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The EU's deal with Turkey exposes the moral vacuum at its heart

And the EU is capitulating. That doesn't make David Cameron's referendum task any easier

12 March 2016

9:00 AM

12 March 2016

9:00 AM

Looked at from the narrow perspective of how to deal with the lethal business of human trafficking across the Aegean, this week’s deal between the EU and Turkey shows some encouraging signs. Slowly, the EU seems to be realising that the surest way to stop migrants dying in unseaworthy boats is to adopt similar measures to those used by Tony Abbott the former Australian Prime Minister: turn back the boats, and deport those who land illegally. The Australians paid Malaysia to help handle the migrant problem. The EU is paying Turkey more than £4 billion over the next three years to contain 2.5 million refugees.

The problem, however, is that Turkey is being offered more than money. The EU, in its desperation, says that within a few months it will offer Turkey’s 77 million citizens the ability to travel to any of its 28 member states without the need for a visa. Worse, it will fast-track Turkey’s application to become a full member of the EU — and turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of Recep Erdogan’s regime. Not that he wants to join the EU: he just wants to show his domestic audience that can behave how he likes, lock up who he likes, and have the EU eating out of his hand.

Looked at in the whole, what we saw this week was not so much a mutual agreement as the EU giving into Turkey’s demands. David Cameron was unable to negotiate a significant deal for Britain in the EU because he used reason, rather than threats.

It is nearly 30 years since Turkey first applied to become a member of the EU. Negotiations in earnest began in 2005, when it was made clear that Turkey would not be admitted until it made serious progress in democratisation and improved its dismal record on human rights. Since then, the country has gone backwards in these respects. Three days before this week’s summit, Turkish police raided the offices of the Istanbul newspaper Zaman. The publication is now run by Erdogan’s government.

This is just the latest in a series of authoritarian crackdowns: the Turkish state has been imprisoning critics, and turning the screw on Kurdish separatists. Now, if Erdogan takes the hammer to the Kurds, he can expect the EU to say nothing.

Erdogan’s recent behaviour suggests he no longer fears censure from the EU. Almost 2,000 people have already been indicted under an article in Turkey’s criminal code forbidding insulting remarks towards the president. This includes a 17-year-old boy who was given a suspended sentence for accusing Erdogan of being ‘the thieving owner of an illegal palace’.

In another case, a journalist is facing 23 years in jail for making claims that state prosecutors have corruptly obtained discounted properties. The way things are going, EU member states may soon find themselves having to cope with a new tide of asylum seekers: Turkish journalists and political activists fleeing their country’s increasingly dictatorial government.

Part of the appeal of the EU project was the idea that it would exert soft power; that countries like Turkey would become more liberal in the hope of being rewarded with closer ties with the European Union. Now the world is beginning to see that the EU’s commitment to democracy and pluralism does not run very deep. The Turkish deal exposes a moral vacuum at the heart of the EU: it is a never-ending compromise between 28 countries who see the world very differently. It is a semi-functioning bureaucracy, driven by panic rather than commitment to any series of beliefs.

Britain was, for many years, in favour of Turkey joining the EU — but that feeling was not shared widely on the continent. France is so opposed to the idea of Turkey joining that the EU constitution was changed to guarantee the French a referendum to block such a move. Now Turkey could be joining anyway. If this happens, the EU’s borders will extend all the way to Syria — a prospect certain to boost support for far-right parties, which are now on the rise across Europe.

So a deal that was intended to reduce immigration may end up having the opposite effect. By ceding visa-free travel for Turkish citizens at the height of a migrant crisis, the EU will further increase migration. People-traffickers have already been caught selling fake Syrian passports, which are being used by non-Syrian economic migrants intending to pose as refugees. From June onwards, Turkish passports may well be in demand if they give instant access to the EU.

At each turn during the immigration crisis, the EU has proved itself capable of making a bad situation worse. The Prime Minister is trying his best to argue that the EU is a source of stability and security in an uncertain world. It is not making his job any easier.

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  • Rik

    Don’t pay the Danegeld,watch Farage’s speech in the EU parliament

  • T Gould

    If Turkey gets EU membership, doesn’t that mean they could issue EU arrest warrants? That is a seriously scary prospect.

