that there is something spooky about Merkel’s preoccupation with Turkey’s accession as preceded by visa free travel”

      I suppose it could be motivated by a desire to keep the votes of Germany’s large and growing Turkish population. She knows the German population are still too meek to voice serious objections. She has no care about the future, none whatever.

      • hepworth

        The Turkish population.
        Now there’s a question, When I was working in the town of Hameln, (Hamlin).
        On of my fellows was Irish, The Turk grapevine went to work and within 30 minutes our pub was surrounded by hordes of Turks chanting “IRA IRA”. The Germans hid from these thugs.

  • 22pp22

    European and American governments hate Europeans and wish to see us destroyed. Erdogan doesn’t need to be some kind of evil genius to exploit this fact.

    • Googlheimer

      That’s not even English. Can anyone translate this incomprehensible gibberish?

  • Penny Henry

    Brexit or regret it.

  • licjjs

    Merkel has brought this about.

    • Sponsz

      Not for the first time, a German leader has made decisions which will have catastrophic consequences not only for Germany but also for the rest of Europe.

  • I want to leave this planet.

    Cheers EU,all I see is the Axis powers well on the way to controlling Europe until time comes to hand over power to Islam.
    Thanks a bunch All those lives in WW2 for nothing

    • Zaba

      Starting soon in London?

    • Cyril Sneer

      Yep I don’t know why my grandfather bothered getting up to go fight those krauts and Italians (he was in Africa and Italy).

      He should’ve just stayed in bed.

  • MummyofPrudence

    Dear Mr Putin,

    we are truly sorry for our past silliness, please drop a bomb on Mr Erdogan for us, or slit his throat or poison him with plutonium, anything to make him and his cronies go away. You can have Ukraine, just make it all better.

    • Zaba

      What about the rest of islam?

      • Cyril Sneer

        Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

        • You want to kill Secular White Muslim Europeans from Germany, Turkey, North Cyprus, Austria, Bosnia, Hungary, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Albania, The Crimea, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan but YOU LOVE TO KEEP THE MILLIONS OF NEGROES, HALF-CASTES, SOMALIS, PAKS, BENGOLIS, HINDUS, ORIENTAL DOG EATING ALIENS AND ROMANIAN PIMPS AND DRUG DEALERS IN YOUR RIOT RIDDEN COUNTRY!

          • SunnyD

            hahaha – do you turn green when you get angry?

          • Richard

            Not sure there are any secular Muslims, only quiet ones.

          • Where were you in 2013 when the White Secular Followers of the Blond Haired & Blue Eyed Ataturk where demonstrating in their millions, men, women, children, young & old all over Turkey against Erdogan’s Increasing Religious Onslaught on the Country!
            Thousands Injured and 20+ Deaths
            In Germany there are White Aryan Muslim Converts & White Secular Turks that dress like any other Secular White Person, Drink Alcohol & Gamble and hate ISIS I’ve lived in Berlin for 10 years

          • Cyril Sneer

            I didn’t read any of the horsesh t that you just wrote but may I just say:

            No Islam, no problem.

            ….geez and I thought I was an angry guy…

          • k-dog

            Haha, this guy actually thinks there are secular muslims, so naive omg. He’s either trolling or he’s just been taqiyyad like a fool. Muslims LIE mate, they lie… and just tell you what they think you want to hear. Peel back the skin of an average so called “moderate” muslim and you’ll find the beating heart of an Islamist.

            The only answer is the complete destruction of Islam.

          • RACE is the PROBLEM!
            NOT RELIGION!
            Black African & Black Afro-Caribbean Negroes, Half-Castes, Somalis, Brown South-Asian Paks, Bengolis, Indians, Hindus, Sickhs, Yellow Oriental Dog Eating Extra Terrestrial Hybrid Aliens, (Mary & Jesus) Hating Evil Zion-ist Anti-Christs & Sub-Human Slavs are All Evil Regardless of if they label themselves Athiest, Hindu, Sickh, Buddist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Scientologist they are all scum.
            Aryan Blond Haired & Blue Eyed White Muslim Europeans are Secular and don’t interpret the Koran like the Bible literally.
            It’s the tiny brained non-Whites that are the Spawn of Satan!

          • Richard

            Until one distances oneself from something that one knows is fascist, one cannot truly be an anti-fascist. I don’t see any of that in Islam. In my book, it’s like being a non-practicing National Socialist of the German persuasion, I simply cannot see how it is possible. Why convert to Islam and then drink and dress like a non-Muslim? It makes no sense at all.

          • Cyril Sneer

            I’m sure you can buy a sense of humour off the internet or something.

            If not try Argos.

          • Mark

            So what do we have here, a turkish gray wolf having ottoman dreams I suppose?

            Regardless of these jokes about nuking what people want in europe is people of any color, nationality, religion that respect the country, its values, integrate within the country without taking advantage of any wealth care scheme and do not try to change it with their own secret agendas for world domination etc.

          • Europe is only home for Whites regardless of Religion!
            Race is the Problem not Religion!

    • Tama

      I don’t think anyone wants Ukraine… well maybe except Victoria Nuland.

      • Hybird

        I’d have it.

        • Tama

          Good on ya, Victoria!

    • SvSh

      No, boys and girls, not this time. We’ve got tired to save the world.

  • Fraser Bailey

    Yes, the whole thing is as bewildering as it is terrifying. It has been quite clear for some years that the political class all across Europe is intent on the destruction of Europe and its secular values of free speech, equality for women, and democracy itself. Europe’s political class is beyond all understanding and beneath all contempt.

    Our only hope is Putin. But why should he bother to prevent the Islamisation and destruction of Europe?

    • AR317

      In order to establish the totalitarian government, they first need to destroy nation states. Erdogan and his ilk are useful fellow travellers. However, these fellow travellers are like the scorpion that the fox saved from the flood.

    • WFB56

      Putin is our hope for free speech, equalty and democracy? If so, we are already lost.

      • Fraser Bailey

        I prefer Putin to Sharia.

        • So you got no other options?

          • Richard

            No, none. The EU and the loony Lefties have seen to that.

        • Cyril Sneer

          I prefer Putin to most western leaders.

    • Putin is an Anti-German scumbag!

      • Cyril Sneer

        Putin is one of the most talented leaders on the world stage today… well he doesn’t have much competition with the d ckheads that lead us here in the west.

      • Ingmar Blessing

        The opposite is true. Putin has a lot of sympathies for Germany. He speaks the language fluent and until NATO f*cked up the Ukraine he tried to get the two countries closer together economically. There are numerous articles about it written by him in German newspapers..

        Unfortunately we don’t have neither a leadership class nor do we have anything like a self-interest. Otherwise the whole thing vs Russia wouldn’t have gone down in the first place.

    • Hybird

      Why? Because after the fall of Europe to IsIam Russia would be next on the list? And Russia would have Islam to the west as well as to the south. Strange to think that one day the remaining British might welcome the Russian Army as liberators.

  • Polly Radical

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Hillary Clinton will sort him out.

    • WFB56

      Succinct sarcasm.

    • Topsy Kretts

      Like she sorted out her cheating husband.

      • DellerboyNZ

        ..and Benghazi!

    • Marcus

      Heaven forbid, Hillary has already stuffed up the situation. Lets not forget how the Americans provided the arms including the napalm that was used by the Turkish military against the unarmed Cypriot civilians.

    • Jason Lockie

      How will she do that from her prison cell?

  • Malcolm Stevas

    A valuable summary by Murray of the salient points. It makes very sorry reading for Europeans, whose leaders have displayed extraordinarily poor judgement, cowardice and reckless disregard in allowing themselves to be conned & browbeaten by Erdogan – whose armoury of 2.7 million Syrian refugees does indeed consitute a weapon aimed at the heart of Europe. Merkel is chiefly to blame, but our own PM and other leaders are almost equally culpable.
    It’s likely that the growing alarm in Europe about this and mass immigration in general will upset the EU applecart anyway, but it is surely to God another powerful and very immediate reason for us to vote “No!” on June 23rd.

    • The_Missing_Think

      “… extraordinarily poor judgement, cowardice and reckless…”

      Yeah… say the finger wagging armchair experts that have a sixty year track record of prefering to vote to be converted to Islam, rather than vote for the real Euro-Nats, that can stop the stinking rot.

      Even post London loss, you hypocrite wretches still advocate voting for more Islam and open borders, rather than concede the BNP’s policies are sanity writ large.

      VERY LARGE chum. (“policies”… look it up).

      • Malcolm Stevas

        I’m not sure which is the more jaw-droppingly weird: your version of English, or your delusion that the BNP might ever be thought a reasonable choice by any sane Englishman with a smattering of intelligence and a respect for democracy

        • The_Missing_Think

          Shock horror… ‘European’ Stevas prefers to convert to Islam on both knees, rather vote for white Nats.

          Can’t think why.

        • RWJetzt

          The reason Jews like Malcolm love ‘democracy’:

          The percentage of people who think for themselves is miniscule as opposed to the masses who don’t think at all and blindly follow their emotions. Democracy allows the maximum possible amount of people (in particular, the maximum possible amount of stupid people) to vote. Where do these stupid people get their opinions from? The mass media.
          Who controls the mass media?