  • Roger Hudson

    The Maastricht treaty made enlargement subject to every country agreeing, just one veto and it can’t happen how ever much the EU ‘elite’ puppet masters want it . Countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus , Greece , Austria will never agree to Turkish membership.
    Stop trying to push the issue, it’s settled, no entry Erdogan.

    • Mongo

      wouldn’t put it past the EU dictators to change or amend that rule. They change rules at a whim

    • SunnyD

      I so hope you’re right, and yet I fear what Mongo says might also be true

  • Fenman

    Doesn’t matter Mr Hudson, by allowing Turks visa free access the EU have opened the flood gates wider and totally undermined Cameron’s case.
    There is also no chance that blue collar workers are going to see an increase in real wages in the forseable future with the continued mass immigration of cheap labour. The unions need to wake up.

    • abrogard

      I’m not sure but I think Thomas Sowell’s economics as in his book ‘basic economics’ quotes instance after instance where cheap labour immigration led to an increase in wages and living conditions in the host country. I think the mechanism is supposed to be that cheap labour allows for more production…. excellent book anyway, even if I’ve got it wrong… that and ‘cosmic justice’, eye openers.

  • robbo765

    So you have two choices as a migrant in Turkey.

    1) Buy a fake Turkish passport and plane ticket to the destination of your choice, including ones not reachable by foot.

    2) Buy a fake Syrian passport, pay a people smuggler thousands of dollars, risk your life in a dinghy and trek across Europe.


  • Sertan

    As a Turkish citizen every time I read “it is awful that Turkish citizens don’t need a tourist visa to see Eiffel tower, or Rome etc” it really upsets me. I am also amazed how every single news outlet knowingly and provokingly stating 77 million muslim Turks will be freely roaming in the EU. That’s simply bigotry. With 200 million population and half the GDP per capita that Turkey has, Brazilians have the right to freely roam in the EU for many years. This year Ukraine and Georgia is also getting visa liberalization but nobody is worried about illegal immigration from war torn country like Ukraine, or poor Georgians. On top of it only ten percent of Turks own a passport. Besides, the visa liberalization process started in 2013 before the refugee crises and now it is being concluded 6 month earlier than it was originally planned. Turkey had 72 criteria to fulfill for the visa liberalization. One of them is insanely secure new generation passports that contains a chip and the owners finger prints. I just can’t write a comment under every article, but come on people, if these journalist writing these articles don’t know about these facts, imagine the regular public. Stop the xenophobia, or don’t based your judgement on people’s belief system, that’s against the very core European value. Most of Turkish youth is not even practicing religion or atheists. It is laughable to see people are scared to have Turks walking on the streets. They already do it everyday, more than 95 percent of the visa applications are accepted today. We just don’t want to pay money and travel to Ankara to visit an embassy anymore. I think that’s stupid, and it is even more stupid to see how this is being used for politics.

    • Mongo

      ‘ Brazilians have the right to freely roam in the EU for many years.’

      so does anybody. But they don’t have the right to freely come to the EU

      • Sertan

        They do have the right to come to the EU freely. They are part of the visa liberalization . Now your facts before talking.

    • Jacobi

      You will start then with 7.7 million Turks. Extra passports an easily be distributed. I am scared of Turks, not militarily, Allenby sorted the Ottomans out for a while in 1917/18, but of Turks with Islamic intent which you now have, and we in the West have not yet woken up to.

      • Sertan

        Which Turks with Islamic intents? what are you talking about?, people are as religious as they like to be as it is in Rome, Berlin, Paris or in Mississippi. Governments has to cater their voters. They are the ones come across strong and extreme in every level. Turks are Turks, carrying on with their lives, educations, entertainments. Most of them are atheists like me, or from different sects or religions. Also the country is not only one race. We are ethnically mixed. It is so strange to read all these silliness. Perhaps because I have a masters in international politics, that’s why I don’t see these things as simple as you guys do. Listen to yourselves, sounding like full of hatred towards a whole nation. On a side note, Turks didn’t need any visa until 1982. We had a coup d’état and following that European countries started to practice visa system and now finally we are getting back to what we had in the past after 30 years. Also even Turks don’t make a big deal out of this as you guys do. I just simply wish that you said it out loud, you simply hate Turks. Why don’t you just spit it out instead of wrapping it into all these ill informed, baseless stories. I suppose your intentions are to hide your bigotry but also make some supporters by provoking convincing people with all these stories.