          • Malcolm Stevas

            Conspiracy theorism about Jewry has largely died out, like the dinosaurs, but clearly you’re one of those few neanderthals lurking in a cave, with no access to news. Your “think” is missing, just like your weirdo friend. Surprised to learn that I’m a Jew…

          • Richard

            But then why is the mass media so anti-Israel by-and-large? Or do you think that is a cover so that people think it isn’t controlled by Jews?

          • RWJetzt

            The mass media is not anti-Israel at all, it has to play a delicate game where it pushes the multicultural, cultural marxist ideology of its owners, but doesn’t invoke the outright hostility of the population it pretends to serve. So it acknowledges the existence of anti-Israel sentiment, because this is becoming widespread – but in a very weak way. You’ll never see articles that fully cover the extent of Israeli crimes, or its (speaking from the perspective of our Marxist media) hateful racism in building an ethnostate and refusing to help refugees. Instead, you’ll hear ‘I don’t agree with the actions of the Israeli government [never any specifics], but antisemitism is a poison / scourge / cancer in our debate’. And so on. This is so in both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ wing of our press, demonstrating what stupidity it is to try to divide the media on those terms anyway.

            The Labour party could sail through the Rotherham rape gang scandal it helped cover up without a problem. 1400 children – our children – abused by the filth, and barely stayed in the news for two days. A mainstream politician – a Marxist traitorous one no less – says things about Jews that the Jews don’t like, it’s frontpage news for days and threatens to tear the party apart. Members kicked out by the dozens because you can’t offend the 0.2% of the population who are, in reality, the democracy makers. If you want to know who rules over you, learn who you’re not allowed to criticise. It’s money and media which powers the ‘democracy’, and the most nationalistic group on earth knows how to use both.

  • DellerboyNZ

    Not only does Turkey continue to occupy Cyprus as Douglas Murray observes, but it retains membership of Nato. It is not current weakness by Europe but weakness over decades.
    Th results of Douglas’ limerick comp will be even sweeter.
    ‘There was an old geezer T’jip
    Who enjoyed the sting of a whip
    When asked..etc’

    • You are a nasty and evil idiot!
      The Republic of Cyprus ended in 1963 when the Eoka Greek Terrorists that already murdered, bombed and Massacred 500 Britons started GENOCIDE on 12,000 Turkish Cypriot Children, Women and Men until Turkey legally under the Treaty of Guarantors intervened to end the Genocide in 1974 like NATO did in Kosovo and Bosnia saving them from the Serbian Terrorists!
      Join the British Cyprus Memorial in memory of the hundreds of Britons murdered by your beloved Eoka Greek Terrorists!

      • Marcus

        Sorry, you got that wrong. Don’t forget to add up the Greek Cypriots who were murdered by the Turks and the Grey Wolfes together with the British administration back from the very beginning. The British promoted hostilities between the Turks and the Greeks so that they could continue with their occupation of Cyprus and naturally to safe guard the military bases that they are illegally occupying to this day. I say that if the British love the Turks so much let the Turks take up residence in the UK.

      • DellerboyNZ

        My criticism was of Turkey and the fact that Nato didn’t do anything about the invasion of Cyprus. This was many decades prior to the current migration scam.
        Pay attention David.

      • Mark

        What a lot of crap…. learn some hisory first… you claims are BS.

        The events of 63 have nothing to do with EOKA and they were orchestrated by TMT

        As or the turkish invasion it came in violation of the UN votings. Yes Turkey did originally use as an excuse the coup in Cyprus. But the invasion happened in 2 stages and the second invasion happened when the coup had already failed. Hence it was an unprovoked invasion of another country Since then turkey has refused to comply with the UN voting regarding the cypriot problem and has violated even more international rules with the illegal settlement of the northern island with settlers brought from Turkey

  • enoch arden

    Germany is slowly and persistently restoring what it has lost in two world wars by promoting its strategic allies. First it restored its position in Balkans, by organising a new war that again started in the same Sarajevo, and now by inviting its old ally Turkey to Europe. Britain, as usual, has no strategy, no strategic allies, and follows the wind.

    Historical mistakes do not disappear: the disastrous British failure at Gallipoli still overshadows the European politics. Churchill should have listened to Kitchener’s advice.

    • Andy C

      Yeah, but soon there won’t be any Germans anyway: too lazy/self-loathing even to reproduce themselves.

  • WFB56

    “The worse his behaviour, the greater his clout in Europe.” Erdogan saw that it worked for Putin and others have seen this too.

  • bobby_r

    Wow.. scary but informative and excellent article.

  • jeffersonian

    Douglas Murray at his incisive best.

    If he is right, and I’m persuaded, we’re up waste-creek without means of locomotion. And it’s entirely due to the lack of European leadership.

    • evad666

      European leadership? Never heard of that one.

      • Richard

        Well, there has been some leadership, but rather, shall we say, of the wrong sort.

  • Wee Mental Davie

    I’m beginning to think Cameron actually wants Khan to win the mayoral election and his raving in the HOC linking him to terrorist support is all just a charade. Pretty much all the Conservative policies regarding muslim immigration have been designed to flood UK, while appearing to oppose it. Lets face it, we could deny entry to anyone who is non EU, yet Cameron allows hundreds of thousands of muslims into UK each year. God help us when the new EU arrivals are legal to travel here.

    • Hybird

      Nobody should be surprised, either. After all, Cameron has stated that he wants us to have a MusIim Prime Minister, that there are “too many white faces” in Parliament, that he wants MusIims in positions of authority throughout our society and that we should integrate into their way of life and not the other way round.
      It beats me that anybody votes Tory these days. Could a Tory voter please explain?

      • Rædwald

        “It beats me that anybody votes Tory these days”

        Other than to stop the likely far more damaging Corbyn led Labour Party getting in, I can’t think of any reasons for voting for them.

    • Butterfingers

      irrational fear, well done Wee Mint.

      • Wee Mental Davie

        Myself and most others, are not afraid of islam .. we are repulsed by it.

  • Marvin

    This is nothing short of surrender and capitulation to Islam by Europe. Very strange that the ECJ and the ECHR are totally mute about the human rights abuses in Turkey. We must get out before total destruction of the west.

  • Topsy Kretts

    European leaders are so incredibly weak except Viktor Orban! I bet Cameron couldn’t even negotiate a good deal on his car insurance. That has left Germany in charge of the show until Merckel destabilised Europe with migrants which has left her at the mercy of Turkey. By the way, there was a mass brawl and punch up in Turkish parliament yesterday. Haha!

    • Cyril Sneer

      Yeah I saw the footage of that brawl. Insane attempting to bring this nutbag country into the EU.

  • Nick

    When I read despairing articles like this one and take into account how Cameron is now allowing thousands of foreign children into the UK as well as all of the illegals,I put my head in my hands and nearly cry.

    How could it come to this? How can our European leaders be so utterly,utterly useless?

    • enoch arden

      It started with de Gaulle who initiated massive Arab immigration to France. The Grand idea was to keep the influence of France by allying with the Arab world. Since then this policy was persistently followed. We have to remember that the Libyan disaster was started by France who involved the reluctant US and others. The current EU immigration policy is an extension of that French strategy. The Europeans have to get used to the idea that the ME is a part of the European Empire.

      • Mow_the_Grass

        Actually the area you refer too is not the ME.
        It is the Maghreb or Arab NW Africa ie Marocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya.
        France has always had its nose in the first three and many Arab immigrants currently squatting in the suburbs of Paris/Marseilles are from these countries.
        France of course has the biggest (and growing ) population of Muslims – and that is why its foreign policy is based on appeasement of all things Arab.

        • enoch arden

          The French alliance in the war in Libya was with the Saudis. The French helped them to put Wahhabi jihadists to power. The general idea of the Saudis is to control Maghreb, and France is their ally in that.

          • Mow_the_Grass

            Think that the Saudi’s are far to busy right now much closer to home ie Yemen and also in the Iraq/Syria debacle.
            These countries are on their doorstep ie the ME.

          • enoch arden

            France was also very vocal calling to bomb Syria to support ISIS war against Assad. Interestingly, they got their retribution in Paris. As my late father used to say, their own crap jumped on their heads.

    • Blindsideflanker

      “Cameron is now allowing thousands of foreign children into the UK ”

      Cameron bottling it was about as inevitable as the sun rising every morning. You just new it was going to happen. The British Establishment always find ways to stuff yet more migrants into our country while lying to the faces of the electorate that they take immigration control really really seriously.

      “How could it come to this? How can our European leaders be so utterly,utterly useless?

      Because they and their backers find mass immigration a profitable business, so they manufacture incompetence to keep the migrants flooding into our country, for nobody can be that useless.

      • John

        Cameron is weak and ineffectual – but we knew that from day 1 didn’t we ?. Of course if we keep voting for these useless numpties………….!!

      • Cyril Sneer

        It’s like how many times can he promise to reduce immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ and not deliver?

      • Pip

        They are ignoring the will of the people whilst overtly and covertly serving the Communist Globalist agenda of their masters, that is why they are Traitors and those who would still vote for them are part of the problem.