        • Jacobi

          All Muslims have Islamic intent otherwise they would be heretical Muslims, which I am sure you are not?
          And who is talking about racism. You are the only one apparently?
          And you haven’t answered my question!

    • SunnyD

      these Turkish people aren’t typical of the types we in Britain want on our streets http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/crime/kens-fried-chicken-shop-workers-jailed-for-attack-on-sailors-1-7259034

      • Sertan

        uhmm…I am really trying to make connection between these Arabic/Afghani people and being a Turk. None of them are Turkish and they beat a guy in a restaurant. I mean, is that the reason you don’t want Turks in the EU? You know this whole thing has spiraled out of control, now people passed ‘we hate your government’ stage and they directly target Turkish citizens and also muslims. What’s wrong with you people? It seems like Trump supporters are everywhere. Can’t anyone see this is a xenophobia and bigotry? What kind of European value is this?

        • Paolo

          you are not listening: please keep bigotry to yourself

          • Sertan

            I have a tendency to ignore parasites like you. Did you say something bigot?

    • E.I.Cronin

      ”don’t base your judgement on people’s belief system, that’s against the very core European value.”

      No – that’s an EU ‘value’. And look at the results across Europe and the Western world.

      Non-discriminatory immigration policy must be one of the West’s most catastrophic mistakes. Judging people according to the content and results of their belief system is now a matter of national and cultural survival.

      I sympathise with some of what you say and I realise you may not be free to talk honestly and openly about what is occurring in your country. But from where we sit – the fundamentalist and extremist strain within Islam asserts itself in every Muslim nation. We’ve had enough. And loyalty and affection for one’s cultural and ethnic heritage isn’t ‘xenophobia’. It’s actually the basis for a stable, safe and genuinely cohesive society.

    • Kasperlos

      On the main, my experience with Turks while visiting in Turkey was very good. I’ve had no problems with Turks while living in Europe. I think the danger lies with Turkey’s radical shift to seemingly becoming an Islamic state not in line with the ideals of Attaturk. Consider Istanbul. Istanbul in the 1980s and early 90s was a relatively free and easy place, filled with many young women without head scarfs. With millions of Turks migrating to Istanbul from Erdogan’s conservative Muslim base in Anatolia Istanbul, along with the rest of the country, has dramatically changed to a more severe country, moving towards a Saudi Arabia. I can’t blame many young Turks for wanting to resettle in Europe where they can feel free from the Imams and the pressures of conforming to the strict tenants of Islam. In short, most Europeans do not want to live in a caliphate and have real reason to fear the mass influx of Islamic Turks who harbour Erdogan’s movement.

  • Frank

    Yes, but you don’t ask the key question: why is Cameron so keen to shackle Britain to the festering corpse of the EU?

  • ThatOneChap

    It’s incredibly telling that this strong, powerful political bloc that we absolutely MUST belong to, otherwise we are doomed is being completely pushed around by a single nation that frankly, in global terms, is not the most potent about. The EU has capitulated almost instantly and still Turkey is demanding more. More that they are very much likely to get. And we are to believe that the EU can stand up to Russia, China or the United States when it can’t even stand up to Turkey?

  • kieran mitchell

    The ultimate irony is that they blame us for creating this crisis but turkey has done more to facilitate the creation of ISIS than every european country put together. They’ve been funding sunni islamic opposition groups from the very start, they’ve armed them, protected them, they’ve deliberately let tens of thousands of european muslims to pour into syria to join the Jihad and fight for ISIS. Meanwhile they’ve actively encouraged anyone from cross the muslim world to come and hop over to their ancient nemesis Greece.

    It is also now clear that Turkey is part of the whole Saudi-funded sunni coalition with Pakistan in the east and Turkey in the west to completely Islamise the muslim world, by exporting a hardline salifist ideology, and by doing so create an enormous flow of religious immigrants to Europe in order to Islamise Europe. Turkey is an integral part of this flow, driving as many Muslims into Greece and therefore into the entire EU, they’re sending as many as the European systems will tolerate or accommodate before breaking down into chaos and bankruptcy.

    I do not think Erdogan is evil or purely selfish, on the contrary, I think he is simply a clever, committed, Sunni Muslim, obeying the will of he who he sees as his prophet.

    • Sertan

      Listen I am not an Erdogan supporter or something, but I am amazed by the scenarios and paranoia that surrounds this issue. Deliberately supporting Isis? I mean everybody here are so ill informed, and making up stuff and then making it sound like a reality. Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry, bigotry…that’s it, people are so narrow minded, that I think you have no difference than the fundamentalist muslims you look down upon. You are simply on the other end of the scale, that’s it.

      • Paolo


        People are expressing personal opinions here. This is a forum!
        Turkish people are not the topic here. I lived in turkey over the past 4 years and traveled all over the country several times. I may know more places and more people in turkey then you do.

        Turkey is blackmailing EU and this deal is dirty. We need to stop it right now or there will be no more EU or Schengen. Turkey should not be allowed to join EU till it shows some compliance in standards and a minimum of civilization development – There are almost no trains and few motorways in this country, not to mention the technology divide and the poor internet connection( ADSL at best along with 3G at most). Turkey should not be granted visa free access. They are good people, much better then Italians (me being Italian), but the government policy with Kurdish and Syria is too foggy and Turkish controls and personal identification handling is not reliable.

        All comments above, mine included are opinions based on facts. Facts like Turkey’s rankings in human rights listings, Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus 1974, Turkey’s support on criminal organizations, Turkey’s status as not developed country, Turkey’s 100 years denial of Armenian genocide, the origin of species by Charles Darwin denial in Turkish education system… I can go on and on… but, we all have internet access and we all can document our self.

        I have internet access, I pay for a DNS proxy to elude censorship and VPN tunneling to access real information.

        This is like a forum. People speak up and comment. You can listen, argue or leave. But please keep bigotry to yourself. Thanks

        • Sertan

          Few motorways and no trains? Not only a bigot but a liar you are. You must be a fake and here to stir up some bs. I am arguing and telling you this, you are a bigot and a liar. Besides you read your facts from bible and scared of an old man in the sky. Who are you to tell me about facts? First go study your own fascist history and corrupt government. Now put this in your pipe and smoke it Italiano.

          • Paolo

            I wrote: “There are almost no trains and few motorways”.

            Only Istanbul and Ankara are connected with a rail way which used to end in Eskisehir, up till 2013. Unfortunately, I cannot use it as it departs from the Asian side of the town and it would take me up to two hours just to get to the station. There are other few railways in the country but those are mostly local transport (like Izmir connection to its own airport and only recently Ataturk Airport with down town or the Mamarail to cross the Bosporus) and do not count as real trains. To be honest, I saw a few other railways in the south east like Antep to Diyarbakir but I noticed they are cargo only and low speed trains.

            There is one motorway from Edirne all the way down to Ankara (it used to stop in Bolu back in 1998, before the tunnel was opened). There is another one from Mersin to Urfa and then from Tarsus to Kayseri (but it ends way before Kayseri). The last one I remember is from Izmir to Aydin which is like 120 Km long or so.

            Now, I might not know of other rails or motorways. I might be ignorant on the matter, but I am no liar. I will not waste anybody’s time and will not reply to you anymore. Have a good day

  • Jacobi

    It is good to summarise sometimes. The Middle East and the Biblical Lands are in a shambolic mess. The main player, Sunni/Saudi-Arabia, is free to pursue its two main objectives of eliminating non-Sunni forms of Islam, and of Sunni Islamising the West. Its allies are Qatar, ISIL and Turkey.

    Seljuk, Ottoman, Sunni /Turkey, a nation of 79 million Muslims is the effective operator in this latter objective, and will be more so this coming summer. It feeds in as many Muslims as it judges the West, in it confusion and now panic, will take. The panic is added to by threats, demands for money and for membership of the EU, which will enormously ease the Islamisation of Europe.

    The EU, Schengen , is finished. Merkel has seen to that. The EU negotiators made a disastrous mistake in admitting the possibility ever, of Turkish membership. The Turks will press for Turkish visa relaxation and this will almost be as bad as membership.

    Solutions to complex dangers are usually complex. They will consist of,

    Cessation of arms supply to Saudi -Arabia and Turkey.

    A Coast Guard to prevent migrants leaving the Turkish, Libyan or any other shore.