        • Rædwald

          “They are ignoring the will of the people”

          I’d like to think that, but the people have been voting Labour and the Conservatives in consistently for the last 70 years.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Yup. What’s happening IS the will of the people, which is perhaps the more shocking fact.

          • Pip

            The will of the people who are awake as opposed to those still asleep.

    • evad666

      Children over 16 trained in bomb making and Knife crime?

      • Hybird

        One 16 year old “refugee” arrested for gang-rape in Austria has now attacked a female prison warder. Unfortunately for the “child” the warden was a martial arts expert and decked him. If that was in the UK she’d be in serious trouble.


        • Topsy Kretts

          Most are in their late 20’s but say they are under 18 to get better treatment and more benefits. If you were destitute in a country you have no allegiance to and had no morals, you would try it!

          • Hybird

            What, attacking a female martial arts expert?

    • sebastian2

      I, like you, am absolutely bewildered. Most, most depressing.

      • Googlheimer

        I am shocked too, how can this be?

    • amicus

      And without even trying.

    • Trailblazer10

      CM indoctrination.

    • hepworth

      It has to be said that those children that are ACTUALY minors are sent ahead to facilitate the arrival of there “parents”.

      • Nick

        Yes it’s an obvious scam that Cameron and others have fallen for.

        • Sandra Barwick

          And also deeply unfair to the orphan girls back in the camps .. these children, if children, are we checking? will be overwhelmingly male. While Yazidi, Christian and Muslim girls, who genuinely are orphans (to put them in the order of vulnerability) remain at risk of rape in the camps.

          • Nick

            I agree with you Sandra.Going off on a tangent,we know that scores of females are being sexually assaulted in some way in the camps but those are the assaults that we know about.Which means that there will be scores of unreported sexual assaults.

            With this in mind what countries leaders,in the their right minds would allow these people into their countries? It beggars belief that our leaders can be so slack about something so dangerous.

            I’m not saying that every guy in the camps is a rapist but the hard fact is that too many of them are sexual offenders.

            What kind of idiots do we have running our countries? Scum that will turn a blind eye to rape just to make themselves look good.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            And given your far right have a history of that, you should under that logic be expelled. Where should you be deported to?

    • WindupBird

      According to the EU commissioner Niels Muiznieks we must not use the term “illegal migrants” instead we should use the term “irregular”. Infuriating that we are being lectured by a Latvian on how to speak our own language. Yes, vote leave!

      • Nick

        Oh I’ll be voting Leave alright,along with all my family and friends.

        Let’s hope it happens.

        • Leon Wolfeson

          So you’ll be terrorizing people into voting for your way… as you hope for slashing that evil trade…

    • E.I.Cronin

      Nick we all feel the same. I’m resigned and at ease about it now. It’s time for our civilisation and heritage to die. The only silver lining is the vast, rapid influx will destroy the mad ideology that made the ruination possible. And we will re-group. There will be a few places where North European and Anglo cultures survive.

      • Nick

        I appreciate your kind words E.I. and I have no problem with multiculturalism as the UK has been multicultural for centuries and long before the far left decided that it invented a mixed race society in the late 20th century.

        What I don’t like is invasion or islam as both tend to cause serious societal problems.

        And I agree that we will re-group but I guess that will be after some kind of European war/civil war.Because that’s where I see the whole Europe/refugees/immigrants/terrorists caboodle going.

        We can all see this coming but the politicians don’t.What’s up with them?

        • E.I.Cronin

          Yes that’s very true. Many people are historically illiterate and don’t realise our rich heritage was already naturally ‘diverse’ (sorry to use Leftspeak).

          ”We can all see this coming but the politicians don’t. What’s up with them?”

          I think they know exactly what they’re doing. Our heritage, liberty and safety is an acceptable loss in their eyes. Why would they care? The thing is, and I hope the full horror of what they’ve done is dawning on them, the conflict will destroy them too.

          • Nick

            I always try to remain positive but like anyone else I have my blips.And this morning after reading about Turkish visas and more immigrants coming into the UK,I had a blip.

            But I’m okay now and back to being positive and somewhere along the line the politicians will see sense and do the right thing for all of us.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Yes we’ve had some major blips lately. It’s very grim, but nationalists are gaining traction and there is hope.
            As a regular here said – keep your pecker up old bean! 🙂
            Take care mate.

          • Nick

            And you.;-)

        • Leon Wolfeson

          So you’ve picked out a first target – never stops there, though. As you blame them for the problems you want to cause.. as you “guess” the war you’re trying to start…

    • Richard

      As somebody who grew up as minority white in Africa, I can tell you quite definitely that white people have a genetic propensity to self-destruction.

    • Hippograd

      They’re not useless: they’re treacherous.

    • Read some history

      When we see the craven behaviour of the EU elites — on all fronts — the behaviour of American voters in the primaries begins to make some sense. They, too, are incensed by their own elites, and voted for Trump instead.

      • Nick

        I know we’re not leading up to a General Election but I wish that what is happening in America was happening here.

        • Read some history

          Agreed. The problem remains that America’s political system accommodates a grand shake-up in a way Britain’s system does not.

          • Nick

            And by God,we need a shake up.I was hoping that UKIP may have provided that shake up and they have done to some extent.But not as much as is needed and I had hoped for.

            I suppose patience is the key but I’m losing patience.

          • Read some history

            The country is slipping out of native hands.

            Chris Ward, for example, lost his lib dem parliamentary seat in Bradford in the 2015 general election — no matter how many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tirades he indulged in to please the new locals. He still wasn’t authentic enough for the voters, who elected a Muslim labour MP instead. Ward criticised what he described as “Pakistan politics” in the city, consisting of intimidation, bullying and inappropriate behaviour at polling stations.

            Ward just won a council seat in Bradford, and said “Pakistan politics” was still rife, adding: “We can’t have sectarian politics taking place in the British political system. This type of politics isn’t about doing work for the people of your ward, it is about running a bullying campaign. There are instances where we have groups of campaigners telling people who to vote.”

            It takes a Trump-like figure to investigate election proceedings at all constituencies and councils which ‘enjoy ethnic diversity’. UK parties are too feeble to act.

          • Nick

            All this bad news is getting me down,so I’m about to have steak and chips cooked by the missus then we’re going out to get bladdered.

            See you tomorrow.;-)

          • Read some history

            Have fun.
            The only recourse which we, the taxpayers and financiers of all governments’ profligacy — have, is to circulate as widely as possible all relevant information about the manifestations and end result of the suicidal immigration policy.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            Yes, I’m sure you want a Satanist coup.
            That evil democracy you’re losing patience with…

    • Leon Wolfeson

      Yes, less dead children, you could cry. How dare things hark back to the Kindertransport, and how children were saved from your ideological allies before!

    • Earthenware

      Vote for someone else, then.

      • Nick

        I voted for UKIP in May 2015.

  • Sid Falco

    Anyone who votes to remain in the EU is a traitor to European culture and civilisation.

    Only Donald Trump can save the West.

    • Errr!
      Trump is the Anti-Christ!

      • tenbelly

        Post already taken……by Bliar.

      • Cyril Sneer

        There’s a typo in your post. When you said ‘Trump’ I think you meant to type ‘Clinton’.

        And, no need to thank me.

      • Topsy Kretts

        Ivy League lawyer that is all talk vs business tycoon. I think Mr. Trump is more of a man of action than Obama and certainly more than Clinton. Hilary is just the ghost of Bill.

  • evad666

    At least put a thin Yashmak on the silly German woman.

    • Germans and their Turkish Allies don’t wear them!

  • Ingmar Blessing

    Merkels biggest mistake – well apart from the decision to break all rules concerning migration – was to pay Erdogan a visit shortly before the general elections in Turkey. With this unnecessary and stupid move she showed the Turkish people: Vote for Erdogan, he is the boss and has Europe in his hands.

    Considering that Erdogans politics have been known for being, well, dubious, before that visit and that it might have turned Turkey officially into a führer-state (goal of the election was to change the constitution), while dumping other parties (CHP, MHP), which might be a bit more sensible on the freedom and peace front, Merkel again did the exact opposite of what she should have done.
    One day she will considered the fatally worst leader of all times. Worse than all her contemporaries, and there are a lot of them who only screw up. Maduro, Kirchner, Bush jr. etc

    Bottom line is: Erdogan will seemingly go on doing as he pleases in Turkey and Europe, but that will change on the day the German leadership will go back to “normal”. If the things which Erdogan is doing are just half true, like delivering poison gas to terrorists, actively pursuing the Islamization via the Dianet system, incentivising the abuse of the social security systems in Europe etc, then they might put an end to Turkey as a whole: Suspension from NATO plus economic sanctions plus teaming up with the Russians and Asia Minor is gone.

  • Maturecheese

    Why is a certain poster on this message board, one with, shall we say misguided views, up-ticking his own posts? Isn’t that a bit sad?

  • John Carins

    Erdogan has been able to negotiate a much better deal than Cameron – from outside of the EU. It’s all about believing and playing to your strengths.

    • sebastian2

      This is a very interesting point. This suggests to me that Erdogan wanted EU capitulation more than Cameron wanted EU concession.

      One had the taste and instinct for it; the other didn’t. Cameron was half-hearted by comparison. To that you may add Turkey’s exemption from EU protocols and constraints. It hands were free. Cameron’s hands were tied – a bondage he seems happy with and wants more of.

      Turkey has gained huge amounts of EU (“our”) money in return for very little, plus the probability of visa-free travel, plus a promise of fast-track accession even though the country is unfit. All this for a non-European country bordering on one of the world’s most volatile and unpleasant trouble spots.

      Which just goes to show that dealings with the EU may achieve more from outside than from in. And that ruthlessness pays.

      As Trump says about negotiations – and he should know – “You have to be willing to walk away.” It’s time for us to walk away from Brussels.

      • John Carins

        Well put.

        • GoJebus

          Indeed. You can say many things about Erdogan (summed up nicely by Douglas Murray), but he recognises cowardly liberal custards when he sees them. He sits at one end of the scale. At the other end squat David Cameron, Merkel and the others who have sold their people out- a snivelling lorry-load of professional politicians and money grubbers. I have a feeling that history will remember them for having created the social and civic rot that begat a new revolution.

          • iand

            HEAR HEAR !!!

  • Peter Stroud

    How can any democracy loving person wish to remain in the EU after witnessing this disgraceful episode? How can any true Tory forgive Cameron his treachery? We need to get out of the EU, and we need a new Tory leader.

    • hobspawn

      “How can any democracy-loving person wish to remain in the EU after witnessing this disgraceful episode? How can any [Briton] forgive Cameron his treachery? We need to get out of the EU, and we need a new [British] leader.”


  • Richard

    Merkel is just looking for Erdogan to clean up the mess she has created. She doesn’t care about anything else, least of all the EU. Britain must leave, or lose all self-respect and all respect of others.

  • wibbling

    Considering the Eu re-writes and ignores treaty when it suits then, is not remotely democratic and has no interest in liberty it is rather laughable that these are the criterion it sets down for Turkey.

    We must leave the EU. It is a failure, a communist, fascist dictatorship that could never work.

    • LordJustin

      The “conditions” set down for Turkey are only for public consumption ie the elitist media.

      In truth, the elite couldn’t care less about democratic values. As Blair taught us, you CAN fool all of the people all of the time. Just tell massive lies, then legalise gambling, 24 hour drinking and lap dancing clubs, and the great unwashed will be so busy with the 3 Ps (Punting, Pissing it up and Playing with themselves) they won’t even notice.

      VOTE LEAVE ON INDEPENDENCE DAY, June 23. It may well be the last meaningful vote you will ever have – ON ANYTHING.

    • Sandra Barwick

      If the vote is to stay, what is to happen? Those who voted out, I think many Tory voters will move to UKIP, but I am not sure that I am seeing confirmation of that in the current polls.

  • LordJustin

    Before the German government rides roughshod over its citizens – again – and admits Turkey to the EU, they have to answer one KEY QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT CYPRUS! Turkey has had 40,000 troops occupying half of this EU member’s territory since 1974, when they invaded, deposed the Cyprus government, killed tens of thousands of Greek Cypriots and seized their land and homes. For the last 40 years UN forces have been containing them in the north of the island behind the “Green Line”, which runs right through the capital, Nicosia. Surely it must be a CONDITION PRECEDENT even to DISCUSSING Turkey joining the EU for them UNCONDITIONALLY to withdraw their forces from the EU’s territory.

    • amicus

      Fat chance of that, alas.

      • LordJustin

        Because most people have no idea what’s happening in Cyprus, and the media acts as if Cyprus doesn’t exist.

        • Tom Cullem

          The Tibet of the Mediterranean.

    • julian

      Sec. Nudleman (the F— the EU woman) already ordered Cyprus to cut ties with Russia and surrender to Turkey’s occupation. We can see how that settlement is going to go.

  • Augustus

    “Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, has persuaded the EU to grant visa-free travel to his 75 million countrymen inside Europe’s passport-free Schengen area”

    Yes, the sorry result of this genuflection towards this vile Turkish dictator is that an important piece of high-risk legislation, such as visa-free travel throughout the European continent for citizens of a non-EU country, can just be enacted this way as though it was just a formality. This actually symbolizes something even more serious than the visa-free travel permit itself. It proves the powerlessness, fear and political cowardice of the EU in standing up for its own standards, values and rules. And it will only prove more difficult to stop Erdogan’s triumphant progress both within and outside Turkey.

    • evad666

      Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been whispering sweet endearments in Angela’s ear.

      • 100

        And she now only has to f u c. k one goat intstead of two

  • shadsfan

    One more reason for the UK to vote ‘out’ on June 23. Anyone who was on the fence before this absurd revelation and still thinks you should remain in the festering EU rat hole is walking in their sleep. Best you wake up before you waste your vote.

    • 100

      There are many on here indeed that still believe that. They are quite seriously mentally ill.

      • shadsfan

        Surely not! They read the Spectator! Nevertheless, Erdogan is a goddamn wild card that you all need to be careful of. Do take care over there.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Remember Hague’s “referendum lock” law?

    This is from February 2012:


    “All of the provisions of the Croatia Accession Treaty relate to the accession of a new member State to the European Union and thus the Croatia Accession Treaty as a whole is subject to the exemption provided for in section 4(4)(c) of the Act.

    In my opinion the Treaty concerning the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union of 9 December 2011 does not fall within section 4 of the Act and no referendum is required in the UK.


    Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs”

    That was Croatia, the same would apply to Turkey and anyone who assumes we would have a referendum on whether Turkey should be allowed to join the EU is likely to be disappointed.

    • Roger Hudson

      Our government may be spineless fools but it only needs one country to veto Turkish membership. All those countries in the EU who suffered the invasion of the Turk are likely to vote ‘NO’, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Greece, even Croatia.

      • Denis_Cooper

        That’s right, let’s rely on people in other countries.

        The supposedly fierce eurosceptic Hague deliberately wrote a blanket exemption for all accession treaties into his “referendum lock” law to prevent us having our say directly, and so we will have to do that.

      • julian

        That’s always been false (that decisions must be unanimous). The EU Commission can go around them, and the commission is controlled by Germany.

      • In2minds

        If they vote NO they are forced to vote again, we have seen that before.

      • sebastian2

        Until Merkel gets her EU Militia. Then ……………….. orders must be followed without question.

  • trobrianders

    How can Germans stand Merkel?

    • Patrick_Blankfein

      Race guilt. Blonde is the new black.

      • Tom Cullem

        LOL – soon to be the case in Sweden and a few other formerly European nations.

  • Patrick_Blankfein

    We should thank our lucky stars for the Erdogan-Merkel fiasco. Now we can see the wood for the trees and get shot of the E.U.

  • Frank

    The EU Commission decision about granting visa-free travel to Turkish citizens has to be ratified by the EU Parliament, which will not be a complete walk in the park.
    Good point about Cameron – he is a moron, fancy having to be saved from your own words by France!
    I suspect that we will shortly be at war with Turkey – should last all of 5 days. This will then stop the local support for IS fighting in Syria and Iraq, so it will kill two birds with one stone.
    All this demonstrates just how barmy Merkel has become, Germany needs to remove her pronto.

  • Tom Cullem

    “Die Welt” yesterday carried an article stating that as many as 500,000 Turks might file for asylum once in Europe. And leave us not forget the other countries lined up for visa liberalization, also with large Muslim populations.

    And in other news, politico.eu reports Merkel stating that she would do “anything [she] could” to prevent a Marine Le Pen presidency in France – fancy the cheek!

    Ah, European Unity! What a marvellous sight!

    • Central power

      If a Turk wants to travel to Europe now – obtaining the visa presents no obstacle. It is granted automatically. Visa free status does not give you the right of abode. Getting to the EU from Turkey is not easy.Realistically you either fly (border controls) or go through Bulgaria (border controls).Obviously Turks can not claim asylum.
      One of the biggest EU mistakes was admission of Greece to Schengen and Euro.
      That virtually all asylum seekers are economic migrants – there can be no doubt. Why don’t they track to Iran – shorter distance, Muslim country which is conflict free?

      • Tom Cullem

        They can claim asylum once those 90 days are up. On the rest we are in complete accord.

        • Central power

          You can apply for asylum anywhere you like. I suppose Kurds can.Do you know the number of Turks actually getting asylum?

      • orhan arsel

        Not true!! I am Turkish citizen and a business owner. I have to travel to Europe frequently and I have to get a visa every single time, which is a daunting and lengthy procedure which can take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks to complete, no matter how many times I had previously obtained Schengen visas. My counterparts from Europe on the other hand, can decide to come to Turkey in the morning, hop on a plane around noon, and return back within a day. Not fair.

        And visa-free does not mean control free. At the entrance of any European border, it is up to the customs agent to grant entrance or not, with or without visa. I have seen people turned away with valid visas, including my sister-in-law.

        • njt55

          Why is it not fair? You are not part of the single market.

          • Jack Cade

            Ever hear of the customs union between Turkey and the EU?