    Arrest, humane detention and internment , of migrants followed by return to point of

    • Sertan

      So you’re suggesting that, as a Turkish citizen when I travel visa free as a tourist to your country, I will convert you into a sunni muslim, as it is the case for any Christian would do when they travel to Turkey. This stupid rhetoric makes me sick to my stomach. It is a simple bigotry. As if the entire Turkish population will flood the EU as soon as they can travel free of a tourist visa. I am tired of responding these comments, it is like KKK club having a party here. All those stupid comments being exchanged only to satisfy your hateful alter egos. No one who knows about political science can write all these nonsense. Go back to what you do best, sit in front of your computers and type along your hate scenarios somewhere else and leave politics to licensed people.

      • Richard Lally

        I sympathize. I read the Spectator because of its sensible articles on every subject other than the EU. Unfortunately because the Spectator’s position is anti-EU it attracts a lot of frothing at the mouth xenophobes whose passionate hatred of “Brussels” makes them incapable of rational thought.

      • Jacobi

        1. ,

  • SunnyD

    In case anyone needs a reason to vote out of the EU in June, think about this: the EU’s “borders” are currently shaky at best. The deals currently considered to grant Turkey EU membership are, in my view, tantamount to holding the EU to ransom and highly misguided.

    There are cr3tins in Turkey who encourage refugees to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece en masse with worthless life jackets and dodgy dinghies. It’s a bit of a running joke in the UK about “original fakes” and it’s sadly true that lifejackets branded “Yamaxa” instead of “Yamaha” are routinely sold to unsuspecting men, women and children.

    These masses are littered with poor souls looking for an escape from h3ll and desperate for a life that a lot of us take for granted. However, Turkey’s borders with Iraq and Syria are arguably riddled with more holes than can be safely plugged and as a result, the fear of infiltration into Turkey (and de facto the EU if a deal is done) by agents of Daesh/ISIS are very real and justified. Let’s also not forget Turkey’s decades-long conflict with the Kurds.

    What does this mean? Well, if Turkey is (as planned) granted EU membership, it means extending the EU’s patchy and inefficient border to the edges of Syria and Iraq. And you should ask yourself how comfortable you are knowing that.

    So, if the economic case for leaving the EU doesn’t push your buttons, and neither does the legislative and sovereignty concerns, bear in mind that remaining in the EU also means committing to “ever closer union” with all member states. And when that “union” includes Turkey with its porous borders, it not only means having Daesh/ISIS as neighbours (separated by nothing more substantial than chicken wire) – it also means getting into bed with an authoritarian state which is not only fond of restricting freedom of speech in the media and controlling the Internet, this future “European neighbour” is teeming with terrorist activity (a la Kurdistan and PKK, ISIS/Daesh) and is prone to picking fights with Russia.

    vote OUT in June – unless you’re happy to sign away our sovereignty and extend the EU’s borders to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

  • Pretty_Polly


    My name is David Cameron and my aim is to destroy Britain as you know and love it.

    That is why I have admitted 700,000 migrants in the last 12 months alone, why I support Turkey’s EU membership and why I have done virtually nothing to stop illegals entering the country and remaining forever. I will of course repeat this policy this year and every year during my premiership.

    Up and down the country, I am told that my plans are working perfectly as people find they are becoming ‘Strangers Where They Live’ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/9831912/I-feel-like-a-stranger-where-I-live.html and I am delighted my Defence Minister, Michael Fallon, has told me that our towns and cities are being enrichingly ‘swamped with immigrants’ http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/oct/26/british-towns-swamped-immigrants-michael-fallon-eu

    As the ‘Heir to Blair’, I am proud to be continuing the pro immigration policies adopted by my close friends in the Labour Party and to be able to develop such ideas to extinguish ‘Britishness’ wherever it may be found. That is why I have abolished many of the planning rules in order to build huge anonymous new towns and cities in what was the unnecessary and socially divisive English countryside http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3463832/Couple-discovered-300-000-dream-cottage-soon-surrounded-700-home-estate-hearing-neighbour-walked-dogs.html

    I will soon be holding the long awaited confirmation of my views and opinions that Britain should remain an EU member forever and I will personally ensure that the Remain campaign is full of lies and propaganda to obtain the highly desirable Remain outcome, thereby wiping the floor with a blonde haired mop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson

    As you will understand from the foregoing, I am extremely excited about the forthcoming abolition of Britain and ‘Britishness’ by the enrichers and by my friends in the European Union who have assured me that a new name has already been decided for these very small inconsequential islands..