          • orhan arsel

            In fact it is. Turkey has been part of the European customs union since 1994. This means that European goods and services are sold in Turkey without import tax or any kind of import restrictions. And vice versa. But a visa requirement for Turks makes it unfair competition, as I mentioned above. Visa makes my life very difficult to offer my goods or services in Europe, whereas for a European businessman it is a non-issue. It is indirect protection, and it is not fair.

        • Central power

          I did not say getting the vise is simple. But it is no more difficult than for UK citizens traveling “visa free” to the USA. Unless I am mistaken you can get visa (to the UK and Schengen) which are valid for a longer period than six months and are for multiple entries.As for Europeans travelling to Turkey.I doubt many will want to claim asylum there or stay as illegals.It is in the interest of the Turkish tourist industry to grant visas at the border.I was actually in my post suggesting that granting Turks visa free status will have no significant influence on the Turkish immigration to Europe.

          • orhan arsel

            Starting with the last part: I agree that visa-free travel will not influence Turkish immigration to Europe, because anyone who wants to immigrate illegally can do so in many ways, they wouldn’t bother going thru a lengthy and costly visa process. But a visa makes the lives of Turkish businessman, students, or academicians much more difficult and those are the people that have no intention to immigrate.

            A sub note: Turks who have immigrated to Germany during the 60s and 70s are coming back in greater numbers, as the standard of living in Turkey approaches Europe. 30 years ago the purchasing power parity was 1/5 th, today is about half.

            Now the visa part: UK can issue a 10 year visa to Turkish businessmen at a cost of 1000 pounds !!! Still it is a lengthy process, where you need to get an appointment at a UK consulate, present about 2 dozen documents, go thru an interview process, give biometric data etc., which takes anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks. Hardly like a UK citizen travelling to the US.

            For the Schengen area the procedure is about the same, but unlike the UK the Schengen visa is usually granted for 15 days for the first time, and then goes upto 6 months at most. My 20th Schengen visa was still 1 year long.

      • SvSh

        Er… may be it’s because Iran has no such a welfare programs as EU has? 🙂

      • Paolo

        “One of the biggest EU mistakes was admission of Greece to Schengen and Euro”

        That was the original sin
        Along with UK in EU!

        Please vote for brexit in june
        EU is not for british. We can agree an this, came on

    • E.I.Cronin

      Incredible isn’t it. Merkel can’t understand admitting another million during 2016 PLUS 500,000 Turks, is just what may propel nationalists, not just in France but across Europe, into power. The second round eliminated FN but how much longer will that barrier stand? And the niece is in the wings.

      • GoJebus

        I think she understands – she just doesn’t care. But she’ll rue the day.

        • E.I.Cronin

          I hope so. I want every one of these cultural assasins throughout Western nations to have painful, direct personal experience of the damage they’ve done.

    • MFarah

      Turkey will be wealthier than almost any EU country in the next few decades if current economic tracjectory under Erdogan continues. Why would Turks want to leave and join the likes of Bulgaria and Slovakia?

      • Mark

        Then why do the want visa-free access. Not sure where you got this conclusion that a country like Turkey with such a big debt and internal issues will be wealthier than any EU country but nevertheless it is a country where wealth is unequally distributed, where a lot o people don’t even know how to read etc.

        Does that answer your question? And yes they will not oin Bulgaria or Slovakia but Germany, France, Holland or the UK… for the same reasons that these countries have already large turkish communities

      • Jack Cade

        Ha ha ha

  • ossettian

    They’ve really accelerated the destruction of Europe, haven’t they?

  • Jacobi

    Turkey is an Islamic state of 70 million Muslims. It cannot ever be part of Europe or the EU. It is predominantly Sunni and is part of the Sunni/Saudi/ Qatar/ ISIL/Turkish alliance.

    Erdogan has out-foxed the E U negotiators and gained acceptance of visa free entry for Turks, subject to approval by all E U states? The Bulgars, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles and now Austrians will ensure this never happens.

    Schengen is dead, thanks to Merkel and with it any hope of revival of the old Prussian/Ottoman alliance.

    The aggressive Islamisation of Turkey is not a bad thing thing. We in the West have recently conveniently forgotten the ancient threat of Islam now in the form of Saudi/Turkey and it is good to be reminded.

    The answer to the on-going invasion of Muslims into Europe and U K ( from the Indian
    sub-Continent ) is clear.

    Arrest, humane confinement, separation of genuine refugees, including Christian!, from the circa other 90% of religious and economic migrants and Internment before returning them to their own countries.

    The quicker the 84 year-old Saudi state and the 94 year-old Turkish state are broken up and the Kurds given their own separate state the better.

    • Görkem Ataç

      Since you called Turkey as an “Islamic State” i did not even continue to read what you wrote.. Turkey is NOT an Islamic state. In Turkish constitution it declares that the state has NO official religion. It’s a secular state and one of the rarest states that secularism is officially included in the constitution

      • Hybird

        A truly secular state would have signed up to the UN Convention of Human Rights – not the Cairo version which is Sharia based.

        • Jack Cade

          Er, do check your facts. Turkey was one of the countries which voted to accept the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. And it accepts the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

      • Jack Cade

        Yep and religion is nowhere to be found in public life or education or politics? And one religion doesn’t enjoy privileges and state funds which the others don’t? I wish what you wrote was the case but times have changed.

      • Jacobi

        If you haven’t read, Gorkem, why bother to answer.
        However whatever you say, lets state the objective truth. Turkey is a Muslim state containing circa 70 million Muslims. Its President is a Sunni Muslim dedicated as all Muslims are, but Sunnis in a particularly determined way, to Islamise the world

        It has no place in Europe!

        By the way I presume you are a Muslim. What are you doing in the way of your duty and obligation to Islamise the world. Are you doing it in Turkey or are you already here in Europe Islamising us. Come on, give us a hint?

    • Hitler and Himmler loved Islam!

  • anneallan

    Nowadays, we don’t need the Rhine to freeze over to enable the barbarians to take over Europe.
    We have our own, homegrown poltroons doing the job for them.

  • Jojje 3000

    Why are we Europeans so self-destructive ? Anyhow this arrangement with Turkey being first call for refuges are much much better.

    • Trailblazer10

      You have been programmed.

      • Richard

        I believe it is something genetic. In South Africa, for instance, whites are ten percent of the population, or less. Yet, they give most of the blood used in the transfusion service. Literally, being bled dry. The indigenous there couldn’t care two hoots, will only give blood or organs if they are paid. In much (all?) of the Middle East, excepting Israel, it is a similar story.

  • Kasperlos

    It would appear that Mr. Erdogan has or is falling into the Caesar syndrome: he sees himself as a deity, not a mere prince How dare Mr. Juncker demote him! The latest developments regarding the P.M.’s resignation portends a much more rockier road for Turkey. The only question is how long will he last on the stage. Mr. Robert Mugabe is a spry 92 with no intention of exiting anytime soon. And we read that Erdogan’s son-in-law has been mentioned as a P.M. replacement. Mr. Erdogan had a new presidential palace built in a protected park. He truly has gone off the deep end. The EU and NATO do themselves and its tax paying citizens no favours in kowtowing to this iron-fisted Islamic autocrat. Along with many Kurds, there are many moderate Turks who no doubt will take up the visa-free travel with a one-way ticket to the West. And not only has the EU deal gotten Erdogan billions, it’ll rid him of millions of pesky opponents. Very dangerous times we are in. Very uncertain and unstable.

    • sebastian2

      Correct. But there is no place in Europe for a proto-Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent.

      • Jack Cade

        Why? The first one occupied a huge chunk of Europe.

        • sebastian2

          Once bitten twice shy.

    • Jack Cade

      No he doesn’t see himself as a deity. That’s polytheism and a big sin for him. He sees himself as the instrument of the divine will.

  • logdon

    Every now and then to remind me of the sanity Europe once had, I revisit my Kenneth Clark Civilisation DVD.

    As a barometer of the rise of Europe, it’s attendent glory and global supremacy it is unsurpassed.

    Those days are gone to be taken over by race replacement also known as the far more benign sounding multiculturalism.

    The death knell is tolling as this once glorious continent wallows in self abasement and a kind of putrefaction of its soul takes over.

    And not with much of a bang either (unless you’re a Swedish or German woman, or a Jew.)

    • Give our God Immortal Praise

      Gayism, secularism, atheism and other such nutjob stuff is mainly to blame. Fact.

      • Miss Floribunda Rose

        You sound like a bit of a nutjob yourself to be honest……But then again, so do I.

      • Donafugata

        And these enablers of islamofacism will be the first in line for the chop, or whatever punishment sharia deems appropriate for their particular perversions.

    • Miss Floribunda Rose

      They’re remaking ‘Civilisation’. Mary Beard will be in it, and three other presenters, one of whom is a member of an ethnic minority. Also, the new series will deal with the whole world rather than with Western European civilisation alone. I wonder what the result be like when it is finished? Titter.

      • logdon

        You may well titter, Miss.

        Clark was on the nail. This new one will be pure PC propaganda.

        It’s like when Melvin Bragg and co talk of the glory of Andalucia as a Golden Age.