    Consequently, to further the re-writing of British history and the destruction of British traditions, they have chosen ‘EU Sector North West’ which must now be written below your postcode or your mail will no longer be delivered.

    God Save The President of the EU Commission. Rule Jean Claude Juncker.

    Yours sincerely

    David Cameron

    Governor General EU NW – Designate.

    • dumachi

      all roads lead to rome.

    • TruthTeller

      Hello David,

      The ghost of Adolf Hitler here! I see you’ve been cribbing from my old anti-immigration speeches again! Lovely lines about the British becoming ‘strangers where they live’ and ‘swamped with Immigrants!’ And the bit about the extinction of Britishness! Marvelous! The old fuhrer could not have said it better himself!

      With love,
      The intellectual Father of today’s European anti-immigration movements, The German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler

  • Edmund burke326

    The French had a revolution on lesser justification. EU “leaders” are no longer interested in representing the interests of their citizens, if they ever were.

  • Ergun Kirlikovali

    The article does a poor job of hiding the anti-Turkish bias lurking behind most of its statements. If the Spectator editors wish to see real “moral vaccum”, then they might peek a look at the nearest mirror. Pregnant women, children and other civilians are being bombed by stoic Russian pilots , Esed’s murdering army, and their Kurdish-PYD proxies; entire families are drowning in the Aegean and Mediterranean; refugees are kicked, shoved, gassed, and/or otherwise harmed, belittled, rejected, and shunned in and around Europe. When the most basic human right, “right to live” is violated by a ruthless war waged for political expediency, in which EU plays some heineous role, all you can worry about is the free travel rights for Turks in the Turkey-EU deal? How disbonded and racist can you really get? Is it Gladstone, all over again?

    • mikewaller

      Whole forests of paper have been used up in saying what an unmitigated stinker Putin is and how like Hilter’s intervention in Spain, 1936-39, Putin’s role in Syria now, is. Whoever, that does not mean that we should shut our eyes to the fundamentally undemocratic activities of the present Turkish government. Europeans are already very worried that very large numbers of Muslim’s are antipathetic to free speech and democracy in general. Is it any wonder, then, that the possibility of having open borders with our nearest and largest Muslim neighbour is a cause of great anxiety when that neighbour seen to be bombing minorities into submission and crushing its hitherto relatively free press?

      • Mary Hughes

        turkey has been letting lorries loaded with weapons for isis through its borders and they treat isis in thier hospitals . Radio proof and pictures on line. turkey is obviously on the side of isis , and why not? They all read the same crap bk .they all lead thier lives by it. Wolves in sheeps clothing . When do you hear/see muslims marching or speaking up against the things going on today in Britain ,europe or Syria????? NEVER.. VOTE LEAVE .get out before this dangerous country gets in.

    • Mary Hughes

      leave the racist bit out its overused for the wrong reason. It isnt just worrying about free travel ,its having these unwanted muslims in Britain. We dont need them and we dont want them.Same goes for those you mentioned above. Of course, if you did some hunting around on line you would see most claiming they come from war ravaged countries do not. That the majority are young men not women or children as the propaganda suggests . That these young men should be back in thier so called “war torn ” country fighting the enemy. Why should we feel guilty . Yes they have the right to live so let them pick one of the many other countries that are NOT at war to go find refuge in . but no , thats to safe and easy. It has to be Britain ,Sweden or Germany ,the ones with the highest benefits so they can sit on thier fat lazy rears sponging for the rest of thier lives. I want my grandkids to have basic human rights in the future and they wont get them if idiots like you get us stuck in this useless corrupt german run dictatorship .Do your homework before you vote the wrong way. VOTE LEAVE for a safe britain for your kids .

      • TruthTeller

        Interesting juxtaposition!

        “leave the racist bit out'”/”its having these unwanted muslims in Britain. We dont need them and we dont want them”
        An analogy:
        “I’m not racist. It’s simply that I don’t like Blacks and don’t want them in my country.”

        Saying “I don’t like X group of people and don’t want any of them in our country” is comstitutive of Racism. This is just what It means to be a racist.

  • Kasperlos

    Developments in Turkey under Erdogan are most troubling. He has left the Attaturk track for the Ottoman line. Imagine if Turkey becomes a EU member, that means the EU outer border extends to Syria, Iran, Armenia and Iraq. This would be simply unsustainable and a recipe for total disaster of the EU project (as if it isn’t in peril anyhow). Each and every single EU leader has failed miserably – and probably as part of a sinister plan to bring about this manufactured ‘crisis’ of third world migrants. Europe is being decimated. The so-called leaders are accountable for not stopping countless criminals who have raped, robbed and caused havoc throughout the continent, never mind the unknown numbers of jihadist who are sipping coffee in a cafe on your local high street. European citizens have every right to vote for a party – including those of the far right – who will stop this horrendous pillage and madness. That pillage includes the asset stripping of monies from European budgets to take care of this unnecessary crisis. Any monies should have gone to deploying military, police, and humanitarian forces to Europe’s outer borders to secure them, set up temporary transit camps and return illegal economic migrants to their country of origin. Instead we see total chaos and ineptness played out in Brussels, Berlin, The Hague, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris. We are all witness to a great and epic drama playing out and the future of a breakdown is very, very real.

  • mikewaller

    The whole deal seems to me daft. Greece currently has two major problems: huge levels of debt and huge levels of refugees and economic migrants. We should be using the former to deal with the latter. Greece should be paid by the rest of the EU to create a series of holding camps in which refugees can be distinguished from economic migrants with the former being housed in adequate conditions pending the outbreak of peace in Syria etc. At the same time every effort should be made to repatriate the migrants. Over and above the actual cost of holding each refugee, Greece should receive a subvention that would enable it to start paying down its debt. The living standards within the camps should be such as not to bring shame on Europe but no better that that obtaining in camps much closer to the Syrian border. No doubt these twin objectives would entail more European funds being directed to the non-European camps, but it seems to me that that would be the lesser of a number of other evils.

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    Muslim invasion, no problem, give them visas per muti Merkel.

  • inggradon

    not only Merkel is mad, it’s the whole EU leadership. Can we endlessly take more immigrants in the EU but especially Britain

  • Hagen vanTronje

    Never forget one thing, the EU wants a Multicultural Europe and that means importing folk with a different skin colour to achieve this !
    A recent German TV Programme asked why Germany repatriated hundreds of thousands of folk from the formed Jugoslavia who fled to Germany, these folk were mostly Christian, white skinned and in possession of educational diplomas, plus most could speak German.
    The Programme concluded that these were good candidates for integration into German society but the Government did not want them for that reason !

    • Davedeparis

      You raise a good point. I’ve long suspected that the reason why Kiwi’s have faced a slow but steady increase in obstacles to living in Australia (only recently ameliorated) has been not despite them being almost culturally indistinguishable from Australians but because this raises the ire of Canberra’s dedicated multiculturalists.

      • Hagen vanTronje

        We watch the TV programme about Aussie Border Control and it’s astounding just how many dark skinned folk who have been resident in Australia for years get caught with all sort of banned food, drugs, etc when trying to re-enter Australia after an overseas holiday and they all plead ignorance and they seem to get away with it, whereas white skinned folk usually gst a fine and a stern warning.
        It’s obvious that somebody has told the Customs guys to go easy on Dark skinned people and that can only be Multiculturalists !

        • Davedeparis

          Or a natural hesitancy to buck the bias of the system. But even if (for arguments sake) its only the TV people’s editing that gives that impression its telling that that is the impression they want to give.

  • Snetts

    Skin colour means nothing to me. It is the culture of mysoginy that Europe is importing. The reason why I have decided, as a tourist to not visit. Women in Europe are on their way backwards. Shame!

  • tom riddle

    The Spectator has it wrong as it well knows its not happening

  • tom riddle

    The Spectator has it wrong as it well knows its not happening

  • the knight

    so the UK gets so= all with the EU negotiations and turkey gets everything. Free access to the EU, oil deals with ISIS ,weapons deals with ISIS ,freedom of ISIS and every economic migrant into Europe and Europe gives Turkey billions.Human rights out the window , islam knocking on our door and still Germany gives in-on our behalf of course.And DAVID wants us to stay in the EU.What the h=ll is going on?