        For imperialistic Moors maybe, not so the Christians forced into dhimmidom, subjugation, torture and death.

        • Miss Floribunda Rose

          True. The new ‘Civilisation’ will probably claim that the Renaissance could not have occurred without the influence of Islam on European culture in the early middle ages, and the final episode of the series will conclude with a celebration of the new multi-cultural Europe. Certain historical developments will be over-emphasised, others will be downplayed or ignored……We are all descended from migrants. We have been enriched. We are vibrant. And so on.

          • logdon

            Spot on.

            The only exceptions to this, ‘aren’t we all fab’ contest are Muslims who can practice their Seventh Century customs with impunity.

            It’s as if we’re living in two worlds on one continent.

            Unfortunately, contrary to every dictum devised throughout history, the indiginous get the wrong end of the largesse.

      • Richard

        Do what I did and buy a copy of the original series in Blu-Ray format. It is excellent! In my African childhood, we watched them on 16mm prints shown on a projector, not having television.

  • gullible

    ”The extent to which Erdogan has been able to take Turkey backwards is a modern tragedy.”
    This is an entirely accurate and correct statement. But the word ”tragedy” alone is insufficient in fully describing what is at stake. Erdogan is a political Islamist, disapproving of the concepts of the civilised/western world. As such, he is a man dedicated to destroy Ataturk’s westernised/secular Turkey and make it a full fledged member of the Muslim Umma in which he expects to become a prominent Sunni leader. Therefore, if successful, his plans portend a Middle East more dangerous for regional as well as for international peace and stability.

    • sebastian2

      The “Cairo Declaration” is the Ummah’s rival version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is a mohammedan tract. High sounding in places but, in the end, this:

      “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah”. (Article 24)

      Turkey has signed up to it.

      You may draw your own conclusions.

    • Trailblazer10

      “an opponent of the concepts and way of life of the civilised/western world.” So are the political parties currently in power in the West. No surprise The Merkel is besotted by him.

  • Give our God Immortal Praise

    Cameron, eh, he imposes gay so-called marriage and then tries to get Turkey in the EU which means in the UK. What a totally odious traitor.

  • Hippograd

    Moshe Kantor’s pretty powerful too. But he’s not a muzzy, unfortunately, so we won’t see Douglas interrogating issues around his totalitarianism and hatred of free speech.

    • Jason Lockie

      Oh, look! Deflection!

      • RWJetzt

        No. Simple truth. The Muslims didn’t fall from the sky to get here. Some people worked to get them over here. Those people weren’t, for the most part, ethnically British. Or German. Or French. Or American. The facts are all there. For those who can still think clearly underneath the avalanche of propaganda poured down on them since birth by the hostile media, that is.

      • Hippograd

        Oh, look! Someone who doesn’t want the truth to emerge!

        But okay, I admit it. Muslims got into Europe and the US entirely under their own steam. And thanks to their high intelligence and verbal fluency, they soon dominated politics and the legal profession. That’s how they got the hate-laws passed and siphon off so much money to Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. The First Amendment in the US is in their sights too. They’ve already approaching a majority on the Supreme Court, thanks to that high intelligence and verbal fluency of theirs.

    • Jews hate Mary and Jesus!

      • Richard

        I don’t think they “hate” them. None I have spoken to “hate” Jesus. They simply say he was a religious figure, not part of universal cosmology. That is a bit different.

      • Hippograd

        No, they don’t. They love Mary, Jesus and the Christian religion as a whole, which is why they hold the Christians who support them in such high esteem.

  • Miss Floribunda Rose

    It’s strange how the ‘far right’ has not resorted to organised violence yet. I wonder what the tipping point will be? Will there be an assassination attempt made on Merkel? It is possible.

  • Europe has deliberately taught itself not to understand what politics is (=unmediated, raw conflict). For the study and practice of politics, it has substituted the pietistic repetition of slogans like ‘cooperation’ and ‘international law’. It has become a continent of castrated clergymen. Like the one-eyed person lording it over the blind, Erdogan (and Putin) are just being what used to be common sense in a continent where all other supposed leaders are chanting theologists.

  • Jem James

    I am a Turk from Istanbul; and I am not happy with that deal. Erdogan, the autocrat, has taken EU hostage with the refugee card, and has managed to get (or let’s say, is likely to get) a large amount of money from EU. Who will be surprised if a significant part of that money will end up in the pockets of AKP cronies ?! Also, what about the freedom of expression in Turkey ? The situation in Turkey regarding freedom of expression is likely to get worse and worse, as Erdogan now thinks he can get away with almost anything.

    It’s not just freedom of expression of course. Democracy itself is at a risk in Turkey.

    Also, I wonder if Merkel is aware that her visit to Turkey just before the general elections here has proved to be a boost for the AKP fascists.

    I myself am not crazy about the visa-free travel (by the way, I don’t think that visa-free travel for Turks is to happen anytime soon, because there are various important objections). I care about principles. My view on visas is this: lifting visas in return for dumping unwanted refugees is a shame and unacceptable. I think that once a country is accepted formally as a candidate to the EU, the visas for its nationals should be lifted right away (I mean, travel visas; not work permit or anything like that). Either that, or if you are not ready to lift the visas for that country, just don’t accept it as a candidate yet. It just doesn’t make sense that for example some Asian countries’ nationals can travel to EU without visas, while an EU candidate nationals cannot.

    Turkey is sliding into an Islamofascist regime; and the AKP fascists and the fascists among the EU are happy ! They got what they wanted.

    • Jack Cade

      You mention the Islamofascism — but I am not sure that even Douglas Murray has properly grasped that aspect. It isn’t just authoritarianism which is being set up, it is a theocratic system. And don’t forget that as the Islamists dismantled the checks and balances of Turkey’s old system, Britain and its diplomats and politicians cheered and cheered them on. And Cameron kept silent in 2013 as the demonstrators were gassed in Gezi Park — and so did the EU. Well now they are going to have to live with the fruit of their blind short termism. Anyhow my friend, thanks for writing. Good to hear a Turkish voice here.

      • Jack Cade

        By the way, when Erdogan was first elected in 2002, he was portrayed as a studious moderate — and the BBC, Guardian and co all said the sort of things about him that today it is saying about the new mayor of London, the sort of Muslim who will take on the extremists etc.

        • Thyraeus

          Yeap, I remember the Guardian of the time taking the piss out of the Ataturk cult at the time and being fawning lickspittles for Erdogan and his party.It’s disgusting to see Merkel kow tow to this tyrant and in effect bless his repression in Turkey, all because of her own stupidity regarding refugees.

    • xenos2

      Correct is that islamic Malaysians can come in without visa.

    • Paolo

      “I think that once a country is accepted formally as a candidate to the
      EU, the visas for its nationals should be lifted right away”

      I do not think so. Candidate countries need to meet Union agreed and shared standards first.
      This is what a candidate status country is supposed to do. Overwise, why candidate?

      A personal note about “visa-free travel”:
      I never had to apply for a visa in all my life of business travels ’till last year. I have been requested to work for a week in Saudi Arabia and have been provided with invitation and document letters from my client to apply for a visa. I went to the Saudi Arabian consulate twice for that application and twice I found it empty. Nobody is applying for a visa and in my opinion nobody should. It has been my first and last visa application.

      The same client this year asked me to work for 2 weeks in Iran and provided me with letters to ensure my visa application. No application will be filed. I rather loose a client than apply for a visa ever again.

      And so should you! If a country asks you for a visa just go and bring your money and expertise somewhere-visa-free-else. I wish Turkey will ask for a visa so that I will never have to came back here again

    • AA K

      What a crock pot! Georgians, Ukrainians, Kosovars, Albanians should not require visas but an EU candidate nation’s citizens should? When Turkey applied for EC (before EU became EU) membership none of these countries existed. Mind you Turkey has been held at the door since 1950s. Such a long, un-ending wait at the door. And you, mockery of a Turk, come up with this mind-barf regurgitating anti-Erdogan propaganda pieces here.

      If you are waiting for a ‘good job’ you will wait a long time, unless you renounce your identity. Maybe you have already done that. In that case you should cease calling yourself a Turk.

  • Donafugata

    Ironically, the more regressive Turkey becomes, the more it is being welcomed into the EU.

    • Jeremy Poynton

      Or, the more regressive the EU becomes, the happier it is to welcome Turkey.

      • Trailblazer10

        The word is repressive.

  • Billo Qasira

    London now has a Muslim mayor who in the past has said that if Turkey is not allowed in the EU it will make Muslims in Britain view the EU as a ‘Christian club’ and make them alienated and susceptible to extremism. And some people on the Left are already touting Sadiq Khan as prime minister one day. The stars are aligning. Where is the leader of Europe who is not terrified to stand up for our civilisation?

    • The term British Muslim means Brown South-Asians!
      Not White European Muslims like White Bosnians, White Turks, White Kosovons, White Turkish Cypriots, White Macedonians, White Azeris, White Albanians, White Kazakhs, White Chechens that are 90% Secular.

      • Richard

        Can you be a secular Muslim? Isn’t that like being a pacifist soldier?

        • burjuvasinifi

          If you can be a secular (insert-Abrahamic-religion-here), yes.