  • jo

    You all know what to do vote out of the EU get our country back

  • ianharwood

    Disgusting. Europeans needs to bring back the guillotine for your traitorous leaders. As an American I am appalled at how bad everything has become.

    Do Europeans even care at all that they will become a minority in their ancestral homeland in 50 years or less? At that point you’ll be lucky if your Muslim overlords don’t simply execute you all for heresy. You will be exceptionally lucky just to get away with living as 3rd class citizens, paying the jizya tax. The majority of cultures subjugated by Islam didn’t get that option. They were simply exterminated.

    • TruthTeller

      Your views bear an uncanny resemblance to those of an Austrian politician from the early 20th century! You may have heard him, his name was Adolf Hitler! I do expect that if you pick up a copy of his early work, Mein Kampf, you will find much to your liking! You are his spitting image!

      • ianharwood

        I’m Hitler because I want to prevent traitorous EU leaders from bringing in the people who love Hitler the most (Muslims)?

        Nice argument, Einstein.

      • Mary Hughes

        YOU ARE SO STUPID . we are standing up for our country for our future. Are you a muslim by any chance ?Stop calling it what it isnt you silly silly little person. Vote “leave” to atone for your daft comments.

        • TruthTeller

          “Are you a Muslim by any chance?”–Mary Hitler

  • TruthTeller

    My, my, my! So good to see that the spirit of National Socialism is still alive in this comment section! With such a desire to preserve Europe for White Europeans and purify the “ancestral homeland’ , you all would have done your Fuhrer proud. You all would have made fine Nazis!

    • ianharwood

      Once Muslims become the majority in places like Germany, Sweden, and Belgium that they will be able to vote in their radical Islamic parties and begin their own Holocaust (like they already did in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tripolitania, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, the rest of central Asia, etc.,). How ironic that you’d support them, while slandering people like me who aim to prevent that as “Nazis.”

      You’re a joke and historically illiterate fools like you will lead to a 2nd Holocaust.


    Between the EU’s willingness to cave in to US pressure to sign TTIP(read up if you dont know about ths totally secret “trade” agreement to sell off the last of our independence in trade and Cameron Gov enthusiasm or willingness to open our country to 80 million Turks, I have changed my voting intentions on the EU referendum. And I’ll go one further step and say Id rather be less well off in a sovereign country than a little better off in a satellite state of Washington and Brussels. What about you?

    Vote NO in the referendum

  • Mary Hughes

    The only right way to vote is to voter “LEAVE”. We already have the threat of thousands of mainly muslim immis coming to Britain due to the eu dictatorship.. turkey being a member will bring thousands more muslims to Britain. turks are willing to work-the few that do- for lower wages ,something the polish wont like after theyve already put down British workers wages. Those that vote “in” are giving no thought to the future of Britain or the future of thier children/grandchildren. This dictatorship will eventualy let in this troubled muslim country even though its asian. Only a very small part of turkey is actualy in europe . How many more non european countries will merkel let in to fill her need for power? how long before she starts a war when a non eu country wont do as she wants? The eu is dangerous and only leaving will save Britain. Dont forget , if we get stuck in this german run dictatorship the next time we have one it will need all eu members to say yes ,we can leave ,which means it isnt our decision. Once we get out of the corrupt eu it will crumble as more countries leave. Vote “LEAVE”. ONLY THE ILL INFORMED IGNORANT FOOLS, THE VERY RICH AND THE IMMIS BENEFIT FROM THE EU. Any rebate we get from the eu we must spend on what the eu tells us to spend it on. Only traitors and white flag wavers to germany will vote “in”. They spit on the war dead.The eu is headed one way and thats for a communist super power run by germany ,just as hitler wanted and his n.o. 1 fan merkel is doing. VOTE to stay “in” and you vote for german rule, your dead dads and grandfathers will be so proud to know they died so you could vote for german rule.”leave ” the best vote for Britain. GO DO SOME RESEARCH TRUTH??? TELLER.

    • TruthTeller

      Mary Hughes, have you considered finishing High School? It may greatly help you in expressing your ideas.

    • abhishek

      Well we chinese british are with you, we support Brexit