          • Zaba

            islam is neither a religion nor Abrahamic

          • burjuvasinifi

            Secularism is not a part of Islam, but Islam is an Abrahamic religion…

        • Zaba

          a secular Muslim is an apostate;
          there’s a penalty for that……

        • So you can’t believe in God and the White Prophet Muhammad and Dress like a White European, Drink Alcohol, Gamble, Marry a Christian or Jew at the same time?

        • Oyku

          yes you can, it’s called being a Muslim Turk. Not everyone in Turkey is Muslim obviously but still Turkey is the only country with majority Muslim population that has secularism in its founding constitution (see Ataturk). Unfortunately, Erdogan is on a road to destroy all that–and btw that was/is also why some of our more fundamentalist Muslim neighbours reproach us (for being secular Muslims, or not Muslim enough). If you want to solve Middle Eastern problems, do a case study of Turkey

      • Zaba

        islam is the problem

        • BS!
          RACE is the PROBLEM!
          What do you expect coming from a Negroe Loving Communist Jew?

          • runningdog

            Mr Banner, why do you up vote yourself? Seems to be faintly unpleasant; a vey European thing to do.

      • Sarony

        That’s probably because the vast majority of those in Britain are from south Asia.

    • xenos2

      As lomg as the opponent was a jewish Rothschild finanzmogul son that was the better of the two evils.

      • Falcon


  • Cobbett

    It’s laughable when anyone says you’re ”anti-Europe” if you despise the EU…it’s the EU that is anti-Europe.

    • Trailblazer10

      The politburo and it’s grisly cheerleaders conflate the two.

  • The CARTOON PICTURE of Murderer Erdogan is a LIE coloring him a Tanned color when he is White like Merkel!

  • Terry Hawkins

    Urgent, Wall builders wanted for urgent project in Southern Europe…..

  • burjuvasinifi

    Illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus… Why did the Greeks refuse to live together with the Turks in the referendum? If they accepted, Turkey would not be in Northern Cyprus. Also, Turkey entered Cyprus because the Greek Cypriots were killing the Turks in hopes of an annexation…

  • mikewaller

    This is a brilliant article save only for one thing: what should Europe be doing? Fortunately Erdogan has so pissed off that other murderous tyrant, Putin, that we do no have to worry too much about a Turkey-Russia rapprochement if we take a firm line with the former. So my vote would be in favour of the EU spending really big money in other safe countries adjacent to Syria where refugees can be housed indefinitely provide we ensure that the locals are also beneficiaries of our largesse. We should also impose no fly zones where this is advantageous and practical to make it safe for large numbers of refugees to remain within Syria. The recent bombing of a refugee camp amply justifies this.

    As for Turkey, we should bring a halt to all talk of that country eventually joining the EU and become very, very critical of Erdogan’s anti-democratic and ill-liberal domestic policies. If he responds by opening the refugee floodgates, the EU should (a) help Greece out of its financial mess by paying for the building and funding of large holding camps in that country to house refugees pending transshipment to safe camps much closer to their own homes; and (b) giving Turkey a choice between us contributing to the heavy costs they are currently incurring in housing Syrian refugees or our heavily restricting cross border movement of goods as well as people. No doubt the economic price would be high but kowtowing to ruthless autocrat like Erdogan really ought to be unacceptable.

    • Lion 3

      So you call Putin a murderous tyrant? How many skulls is he responsible for in this world? how does it compare with the likes of Tony blair, camerion, or dubya where mass killings in iraq and lybia were not even counted but are setimated in their hundreds of thousands?? I would agree in a way if you call putin tyrant. but to call him murderous is stretching facts. stop lying to the world.

      • mikewaller

        Do you live in a dream world? Why not go stand in the middle of Aleppo and see what your pal drops down to you? As it happens, I just watched the MH17 documentary which shows the guy is not only a serial killer but a liar on a grand scale. And who do you suppose ordered the death of the guy who died of nuclear poisoning in London? Or could it have been there was just a bit too much radium on his watch face?

        And in Russia whose bumping off journalists who have things to say Putin doesn’t like? If you go back through history, no doubt you can find endless tyrants whose sheer barbarism eclipses that of another of their kind; but to use that to normalise the excesses of the latest monster seems to me stupid in the extreme.

  • Margot5000

    DOES anyone remember all those Spectator articles by Norman Stone glorifying Turkey? Would be interesting to hear from him now.

    • Jack Cade
      • Margot5000

        Sorry, you’ve lost me. Is he dead or something?

        • Jack Cade

          You’re lost? You do know how to click on a link, don’t you or is that too much of an intellectual challenge? You said it would be interesting to hear from Stone now. The link is to a recent article by him excoriating Erdogan. He’s done others.

          • Margot5000

            Yeah, OK. Don’t usually click on links as they’re usually long confirmations of the commenter’s views. Of the Stone article would say – too little too late. Do wonder why he’s not had one in the Spectator. Maybe those I remember were subsidised! – and any recent ones, if the Guardian one is anything to go by, would not be.

          • Margot5000

            I hope you understand by whom subsidised.

          • Jack Cade

            Seems like the law of libel is an intellectual challenge too.

          • Margot5000

            I realise it’s a pain having to deal with the intellectually challenged but would be grateful for patience as I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about. To recap: Stone wrote several articles in the Spectator quite a few years ago promoting Turkey and its entry into the EU. These were so bizarre that I assumed that he had taken the 30. With all the recent events it would have been interesting to have had a recent one with his views now. You directed me to one in the Guardian where it seemed he might have had some sort of mini Damascus moment. Still think it would be good to have a Spectator article with him doing a bit of mea culpa for the last lot.

  • No surprise here for anyone who has been paying attention: https://raptureandendtimes.com/2016/03/08/turkey-the-beast-in-the-middle-east/

    • Maria Millie May Chapman

      22nd Psalm, a messianic prophecy foreseeing the crucifixion of Christ: “For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet … Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog….Erdogan

  • wootendw

    Yet another good reason for Brits to vote for Brexit. But will they?

  • ObserverinMonmouth

    Brexit is the right thing for the UK and we are lucky to be a Northern European country separated from the Continent by a very cold sea channel. At least this makes migration more difficult. I feel sorry for mainland Europe as its much more difficult for them to manage migrants. Regrettably Merkel’s well publicised invitation to asylum seekers and migrants to travel to Germany has exacerbated an already chronic problem. Her message has resonated around the World and has been interpreted as an open invitation to come to Europe. This will probably never be undone! Our borders are penetrated by numerous legitimate transport routes and they cannot be monitored effectively so migrants are coming in ever larger numbers.

  • An-Nusantarani

    God bless President Recep Tayyip Erdogan!
    The strongman takes the reins of history.

    • Gabriel Barreto

      History is made by men, in plural. The “strong” (more like thieflike) men only makes history disgusting to read, á lá Holocaust.

      • Holocaust? Watch “The Turkish Passport” , only holocaust movie with happy ending.

  • amanuenensi

    Europe and the UK should simply enforcing existing laws. It just costs money to do it. You need to train and pay immigration police, border patrols, immigration judges, you need deportation centres and you need to deport. None of this needs new rules, just money, manpower, and will power. The UK is notorious world wide for slack enforcement: you arrive, apply for asylum, fail, and just walk away. If you get arrested you will certainly be released. The Europeans are just as hopeless, you get stopped with no papers, you are illegal, so the police just let you go. Not so in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. You are illegal, you are arrested. There does not need to be ‘pogroms’, no racist raids on Mosques or restaurants that will frighten ordinary citizens with a fear for lost liberty, just get the state to fund immigration control, follow the existing laws, and get on with it. Then these thugs like the Turkish leadership can be ignored.

  • Richard

    If you want to see how the UK works, look at the last days of Rhodesia. Anything went under British government, even things that were proscribed. Britain stood for nothing, even what it said it stood for it didn’t. It was nothing but a shoe-horn for a terrorist to take power. Don’t expect anything different here.

  • Chris de Boer

    well, the eu is just a jun(c)kyard thanks to its president of that horrendous eu-commission . . .

  • Trailblazer10

    The EU is a totalitarian fanatical cult.

  • longlance

    Erdogan has behind him the military might of USA, the money of Saudi Arabia, and the insidious influence of Israel. How can he lose?

    • Falcon

      You black-hearted, one track minded simpletons are as easy to anticipate as moving one’s bowel after fluctuating. Go polish either AraFart-Abbas or tRump’s you know what.

  • Fashionista

    Europe is incredibly cuckolded by Cultural Marxist and Islamist forces. It makes me sick to the stomach.

    • Lista

      And moral relativism.

  • Out of Control Govt Spending

    Strong man takes over Germany due to a weak leader, then quickly conquers the rest of Europe. Britain retreats for survival across the channel. Only thing missing is genocide… wait… Kurds and Armenians.

    History repeats itself.

  • Machin Tosh

    The Big Conqueror of West , will be marked in history by they mades .

  • Europe will become Europistan and all the liberals will find safe haven in the jungles of Africa.

  • I think writer start with very wrong assumption about Ottomans. Ottomans were more European by geographically than modern Turkey. Moreover Istanbul was capital of East Roman Empire before finished by Ottomans. Ottomans held eastern Europe for about 500 years. In other worlds, some of the countries you say ‘European’ was part of Ottoman Empire for a very long time. Anyway I’m not saying Ottomans were European, but the first statement of the writer is just absurd.

    If we continue with geographic point of view, Turkey’s small part is in Europe, but bigger part is in Asia, actually what is called “Anatolia”. Therefore parts of Istanbul that are apart by Bosphorus called as “Anatolian Side” and “European Side”.

    If there were Bulgars in Today’s Turkey, the writer wouldn’t question Bulgar’s European-ness. So the problem is not geographic, it is “emotional”. Recent history book of Europe are mostly about wars and hate speeches about Turks. So how can they be part of European? Thanks to the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, most of the Americans think Turks riding camels (and hate scenes in the movie is a bonus).

    Now, it is quite popular to make hate speeches of Erdogan. Who supported Erdogan? It came to rule by support of U.S. and Europe (he even visited European leaders before winning on elections). Although his negative speeches about Israel, their government opened many ways to Israel ( I mean OECD, NATO). Now west media is targeting Erdogan, although they were creating very positive articles until recently. So what you think as your own ideas are mostly created by this kind of writers and media.

    Anyway if we turn back to visa. I really can not see any relation of refugee crisis with visa rules. Moreover, I can’t see any relation between visa and terrorism rules in Turkey. Both are stupid politics. But please stop making hate speeches about Turks, because of stupid politics of your and our politicians.

    • Daniel K

      Oh wow, could you be any more ignorant?
      Firstly, Constantinople or Byzantium was the capital, not Istanbul, that’s like saying the Roman Empire included Turkey!
      Secondly, Bulgars gave their name to Bulgaria but native peoples remained and the culture is European and christian, unlike in Turkey where the culture is asian and moslem.
      Thirdly, only the western half of Anatolia was ever part of the European world and it hasn’t been now for 600 years. Thanks to ethnic cleansing of Armenians, Greeks etc, there is very little left of the original culture.
      Turkey should be broken up – the European part given to Bulgaria, the easternmost parts given to the Armenians and Kurds, Northern Cyprus returned to the true native population, Asian part of Istanbul should become an international city then the remaining part can form a new country, maybe even call it something like Anatolia.
      No reason for Turkey to exist anymore, it’s a toxic entity, it would be better for the current population too.

      • Yiğit Oktar

        Yeah everyone stays where they were born right? Perhaps America should be returned to natives, in your logic. But wait, are there any natives left?

        Perhaps, you should revise your definition of ignorant

        • Daniel K

          No thanks, I’ll stick to the dictionary definition which is roughly being unaware of something.
          Let’s face it, if Europeans hadn’t created such a vastly better place to live this wouldn’t be an issue. Why don’t you west asians try and make your own nations better instead of parasitising off of ours?

          • Yiğit Oktar

            Yeah, let’s just stop all trades going on including basic supplies, then we will see who is more of a parasite.

          • Basil Fotherington-Thomas

            Turkey has always been a parasite on Europe – that’s why they call turkey, the “Sick man of Europe”.
            Turkey has always been weak because the people have a low IQ and have chosen to allow islam to control them.
            You were better off when you listened to Kemal Ataturk: ““Islam — this abstruse theology of an immoral Bedouin — is a rotting corpse
            which is poisoning our lives.”
            Keep going the way you are going and the jews will nuke you..

          • My dear super high IQ friend Tomas. “Sick man of Europe” is used for Ottoman empire in 19th century. not for Turkey. Today it is used for European countries who has weak economy. Check wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sick_man_of_Europe

            But ohh sorry, smart guy knows everything, no need to read or study.

            “Jews will nuke you”. You only have hate speeches and empty dreams.

          • Yiğit Oktar

            Well, I am still loyal to all of Ataturk’s principles and there is like 25-30% that still does so. When last Bush was the leader of US, I guess the IQ level of the whole country was in ruins (or if Trump ever to be selected, US IQ levels will have to be reconsidered.)

            Plus, Ataturk did not have any direct insults to Islam. For him, all religions were alike whether it be Christianity or Islam. Your quote is perhaps fake. as I have never heard of that Bedouin guy and perhaps he had his own distorted theology. Even this is a real quote, the criticism is to that guy. Any distorted theology of any religion will perhaps be poisonous, on the other hand a peaceful theology will be beneficial to all beings.

            Religious tendency has more to do with education than low levels of IQ, and that same tendency appears in every nation with different percentages.

            Note: Turks are in their best when the times are catastrophic. It is better to avoid all contact at those times. You may call them parasites, cockroaches, or whatever you like, but I bet they will top the charts if a doomsday ever comes. Their DQ is measured to be high in general.

      • Dear Daniel K.
        I think you have many problems, along with understanding of what is written. But this is not problem for a person like you, as you will understand everything from your own point of view. And no comment can change your sick mind.

        I suggest you to watch a song from Flood album of “They Might Be Giants” : Istanbul. And then check where was Constantinople is located geographically. And Ottoman did not force on assimilation of nations, they prefer to assign collaborating local leaders/rules to the lands they conquered. So they had much more vision on managing different ethnic people who are speaking too many different languages. They did not lose because of this vision, they lose because of lack of commerce/capitalization mind. Ottoman had war economy, and they did not give importance to trade economy.

        Bulgars are mixtures of Turkic-Slavic nations. Just read some books or just look at wikipedia about Bulgars. By the way, Turkish people are also mixture which rooted back to central asia.

        About Greeks, if they were not greedy in WWI, they still can hold Izmir (smirna) or west coast of today’s Turkey. And you should read what they did and what they get during WWI.

        Armenians are used by people like you, and you should focus on what they did during WWI (how many civilians are killed by their organizations) for the hope of having their own country which are proposed by Russians. You can check where the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is founded and managed and what they did before 1915. What Armenian calls as genocide was just “getting rid of problems that are created by Armenians militant groups by sending them out of Ottoman empire”. And have you ever heard how many civilians those Armenian militants killed? And your small mind thinks that “Ottomans made genocide to Armenians because they were Christians?”. I think those Armenian militant betrayed both innocent Armenians & Ottomans, I don’t think all Armenians should be punished because of those idiots but the governors of Ottoman empire did not think like me at 1915.

        About Cyprus, I think you are not good at understanding of what you read, so it is better to watch a documentary “Voice of Blood 2: Searching for Selden” which is created by a Greek director.

        Thank you for your hate speeches about Turkey. The things you are saying are not new, and unfortunately the things I mentioned will not make a sense for your determined mind.

        • hyemarsh

          Typical ignorant dirty Turk – blame the Armenians…

          • Thank you for your comment. Yes you are very open minded, very visionary person. Your comment added a lot to the conversation. It would be difficult for you but sometimes you had better to use something which is totally free and inside your skull.

          • Basil Fotherington-Thomas

            He could use the empty space inside YOUR skull – it’s not doing anything..

          • One more smart high IQ guy again.

  • Foxall

    If Turkey had been in the EU at the time the German comedian offended Erdogan, they would have invoked the European Arrest Warrant and the comedian would by now be rotting in a Turkish jail. Why on earth did the EU want Turkey to join? What do they have to offer culturally, socially and economically?
    The EU seems to be empire building for its own sake.

    • sussexoracle

      Most of the EU doesn’t want Turkey to join. The Americans do though, and the UK has been campaigning on their behalf. That’s why Obama doesn’t want us to leave; the UK is the US proxy at the EU top table,

  • Mary Barnes

    We need to ensure that he does not become the most powerful man in Europe.

  • Arclight101

    If the EU had taken Australia’s advice and ‘turned the boats back’ at sea it could have nipped this crisis in the bud long ago and wouldn’t have to pay Turkey anything. But one of the many problems with the EU is that it’s only as strong as its weakest most whiny member, and sure enough Sweden was against turning boats away, and so disaster duly ensued. Millions of migrants to the EU, then billions of euros to Turkey followed by visa free travel for all Turks. Seriously folks, the EU’s not going to improve, vote Leave.

  • hyemarsh

    To answer the question posed in the title, Erdogan is doing the same thing that Hitler did – aspired to create a nation of purebreds (more like inbreeds…) by vilifying, driving out and killing all those who were note “pure” – it started a 101 years ago with the Armenian Genocide, and continues today with the iron fist with which Erdogan rules. He is boisterous and obnoxious and instead of dealing with it and with him, they pacify him – again, sounds just like Hitler – even the mustaches are similar.

  • Chuck

    Do we remember the 9 Crusades? Islam and Judeo-Christianity can not co-exist! We are now in the 10th Crusade
    and Muslims are invading and occupying Europe, and procurating in great numbers. If these people are not deported
    Europe is doomed. Don’t let this happen in the US and the Americas!

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    A leader who closes down newspapers and imprisons journalists, he is a joke.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Erdogan has fused together Turkish neo- Fascism, and Islamist ideology.

  • JongweRachembera

    The Leftists have “opened their minds” so wide, their brains have fallen out. Europe must wake up to history brutally repeating itself! The hordes are coming, ready the boiling oil!